This thread is dedicated to my boo, Ray-Ray

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That's disgusting. You humans and your pet names, do you enjoy dehumanizing one another that much?

Ok I guess I'll get started

tfw realize i finally dont care about her anymore and i can move on with my life and love better people

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I wish I knew where to get some heroin. I've been clean for a long time, but I don't even know why anymore. It's not like I'm any happier really.

Stop larping, can you even afford it?

Can you start using the actual image for these threads please? Thank you.

Me too but him. This is going to be a great summer.

I have enough money saved that I could go on a pretty good run for a couple months.

They say you're never too old to start learning new things, but with most things you will learn, you either start young or you won't be thoroughly versed in them until you're fifty... by which point if it's physically demanding you'll be too old to do it very well anyway.
Start young or don't bother.

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I'm sorry.

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Ray.. Ray? I hope you're a woman with such a cavity inducing petname

You'll never want me anyways. I have a couple friends, you have dozens. I try to talk to you, you look away like I'm trash.

Why can't you just let me try? Give me a chance. I'm not so bad, just because other people tell you I'm some weirdo loner trash. Just give me a chance. Please.

This is what I got banned for...what you just wrote. Fuck you Jow Forums mods.

It's probably Rachael.

OP is annoying af

ngl, I'm tired of this 9-5 (7-4 for me) life. Working full time isn't even making me more money since more bills were introduced. I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I want wealth. Not crazy wealth, but wealth enough to travel and have some hobbies. Can't even afford hobbies though forget travel. I'm 22 and I feel so helpless to this wagie bullshit. Can't even live. Life revolves around work because if how much time it takes up in my life.

idk. Call me selfish, but I just want money. Idk how to get any though minus getting a degree, or trying to trade crypto.

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I'm going to throw myself into work so I can forget everything. If I keep working, like mad, for the rest of my life, I can maybe forget all this.

What's the ? mark for.
Ray-Ray probably means Rachael, some hoe who is obsessed with herself/himself here in this thread. A frequent visitor.

Can I get my life back together after 10 years of slacking and wasting time on people who aren't worth it? Only time will tell.

Almost there. I wish chores were as easy as homework.

Idk how to right my wrongs. They weigh in my mind.

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Cool maybe I'll get banned then.

Over half of Americans take daily prescription medication. 55%. Are that many people sick?


No, America just has a drug addiction.

Youre the one who sounds obsessed to me dawg
Literally fucking who

I want to reach out to you guys again and try to start a new leaf, I hope you can forgive me for what I have done but that was the past. Im fearful of how you will react if I try to reach out...

any help Jow Forums?

No, the drug pusher MDs convince people they need meds for problems that don't need meds. It's socially acceptable to be addicted to meds.

It takes a special kind of hoodoo to know the future, my dude. All you can do is what is within your power to do, and pray.

What did you do? If you can't even get that out, I don't think it will go well for you.

Obsessed about some cunt because I read these threads?

Ok Rachael, you're a narcissist by the way.

Yes, you paranoid autist no one knows who that is.

it happened over a year ago, is it too soon to try to contact them?

basically it was small arguments/insults to each other over a period of months that eventually boiled over into a MASSIVE fight, pretty much called each other every thing under the sun. We were all dealing with some really nasty personal shit and decided to take our anger/stress out on each other based off interests/etc. Haven't spoken to them since, i've known them for 8 years and I don't want to just throw away a friendship over something as silly as what happened

I can never read the news again.

It was literally in the last thread. You're just stupid.


In my opinion, there is a line you can not cross in any relationship. Once you become abusive, there is no going back. I've found this in countless relationships.

Go to other GIOYC threads and search it yourself, not hard.

I guess he was just using me ;_; how can I recover? I still care... so much. I feel so stupid.

Stupid because he isn't autistic enough to keep up with gioyc drama...?

I don't have the time for that. Just cross link, its not hard.

I wouldn't think so, that's a decent chunk of time. Ultimately, it's their decision to make. If nothing else, you know that in taking this step, you've made an effort to make up for it, and I think that's a good thing. It takes strength to brave the unknown.

Oh God its the nigger obsessed with racheal derailing the thread again because people have no idea who he was bitching about in the first place. Rent free user, racheal lives on thanks to you.

Damn I gotta let it go. I did the wrong thing time and again. I should just accept my faults, limitations and flaws for what they are instead of banking on some future where I'm gonna fix everything and everything is going to be perfect. Gotta grow up, be realistic.

I think it depends on the person, alot can change in a year. Stressful situations in life that you really have no control over tend to create friction between groups of friends, I guess we never thought to say, "Hey I need to get my life straightened out, and until then I need to be on my own". I will agree that some abusers NEVER change and 2nd chances can be a grave mistake, but luckily this isnt THAT serious.

