Im looking for a job that does not require working fast and gets you to meet a lot of people but dont require too much...

Im looking for a job that does not require working fast and gets you to meet a lot of people but dont require too much social skill. My options up to now:
-military: lots of things to do and lots of downtime (good for me) but lot of rules
-security:idleness is good
-locksmithing: had option of regular workdays or on-call emergency which does not require working fast, heard its hard to get into?
other options that sounds like this? inputs plox

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Sorry i forgot to reply in your previous thread about forest ranger. Yes i am a forest ranger in the outer south yosemite areas.
Its nice because:
-you dont have to talk to lots of people. Only small talk like reminding them to pick up their trash. If you do want to socialize you can share history info about the forest/national park.
-its a government job so youll get a good pay, benefits like med + dental insurance, AND a pension when you retire.
-lots of idleness time. I spend most of my time driving up and around the mountain on long roads. Very peaceful. Can get boring but radio helps.
-dont need a degree or special certifications. Its very similar to applying to be a police officer but in the national parks service branch. Like i said, i spend most of my time driving, telling people to pick up their trash or move their vehicle, or opening up certain gates and checkpoints around the park depending on the weather



cmon friends


You want to be a janitor at a collage, or tech support at a university etc.

sounds comfy, where do I apply for this?

i live in canada btw



answers plox


I work at a dog boarding facility cause I fucking love dogs. Doing this or kennel tech (depending on the company) also comes with health insurance/dental and quarterly bonuses. Don't need a college degree but having one can get a better position in the business (instead of just cleaning shit).
- you get to meet new dogs all the time and if you work front of house you get to know their owners who you see on a pretty average basis.
- your co-workers are usually pretty relaxed cause they also love dogs/animals and most of the time also have poor social skills so no pressure if you can't talk to people too well.
- The only time its busy is during holidays in which you can only do so much so there usually isn't a push to rush shit. They would rather have you do shit right and slow then fast and shitty since living animal are involved.

The only down side is if you have a weak stomach and can't handle cleaning up feces that a dog has eaten and then thrown up again.

howd u get into something like that

I've worked with dogs before at the pound and at rescues. But you honestly don't need any degree or certain amount of experience. They will train you even if you've never worked with dogs before. It has a high turnover rate because kids think it's an easy part time job. You only get benefits if you do it full time and as long as you show up on time and don't put dogs in danger then you will never fear losing your job. The health coverage I get through my work is pretty freakin nice. I get 13 and hr (which for KS is pretty good) and I get an extra 300$ bonus every 3 months.

BUT I also love working with dogs, it's what allows me to stay motivate to keep my job. If you don't like dogs I don't recommend it ... but if you don't like dogs you are also garbage so ...

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thx but im looking for something passive. i used to do reception which was good for that

sales or sales engineering

plox agin

Bus driver.
Make sure you're quick to anger and have numerous psychological issues.