What's even the point when all the women are vapid whores and only maybe 1 in 20 are worth swiping right on?

What's even the point when all the women are vapid whores and only maybe 1 in 20 are worth swiping right on?

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getting your dick wet


So there's no point, unless you want STDs or to encourage whores to continue being whores?

OP is a fag

You need to use it like a woman, dude. They only hop on when they're bored for about 5 minutes and then they go do other things.

...so you can have a chance with the 1 in 20 if that's what you want?
This isn't a terribly difficult question.

bretty much.
Wear a condom and enjoy the ride or sit back to watch society collapse in on itself.

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if it makes you feel better i only have 3 likes and 0 matches


>use it like a woman
>get no matches
Accidentally good advice.

Lmao. Love the way you put it bro.
I got all those likes with this bio, too. Over the course of maybe like a month though.

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>Only 10+ likes
Lol damn. They're all either bots or fuggos you swiped left on, I will guarantee you that.

Why the fuck are you expecting quality women in online dating?
Quality women go out and find what they want, both in life and romance, and don't need to stoop to getting the fast food version of dating.

Don't feel too bad bro. Women are starting to have insane standards for boyfriend/sex material nowadays and it's continuing to rise

If you use Tinder you're a whore, by definition. Applies to both males and females. Instead of blaming the whores on this app, look in the mirror and think a bit about what you're doing there yourself.

You don't know these women, why say that? A lot of women don't even use things like tinder, they go out and meet people. Maybe you should do the same.

Fair enough, probably true. I don't know any women IRL, not that I'm intending to actually use this app.
Just looking out of curiosity really.
It's been rather disappointing what I've seen.
Idk man. I don't think of myself as being above average. I'm shit with pictures too, as you can see. Like I said, not really using it. Just seeing what's on there.
But point taken.
I know I need to actually meet people in person, that's the only way, really. Being on tinder has reinforced that idea.

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Nah, only your second picture looks a little bad. I never take a pic of my face, the lighting makes it look weird. Judging from your face you shouldn't have any trouble dating. If you can't find a single person it might be the way you come off to them in terms of personality. Have you tried asking friends/family what they see in terms of character flaws? Try that.

>Not that I intend
You already used it, your "seriousness" about it notwithstanding. Sorry about that.
>Know no women irl
The key to socializing is to just hit the numbers game. Men, women, everyone knows someone, one could be your dream partner.
>It's been disappointing
So will be most of humanity unless you admit to yourself that with the sheer number of people around, you're going to see more bad than good. That's how bad works. That's how it does.
Unfortunately, making peace with that is the big question most people work against, and there's no one tried solution. You just have to figure out how to steel yourself personally, and go forth, faltering as little as you can.

Avoid the internet for interaction if you can help it. All the awful BPD pathological liars realized they get away with shit much more on the internet. Tinder, chat sites, Discord, whatever... it's all bad news.

Huh, I thought the 2nd one was the only good one I had of myself too.
Main issue is actually that I barely find anyone worth liking. They're all either obviously whores, or they don't have a bio. In which case, I assume they're a thot if they look the part, or just aren't interesting. Can't like someone just because they're pretty imo. It's dumb.
Thanks alot for all the advice man. I know I can do better, just not 100% sure how to go about it. Thinkin I might just join a club or something, idk. Not sure what kind I'd be interested in, wish i could find a youth gun club. You're right, the internet isn't a good place to meet anyone.

Isn't that just life?

Isn't it a good thing that you don't match with most women?

Would you rather match with 80% of the women on there so you have to wade through thousands of women to find the select few you actually click with?

Rejection and recognizing incompatibility can be great and wonderful things user. Try to embrace the value of it.

I use tinder to spread hate. And I'm not sorry.

>goes onto "dating" site, is guaranteed to be a manwhore
>complains about whores

what? 1 in 20? oh god, it's so fucking difficult to swipe right 20 times. what do you want even? you're fucking retarded OP