You have time to shitpost/troll but not search you lazy ass? No. Fuck off cunt.

Yes, yes I do my fren

thanks user, that little boost means more than you know. I agree it is their decision, and worst case scenario I really have nothing to lose honestly. It's not like they can ignore me any more than they already have...

You were wearing a whiteish and/or yellowish dress somewhere along 7th street. You were also wearing sunglasses. You were standing in front of a structure that was under construction. You saw me standing on a corner across the street waiting for the light to change. I looked at the bottom of my boots to see if I had stepped on anything. You smiled and looked at your cell phone. The light changed and I began to walk across the street. I reached you and simply walked past you without acknowledging you, because I could not immediately recognize you. I could see from the corner of my eye that you had become upset. There was a man walking past me who saw how upset you had become, and he turned to look at me. You turned to look at a girl a few feet ahead of me whom you assumed had attracted my attention away from you. I saw the other girl, but I simply continued walking past her. It wasn't until perhaps many days or possibly even weeks later that I began to process what I had experienced, and I realized that it was you whom I had seen. My thought processes during that time were especially slow considering that I had just begun taking the antidepressant nefazodone (which, like many antidepressants, tends to cause cognitive difficulties). I was also going through my "schizoid phase", which makes it difficult for me to notice people that know me out in public.

Rachael is the single mom cunt that always bitches here.

You have time to shitpost/troll but no time to do a simple crosslink? Fine, be that way. You're the only one who cares anyways.

you can recognize it and fix it but you can never expect other people to accept you or forgive you. That's life.

Not her, racheal didn't have a kid.

Your argument doesn't hold any water since you're the one that was interested enough to reply to me in the first place.

Yeah she did. She is the bitch single mom always whining about her ex and his mother.

I was interested, but not interested enough to wade through hundreds of posts. The only one I know of is Raul but thats because he is a super spammer.

Here you go lazy-ass

No, you have the two mixed up. racheal was j obsessed, and obviously never had sex. Larped every post to death with her raging cunt lust. Fat femcel or more likely fat man larping as obsessed school girl. Single mom is schizo tranny. LrnUrLore

All you did was link a post that was obviously you being paranoid. What are you proving?

I've decided only to keep two friends in my life, possibly just one. One is always there for me. The other is a bit unreliable but he cares deeply for me. That's it. Those are the only two people I will continue to be friends with for the rest of my life, I won't bother with anyone else again.


it's all the tranny schizo Michael

You're welcome.

meant for

Why are you closing the door to friendship?

I'm proving my original point, that you are now denying that I've proven. Some idiot keeps talking about a whore named Rachael on these threads.

Keep your mistress, you don't need me.

Those are the only two people I trust somewhat.

My mistress? Wtf are you talking about?

They are my friends.

No I am just confused as fuck user. From what I understand there is someone here obsessed with someone named racheal and he is annoying?

Makes sense. Is Michael Raul as well?

That's some weird roleplay, but I can dig it.

Dumb retarded thread. Stupid image, stupid op, stupid derailment. Gioyc at its most cancerous

Your bitching and complaining would mean a lot more to us all if it was constant and unending.

Who would I care about any of that? I am just getting it off my chest.

Take from me what you need.

The information that I have presented you with is all yours. You have my permission to interpret it as you please. I will not fight you. I will take no credit. I want neither fame, nor glory, nor money, nor sex. The glory shall be all yours to take.

There is still more to come, but the truth must be trickled down gradually. Truth bombs are often received with extreme hostility, and with good reason. Truth often results in conflict. Conflict often results in pain, suffering, and death. I am a lonely messenger, and it is inevitable for the messenger to become the villain. Do not pity the villain.

It is better for truth to pass through a filter before it is presented to the masses.

You were right. Out of the two of us, you are indeed the better person. I must admit that there was a time in which I wanted to lift others up, but several years of being beaten and having my soul crushed have turned me into a very bitter and hateful man. My personality alternates rapidly between what I refer to as two "phases": my "schizoid phase", and my "narcissistic phase". Extreme apathy overwhelms me during my schizoid phase, and extreme paranoia overwhelms me during my narcissistic phase. I am just barely functional during either phase. I can never seem to find a balance between the two.

My path is a lonely path. I've known this for over a decade. Someone like me can never be truly happy, because my own paranoia and apathy drives people away. I cried for several hours on the night that I realized my fate.

You, however, seem to be in a sort of "Goldilocks zone". Your emotions are in just the right spot, so that you are just the right level of functional. My apathy and paranoia seem to be preventing me from overtly helping people. It is up to you to take from me what you need, and pass it on.

You must be my filter.

Cool story bro

Yeah, Michael is a demon. I'm not even joking, he is possibly the most evil person I've ever had the displeasure of knowing. He's intelligent and psychopathic, he is also a rapist (raped his mother with dementia).

