Why are weak men allowed to live in society? Why are they even allowed to have children?

Why are weak men allowed to live in society? Why are they even allowed to have children?

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define weak men

everyone has the ability to improve their conditions because we are humans

because most people have better things to do than genocide people who aren't bothering them

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Idk. The human condition would be exponentially better if weakness was expelled from the human form. Yet "everyone can improve" XD

Because if we can't have than NOBODY ELSE CAN!

No, seriously, that's how it works.

because women are as well

Men have no excuse to be weak.

Whatever do you mean by weak men?

in this day and age?
they have more excuses than reasons, really
which is probably why there's so many of them

When and why were women allowed to get away with being a whore? For a long time a high standard of conduct was expected of a woman to be considered a lady, but for some reason, now, a girl can literally take a different dick every week and still be considered a normal human being and not a slut.

Contraceptives, the the technology got better.

>When and why were women allowed to get away with being a whore?
Weak men.

What kind of loaded bullshit question is that?

I would assume "weak" = could not survive in nature, and with that view the meak have already inherited the earth.

Oh yeah? How much do you benchpress loser?

Seriously though, define weak men.

They don’t reproduce, they sit around here bitching, while socially adjusted men like myself go out and simply ask a girl out in a date and end up plowing their holes that night for the price of a sushi dinner.

The best part is that most women are still normal and social, thus leaving many more decent women out there looking for a partner. The losers that socialize via internet and video games place themselves at the bottom rung of social desirability.

Tldr, I'm banging the bitches that you losers could have been.

to be fair I wish I didn't exist either

Just take a look at men in the west over a century ago now look at men today. The guidance, values and responsibilities which would have been seen as so basic and self evident back then a lot which went without saying are seen as revolutionary thinking today.

Weak men exist because women with shitty genetics are allowed to easily reproduce with zero problems. What usually happens is a woman will have her neurotic traits, short statures, and all around weak genes propagated through female lines until finally they land solely in the lap of males and that male isn't capable of performing the tribulations necessary for a male to be attractive and reproduce. It's literally the reason why short men exist. However, it is still fortunately self-correcting.

If you wanted to fix this problem and have borderline eugenics you'd be selective with what women are allowed to live in society as well.

Haha I know right? Why wont someone just kill me already?

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>unfortunate people don't exist

All men start off weak. There needs to be allowances for someone to be weak and then improve themselves. A better question to be ask is why we allow our citizenry to maintain their weakness over time instead of improving.

Also, there are different factors to consider. We need men of strong mind, resilient spirit and physical aptitude in order to execute the myriad of daunting tasks that face our species. The likelihood of one man encompassing all these traits is unlikely, but to excel in one matter is more possible. Is a man weak if he can not lift a boulder, yet can determine the path of planetary bodies? Is a man weak if he cannot read or write, but can lift a truck? By what means can we measure strength, other than by a man's usefulness?

Mental and physical excellence aside the baseline should be a basic standard of mental stability with a heavy emphasis on psychological and emotional resilience, willpower and assertiveness.

If strong traits were strong, they would actually be passed on over the course of centuries. Don't look at one generation of romanticized Western men for "strong" traits, look for what endured over the ages.

- Humans have grown to live longer and grow taller from increased access to nutrition
- Humans have grown to be more beautiful with less and less hair
- Humans have grown to be more educated and intelligence
- Humans have grown weaker as technology improved over time

These are actual strengths, not that baloney about courage and values.

>"Why do birds fly?"
>"Because they want to."
It's not like weak men owe you anything for their mere existence. That's the thinking of a mean little tyrant.

Pretty sure incels don't have children.