Woman Troubles

Should I break up with my GF of 4 years? We met in freshmen year of college. She lost her virginity to me and we have had a good
3 years but its going downhill.

But these circumstances have fucked it up and are pretty much 100% her fault. This has been the past year:

>she dropped out of college and hasn't gone back for a year
>she doesn't have a job
>she hasn't paid rent for a year
>she sleeps until 4:30PM every day
>she claims she is always having a panic attack
>she came onto one of my friends while drunk a few months ago (he was a bro and rejected)

I like her but this is some bullshit and I feel like I have enabled it too long. I just got a new job in a new city and will be moving out. Pretty sure I'm going to end it. I make more money than 90% of people and don't need to put up with this bullshit.

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>Enabled it
Nailed it. She's comfortable; you're making her comfortable.

>she came onto one of my friends while drunk a few months ago
You should have ended it a few months ago.
inb4 she's pregnant.

All of those are excusable except the last one which is inexcusable. She must be dumped for it and never taken back

Is this a joke post? Of course you should break up with her.

And drop the elitist bullshit kid - making more money than 90% of people doesn't mean shit other than your priorities are pointed in the wrong direction.

Nothing wrong with making money and being successful, just don't use it as a context for this situation or any other.

Its just sad really. She was an engineering major and had so much going. We could have been a power couple clearing 300K in LCOL. Why couldn't she just not fuck it up? I gave her everything. Pathetic really. And pathetic on my part for letting it go on.

Sure. But I'm trying to retire at age 30 so money is high priority

You're still young. I split with my girl of 5 and a half years after university, was incredibly hard at the time. Now I dont ever think about her, and have found much better people to surround myself with.

Thanks. Yah I am pretty young and have plenty of time.

Its sad that the most stressful thing in my life is the relationship.

You're a fucking idiot. Retiring at 30 is not a constructive goal for anyone.

She's better off without YOU fucker.

Your story took a weird turn. Thanks for the entertainment.

Why do engineers have to be so fucking weird?

>retiring at 30 is not a constructive goal for anyone

I'm exaggerated a bit but I'm on the path to retire pre 40 y/o.

How is that wrong?

You're going to be one of those poorfag wal-mart greeters because there's no way your money will last you from 40 to ~80.

Because if you do it right, by 30 or 40 you'll have a career that is kick ass, fun, rewarding and you couldn't imagine retiring that early and forfeiting all that easy income. Push hard to get in a good position and then bail out before reaping the rewards? Really stupid fucking idea. People who retire that early with crazy cash (tech IPO shit or whatever) report extreme boredom, depression and unhappiness. They go back to work. Don't be an idiot.

And it doesn't make you look cool to the other kids to go for the status comment "I'm going to be retired at 30". It just makes you look like a poser. Chicks with any brains will shun you also and go for the alpha male silver back gorilla who is gonna fuck and kill till he can't anymore.

>what is suicide

Yeah man she isn't your responsibility. If she's dead weight she's holding you back. Her problems are her fault, including getting dumped for her mental health problems.

>Claims always having a panick attack

I don't doubt it. She probably has severe depression and anxiety. Trouble is she chose to roll on it instead of doing anything about it. Help, medication, doctors, heck even YouTube channels are normalised and readily available.
There's no excuse anymore for letting mental health problems rule your life like that.
It's my opinion this whole mass mental health awareness thing made things worse. Yeah people are more aware but they stopped reading/listening at "it's not your fault" and just roll in it. It isn't anyones fault for finding themselves in your girlfriend's position. It is for letting it get so bad.

Should of dropped her when she tried to kiss/fuck one of your friends. But honestly idc what you do with you’re elitist attitude. I’m sure you’ll get far with many connections with an attitude like that.

Betafag weakness.

If she's refusing to find a job to better herself, it's not you having enabled her; you've only enabled her to not want to make the effort because you're not being the drill sergeant she needs you to be. And since the idle mind is the devil's workshop, she's probably letting her past sexual molestation get to her & that's causing her to go full retard like this.

You either need to be harder on her, or leave her.

College is not necessary

You slept with a virgin outside of marriage, permanently ruined her ability to pair-bond or ever be loyal to a future husband again for the rest of her life. Fuck you. I can see why she lost attraction for you, you deserve to get cheated on.

Enjoy all the single mom mudsharks your money will attract, because the loyal ones will be repelled by your bizarre personality.

Go away literally Hitler we know that's you.

this, especially for women.
buy her a maid outfit and have her be your servant. if you play your cards right she'll even accept an alpha female moving in and bossing her around with you.

>everyone I don't like is literally Hitler

I am hard on her though. Every day I ask her what she's accomplished and all she does is get upset. I tell her she has to do XYZ today and all she does is get upset. Tiresome.

Youre enabling her lazy and mooching behavior because youre afraid to call her out on it since you know she will resort to playing the victim card, "well i get panic attacks! Im disabled!"
Shes obviously depressed, but its no excuse to not get treatment for it.
Also she probably isnt getting panic attacks. Panic attacks is the involuntary activation of the sympathetic nervous system WITHOUT a cause or trigger. Aka your flight-or-fight system starts up for no reason at all. Completely random. Symptoms include sudden, really rapid heart rate and sweating as if youve run a mile or fighting off an attacker. Also deactivation of the disgestive system since your body doesnt want to get hungry while its being "attacked" or "in danger." Etc

Shes bullshitting and trying to ride it out as long as she can. Force her to get treatment or dump her

I literally like Hitler more than I like literally Hitler.

She is clearly suffering. Try using your empathy skills and find out what she needs from you to help her overcome her suffering.