My girlfriend found out that I’ve been talking to other girls on tinder. How do I explain this anons...

My girlfriend found out that I’ve been talking to other girls on tinder. How do I explain this anons? I can’t lose her...

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Just pretend that you're retarded. You've been doing a fantastic job of it so far.

>I can't lose her
You will.

/end thread.

Should have thought about that before you messaged other girls on tinder.

I will not help you with a lie.

You were there for a hook up and got caught. Boofuckinhoo

Karma delivers once again

Why are you messaging other girls on tinder if you can't lose her?

Until you give proper explanations of the story I'm definitely not going to help you out with this lmao

If you play stupid games OP, you're going to win stupid prizes. Congratulations on ruining your own relationship. She's never going to trust you or have faith in you ever again after this - and you have nobody else in the world to blame but yourself for it.

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Lol, now she is on tinder talking to dudes. You know what the difference is, user?

She will actually be getting her holes puckered and stuffed by nightfall.

You fucked the goat big time.

>explain this
"I was lying to you whenever I affirmed that we were in an exclusive relationship and dont feel as strongly about you as you do about me. However you fulfill my emotional needs so I needed to keep it secret from you in order to have my cake and eat it too."

I'm not gonna be a moral faggot like the rest of these losers so I'll help

Assuming she just knows in general with no detail then you can easily cover it, I slipped once by admitting to my girl I still had my tinder but luckily I wasnt using it at the time so it was just an app i "forgot" to delete. Just tell your girl that you forgot you had the tinder app and that it was a random notification, after that go in it and delete every current bitch prior to after meeting your girl. That way if she wants prove you can show her old messages that happened before you two met, also delete any new photos too since she wont be able to say you're active much on a dead profile. Good luck.

Based on OP's post, she caught him actively talking to new girls. I don't think he can pull the whole "I forgot to delete it" if she's already seen new messages.


If that's the case then OP is fucked then. If theres no way you can leverage an excuse then its game over. Really stupid of you to browse or hit up other bitches when yours is right there. I can understand a bad timed text but if you were actively doing it around her then you're stupid.

>I will not help you with a lie.
how you YOU explain this user?

>How do I explain this anons?
You don't.
You take her out to an expensive dinner and explain that you were looking for random whores to have extremely freaky, disgusting sex with and that you respect her too much to involve her in your sick, twisted, perverted fantasies. Now that she's on to you, give her a chance to see if she wants in.
Better come up with something believably disturbing, but not too disturbing tho, because ''le whips and chains XD" isn't going to cut it.

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Tell her you were going to surprise her with a FFFFFFFFFFM orgy

If cheated on mine so many times its ridiculous at this point and she still hasn't left me .
I love her to death but Im scum . If shes insecure enough and you good enough at manipulating her your golden but since most of you sad fucks her you already lost the game .
Why did you even talk to other woman if your not ready to lose her your Retarded as fuck

look at this guy

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Aren't you the same guy who had his fingers in some other slut with a bf earlier today?

Well, you're scum and you're gonna feel the pain for it and hopefully learn from it. You're just fucked, your fault. You deserved this.

Tell her the truth, and you can lose her, try to be sincere with your feelings (with your future partners and with yourself)

Ayyyy Captain .I try to do shit like this every day .

Thanks for the recognition.
I'm trying real hard here

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Your phone was superhaxed by Iran.

>Ayyyy Captain .I try to do shit like this every day .
You know you lucky men don't really exist anymore or you would probably be blood stain on the pavement.

I'm not lucky by any chance I just found something I'm good at and made it my hobby trying to perfect my work .
If you want to imply that I should be fucked up etc. Indeed your right sure but no one would be dumb enough to cross my path if they would that would only make them less of a man in the womans eye's and I win again . Learn to play the game you cuck . Or meet me in Germany we can figure something out ,bud .

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>Learn to play the game you cuck
Like I care about chasing hoes. I actually have shit to do with my life.

basiert und rotgepillt.