Any solution for an overjealouse bf...

Any solution for an overjealouse bf? He and I have been dating for two months now and he hates it when I go out with my guy friends. I mean I met them all before I met him. We're not even doing anything and they are not my type. He's the one I love and I'm already mature enough to know what I am doing.

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he's at that phase when he's unsure if your relationship isn't falling apart

I think it's justified especially in this day and age with women cheating on their men more than ever.
If I were you I would keep him assured that you are HIS woman, and HIS woman alone

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you know that women cheat on men like semi-regularly right? of course he knows your 'friends' will make a pass at you here or there and he knows you'll be flattered and like the attention. sorry but yours is the fickle gender, when one guy isnt working women jump ship to their next host err guy.

If he's this jealous and you are dating you should stop dating him. It gets worse, far worse.

How exactly does he show his jealousy? Does he attempt to do something about it?

>I mean I met them all before I met him.
>they are not my type.
That shit is irrelevant. They could be your type and you could've just met them today, if he bitches about you having a social life, the problem isn't with you.

It will pass.
If you want it to go faster, try to push the limits small step by small step. You can also put the same restrictions on him with his female friends or whatever (get pissy if he drinks out cause "that could seem like an invite to women" or something). After some tension he should be ready to have a more adult conversation on the topic, with some groundrules that you are both okay with.

>I don't trust those guys you hang out with
This is where you go
>Come with me, we'll all hang out
If he says no, say this:
>What do you need from me, then?
This is where you two reach a compromise. If you cannot reach a compromise, the relationship is over. Now pay me in a photo of your ass.

>guy friends
men and women cannot have platonic relationships.
My shrink confirms it.

he isnt jelous
he knows there are wolfs around you

you will never be mature to know what you are doing, if you did you wouldnt have a horde of men lusting over your pussy

True, unless you’re one of them 1/100 women who still looks good with no make up (yes foundation still counts as make up retards) and no revealing clothing. The fact that you put make up on and wear revealing clothes means you want to attract men.

He's insecure and youre not obligated to soothe his ego. That being said, it's worth talking through his trust issues and finding the source of his insecurity so you can address it together.


Break up or lose the friends. Or deal with him constantly calling you a whore. Dump him it's not worth it. Insecurity is unattractive

Jealousy means insecurity. Insecurity is a huge HUGE turn off for me. If I'm dating you it's because I WANT to be with you. I can get dick anywhere any time, but I'm choosing to be with you and only you. This means that when I go out and I have male friends (who may or may not want to fuck me) you've gotta be able to trust me. I don't get my tits twisted up thinking about the thirsty bitches you hang out with. I know that you come home at the end of the day and fuck me and spend your time with me. Not her/them. It's not my fault you're hot as hell and other cats wanna drape themselves all over you. That makes me proud. I'M the one you choose, just as I chose you.

If your boyfriend can't get over this issue, he's probably going to be like this for the rest of your relationship, so you gotta decide if this is something you're ok with. If not - you need to talk to him and tell him to chill the fuck out. He is not your father - he's not your doctor or priest or savior. He does not get to tell you who you can and cannot be friends with. He doesn't get to monitor your every move (Just as you do not get to do it to him.) Tell him to chill with this or you're walking out the door. You need a secure man, not a jealous little boy.

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Go down on him a few times, after that it should get through to his lizard brain that you're his

jesus chill the fuck out with your anecdotes. Thread ended here: Don't tell OP her man needs to outright get over it, they need to talk about it.

What if all threads had an answer as perfect as this?

I don't like you, but I agree. Unfortunately, no better solution really exists. Being insecure will only ever push people away. You just have to open yourself up and be willing to allow yourself to be hurt.

It really sucks when a long term relationship ends up in the shitter, and you find out about the infidelity when you're already so committed to the person, so I understand insecurity. Nobody wants to find that the person they thought they were making all these memories with never really cared about them. Worse yet is that it feels that such infidelity is romanticized in many ways, as it seems to be played up in most forms of media. It's disappointing.

If you had actually read what I posted, you'll see that I DID tell OP to talk to him - but if he's going to be a little bitch about it and keep being jealous instead of having trust in her, she's gotta decide if that's something she can live with or not. Because he's probably not going to change.

I kind of like this idea. Blow him every time before you go out with these guys. It'd act as an assurance that even if you were to kiss someone, they'd get a mouthful of the bf's semen. Maybe you could say it still feeds the jealousy thing, but I think it's a win-win.

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