Women can have all the men they want

>women can have all the men they want
>men have to work hard to get a reasonably good woman
How to deal with this, Jow Forums?

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The only way I can win is by not playing. Hopefully I make enough money someday to afford escorts

Enjoy your overpriced STD, loser

Well, I happen to have enough money to get escorts but at the end of the day I'd rather have a gf.

I feel you. But it's so far from reality for me that I don't even pretend like that's possible. I wouldn't even know what to do on a date, let alone in a real relationship

Stop being a pathetic loser. The real reason you don't have the Coveted GF is because you think like this.

Tell me how I'm supposed to think

Realize that it's not true and you have been lied to. You were fooled by the gay psyops.

So, women can't have any of the men they want?

Nope. We can’t. If that was the case we would all date the 3 same dudes. But if you actually go outside and look around at couples, you see most of them don’t fit the Jow Forums memes. Odd how that works, huh.


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>women can have all the men they want
Have you ever talked to a woman? At least overheard women talking?

>men have to work hard to get a reasonably good woman
No shit, son. You have to work for almost any positive thing. Glad you finally realized it.

Well, at least you admit you settle and don't actually like the guys you're with. Doesn't make me any more inclined to want a gf. Maybe a fwb but I obviously can't have one of those

Unless you're top top partner AND then willing to spend a lot time and effort on finding another top top partner, you'll end up settling. Jesus user, how old are you?

>women can have all the men they want
Clearly you've never seen an extrovert woman hitting on an introvert guy. Easily one of the most painful things to watch and i'm constantly on rekt\gore threads

No, I have rejected plenty of girls who wanted me.

Engage in homosexual coitus

22. Im just glad to hear my suspicion was right. Women don't like their mates and are only with them for money, stability, etc.

"Any" is the key word in that post. But good job either way

I realize most guys are lazy fucks and do not want to put any effort into anything and play games all day but at some point you have to grow up or everyone will continue to see you as a child.

Nah, the majority of people. Do you think your daddy picked your mommy and then choose to stay with her because she was the best possible option?

>You have to work for almost any positive thing
In my country it's much easier to find a good job and accommodation than friends or partners.

Well, he didn't stay with he, so yeah. But women are included in "people" generally, and we're talking about women, so I'm going to say "women"

>women are prostitutes
At the end of the day, son, EVERYTHING is some kind of prostitution. We provide something and we're paid for it - work, sex, etc.

You're clearly the guy in this post


Any examples of this? I'm genuinely curious.

And what is wrong with being viewed as a child?

Especially if some women have maternal instincts, if I may add.

Why make such a dumb statement? To show everyone how insecure and retarded you are? Because I'm not, that is a different poster.

You are so deeply in the closet, dude. Just admit to yourself already your hatred of women comes from being gay.

That's generally the case in the first world. You don't have to offer too much for a job and sites tend to be slightly better than dating sites with a clear list of things required.

For partner or friends you need certain qualities that also match with the other person, and you have to meet the person then, and hit off with them to discover whether you both share the qualities both value and so on.

The focus on women just doesn't make sense when talking about something universal. It's like going in with "why the fuck do women have a head and two arms"

work hard to get a reasonably good woman

What? Does the truth hurt? Because "she" just admitted it. I have no problem with it, it's just funny to hear the truth, is all. I still stare at women's asses and tits on the bus and in stores
Well, I'm not interested in fucking or being in relationships with the general population since I'm not gay or bi.

That's life. Complaining about it won't solve anything so just embrace it and do exactly what you said has to happen in order to get a decent woman. Work hard.

>he didn't stay with he
So even in your fucking personal life you have an example that crushes the idiotic idea in the OP?

How does that crush the idea? My mom got what she wanted, which was my dad, and had me at 16 and then my brother At 22. It was actually her that cut their marriage off, but I said he didn't stay with her because her stated reasons for doing so were that he wasn't doing enough and that is was basically his fault because of this

They want a real baby not a manbaby

>It was actually her that cut their marriage off
Well, "he didn't stay with her" doesn't imply that for sure.

When you are physically mature its not attractive but repulsive.

And I should care why? I've already accepted a life of solitude. I'd rather enjoy such a life than not by pretending to be something I'll never be

Yes, and I clarified why. I apologize

Be proud that you play the game on a harder difficulty

>I'd rather enjoy such a life than not by pretending to be something I'll never be
This user is right, you know. People usually advise to be this or that, or even worse - they ask you to change your ways, as if that was so easy.

And yet in the same breath they tell you to, "be yourself," or, "the best version of yourself," and by which they obviously don't mean what you actually are but whatever socially attractive idea they have in their head. Normies are a weird breed

Normies love to pretend, period. Heh, maybe that's how they get partners? By not being themselves?

You assume women can get a relationship as easy as they can get sex. This is not true. The reason women have it "easy" for having sex is due to men. Men are such whores, they don't withhold sex from even the skankiest pussy and flood the market. If men had self-respect, then the playing field is more equal. Just don't be a beta orbiter who has oneitis and you won't feel so powerless.

>attractive women can fuck (not have a relationship) most of the men they want

you clearly don't know any average - below average girls

State your gender, please.

>women can fuck most of the men they want
Also, this is painfully true.

i'm & a guy

like above poster said, it's because many guys will slang their dick at anything

>many guys will slang their dick at anything
Women should be grateful to men, then.