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." — Arthur Schopenhauer (German philosopher, 1788-1860)

It seems to come from a threat to one's basic belief system—which may be just as life-threatening as physical trauma e.g. an existentialist, metaphysical, value-systems attack.

Naturally, since people have been indoctrinated into this cult-like mentality their entire lives any truthful revelations contradicting their false worldviews may indeed appear to be far-fetched. But, to make things even worse, humans are stubborn creatures who let their egos override everything else: Instead of learning about new information that does not fit within their current worldview, they would rather exercise their ego by letting others know what is and is not possible, merely based upon their personal knowledge and feeble understanding of what is actually happening.

People most likely have this strong, instinctual urge to automatically defend their current belief system and to reject all of this sort of information. But, they must realize that attempting to use their belief system to filter out this information is, in fact, a nonsensical paradox, because it is their very belief system that is at issue here. Thus, instead of using a belief system to do their thinking for them, they must think for themselves.

People tend to most commonly use logical fallacies, such as: appeal to emotion and argumetum ad hominem to defend the status quo. And for some reason, those two logical fallacies somehow manage to be extremely effective at manipulating the group-thinking mob mentality that is the global consensus. And when you try to point out to people that they're using logical fallacies, they will actually mock you for being overly logical and inhuman.

Why would you think I need anything from you? What could you possibly have to offer me? You have no truth.

First of all, this not new information. It's common knowledge that people don't change their basic beliefs. Kids grow up racist because their parents are, they grow up christian because their parents take them to church, etc etc. This is known. Any challenge threatens their belief, their is a survival-like animalistic response.

Logic is much overrated. It is the preference of narcissists and psychopaths because they literally can not feel. A world with empathy is far greater than a world of logic.

Every time I get side tracked I find it difficult to get back on task.

Do not worry about it. If you do not believe that you need anything from me, then my post is not intended for you.

You once tricked me into thinking you were better than me. That won't fly anymore.

Logic and empathy are not opposite. Logic and sentiments are.

No one here wants anything from you. You have nothing to offer you narcisstic psychopath.

>First of all, this not new information.

Of course. But this is not the information that I needed to share.


I wanted to take a 2 month trip across Europe before settling down with my gf. But after calculating the price it almost seems like total fantasy. For 2 months (assuming nits one person even), it would cost somewhere between $6000 and $8000 dollars! With one other person that would probably be in the $10,000 range to.

Man, I just wanted to see the world before all I get to see again is a computer screen.

Has anyone in Jow Forums traveled across Europe before? How much did it cost for you? How long did you stay?

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Any emotion or feeling is the opposite. You don't see a robot with empathy and you never will. Psychopaths are similar.


>you narcisstic psychopath.

It is truly quite fascinating how your kind insist on diagnosing people over the internet. Surely you know that laymen are not qualified to diagnose people. Only the professionals can do that. But you do not genuinely care about the professionals' opinions, do you? You would much rather exercise your ego by believing that your layman's opinion matters more than that of a professional's opinion, and by forcing your opinion onto others as if it were fact.

Stay at air bnb during off season and rent a car, cheaper than hotels and safer/more comfortable than hostels. You can just drive through and sleep in the car if you’re far off.

I hear you. Just keep dropping truth bond with sources.

>Logic is much overrated. It is the preference of narcissists and psychopaths because they literally can not feel. A world with empathy is far greater than a world of logic.

We are currently living in a world dictated neither by logic, nor empathy. We are currently living in a world driven pure, chaotic, primal instinct. It is not our superego that is currently determining our actions, it is our id.

Are rental cars better than train tickets?
All the Airbnb hotels in my area cost $70+ a night compared to hostels $40 a night, is it different in Europe?
Is it possible to travel for 2 or 3 months and not have to spend any more than $6000?

If you do not know who I am, then do not concern yourself with that post.

If you do know who I am, then you should know where and when you and I first met. You and I first met at an office building somewhere along San Vicente Boulevard, sometime in February of the year 2017. During our first meeting you wore this strange top that appeared to have shoulder pads (possibly made of plastic). They were grayish in color and shiny. Back then you had a black bag with these little black strips hanging from the sides, that sort of looked like shredded paper. The door to the office was located to my right. On one table you had a copy of your boss' novel. We first met on a Sunday, I believe. It was sometime between the hours of 11 AM and 2 PM, if I remember correctly. After one hour I asked you if I could speak with you further for another half hour. After our first meeting was over, I went over to the men's restroom, and you walked by me. You waved at me with one hand while holding your cell phone in the other. You were speaking with someone over your phone, informing them that you were going to your car.

Oh its raul again

Logic may help you to act as if you were empathysing, so it looks the same from the outside and acheives pretty much same result.

I'm moving in September for now I have $$$$ and a job

Are you still toying with me? :( what did I ever do to you?