I'm and a woman, could you not tell? One or two random men flirt with me wherever I go, generally. They're just always so thirsty that they'll try to fuck me when the only thing I'm after is picking up a pizza I ordered or buying toothpaste.

So, don't blame women who just want to live their lives for the behavior of men. If men had any self-respect, then I would actually have to work at finding a living dildo, but culturally and biologically, men expect women to sexually select, so there's nothing you or I can do except deal with it as best we can.

As I said, however, this selection dries up when it comes to relationships, which is what I actually care about. It makes finding a man who wants more than sex difficult because you have to swim through so many shitty guys who just play numbers games.

>could you not tell?
There are too many white knights out there, you know.
Anyway, why can't you enjoy sex while you look for the ideal man? (If you ever find him, that is.)

>They're just always so thirsty that they'll try to fuck me when the only thing I'm after is picking up a pizza I ordered or buying toothpaste.
Would you rather they ignored you then? Women love attention too.

Trust issues, essentially. I have to trust someone before I sleep with them, and I'm not going to trust a guy in just one conversation. Casual sex sounds fun in theory, sure, but my social anxiety would make me dry as a bone if it were actually happening. No thanks.

>my social anxiety
You're aware that now I have to take your posts with a pinch of salt.

YES. God, I just want to be left alone when I'm out doing errands. If I'm out at a social event, that's one thing, but if I'm alone and going about my business, the only thing on my mind is getting home and taking my bra and pants off.


It's really up to luck tho. I know terrible men with great women and what would seem like desiderable men paired with horrible whores.

Well, usually people with a mental illness aren't lucky at anything, are they? Or see things distorted.

"Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year."

For every five people you meet, one of them probably has an anxiety disorder. Keep that in mind.

I prefer to focus on the other 4. Besides, I'm not in the USA.

What county? If you're from a shithole, no one can help you. You better not say GB.

Scotland. If you have a problem with that, then I really can't believe your posts.

I have zero advice for you because I don't know how socially and culturally different it is from the US.

>burgerlard thinking his shithole isnt bottom of the barrel of 4th world
oh nonononono

Prostitution is legal here. It's a cold comfort.

Need anything else be said?

Same way we deal with lower wages.

I don't really have to deal with it since it's not true.

But it is, from my experience.

Yeah but you're not reliable for anything at all, why should we trust your analysis of society?

This fits in with my theory that normies are entirely shaped by social norms/expectations/feedback. It's not so much that they "pretend"; it's that they have no inner self.

Oh, I'm reliable. As much as you or more, I'm sure of it.

Nah. Your sentence is literally not true.
>women can have all the men they want
That is factually wrong.
A fat chick wouldn't be able to date Chris Hemsworth just on the account that she has a vagina.

I assume that you mean :
>Good looking women can have all the men they want.
But even then you have to understand that most good looking women put a fuckton of work into staying good looking. Just makeup and fashion alone is a huge timesink for most women, all in order to be attractive.

Then again there truly are people who were genetically blessed and don't have to put any effort into being attractive, but those are few and far between, and they also exist within both genders.
So how do I deal with it ?
I don't. I know my worth and the worth I want to have and I spend my days improving myself until I meet the standards I set for myself.

Confirmed: >I assume that you mean :
>>Good looking women can have all the men they want.

But you have no experience


>This fits in with my theory that normies are entirely shaped by social norms/expectations/feedback.
What are you shaped by, then ?

My self, obviously. Or the cosmic Will if you prefer. Some might say "god" but this word has been twisted and deformed over the millennium

> makeup and fashion
Normie as fuck.

>I'm sure of it.
A superiority complex is not the same as actually being superior. Looking at the failure that is your life, any outsider would agree there is more evidence in favor of disregarding your analysis on anything than treating it as valid, or as valid as others.

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yeah, and ?

I use to think it was a bad thing, but the upside is that its harder for men to become thots and suffer from the negative aspects of being sexually active. Just look at the gay community, they've got no limiters that prevents men from having as much sex as they want, and they have higher rates of disease than any other group.

Maybe normies aren't worth the effort after all, if they're not genuine .

What do you even consider a normie and why do you hate them so much?

I don't hate them, they simply disappoint me.

Not him, but generally the thoughtless automatons that make up the majority of society.

>13th century europe
>High risk of dying early for various reasons ranging from sickness to just plain out sword through chest
>How to deal?

By dealing.
You are a product of your time and have to accept the enviroment you were born in. If not you'll just be stressed out and change nothing.

We're talking about relationships, not death.

Copy and paste the last part of my post.
There you go.

It's called Special Snowflake Syndrome. You are thoughless automatons but don't realize it.

We seem to be less automated, though.

This falls so nicely into user's arguments it hurts.
OP is a snowflake, confirmed.

Some criteria I'd include are
>owning an iPhone or any phone that cost more than $500
>spending sizable amounts of time and/or money at Starbucks or similar establishments
>owning and/or wearing pieces of clothing that cost more than $50 a piece
>owning a 2010 model year or newer car
>having or using any social media beyond Jow Forums

That's a retarded list. You mean those mean someone is an automaton? But you are a special snowflake because you can't afford a phone that costs more than $500 and dress like a bum?


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>use something other than Jow Forums
Oh glory to moot.
Blessed be the boards that constitute the only safe haven for human decency.
Jow Forums.

Jesus Christ, the guy is trying super hard to make me cringe now and it's working.

Sorry, normie. You don't have to be here, you know?