Real quick, is it morally wrong to be the "other man" in a failing marriage?

Real quick, is it morally wrong to be the "other man" in a failing marriage?

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why wouldn't it be?

Yes, you are the reason it failed.

Never know maybe the man has nothing to lose and spends most of his time with his range buddies punching holes in paper 200yards away. Maybe you can be his new paper?

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Yes. Yes it is. Cheaters and people who are involved with cheating do not get sympathy here.

in order of shame it goes her than you
shes a bigger piece of shit, but you're one too.

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>Yes, you are the reason it failed.
no, he is not the reason why she is cheating

You're not the sole reason something is being destroyed, but you are a contributing factor and guilty of your role

Both sides of this argument are reasonable.
i would say its not wrong though. what she does outside your relationship is none of your business. If its against your moral compass then bail but dont try and change her because you think she should feel bad.

Yeah kind of. Even if you weren't there to destabilise the relationship in the beginning, you're still exploiting someone else's bad situation and misfortune and sleeping with someone else's wife/gf while they're still in a relationship with that person.
But having said that, she's still going to fuck somebody, so if you're hard up for one then you might as well if you think you can get away with it.

you're adding your own caveat to the question to allow yourself to say it's not necessarily bad, shlomo

go fuck someone else, it'll be a lot less stress and bullshit

Not necessarily. You have no obligation to preserve any marriage or prevent it's dissolution. There are countless toxic marriages where the couple is better off divorcing, and even if they don't divorce, having sex with the wife may be very good for her in one way or another.

No, if it’s failing it will end despite your involvement.

Regardless or the why, he will still feel justified in chopping you into little pieces.

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this is a poorly thought out reply

>that stock photo
Great acting guys; really sells the desperate tension of a moment like that. Fucking top notch.

Real quick, Yes

I was in this situation before, but it was a long term relationship they weren't married.

I fucked the girl for a while and like a retard fell in love with her myself but then she reverse cucked me and went back to her boyfriend.

I never felt bad about what I did.

it's an all whites in that pic, they can't help but feel relaxed despite the situation

Better question, should you really care?

Kinda, but unless you did some sly plot to make them break, you were just at the right place at the right moment. Could have been anyone, really.

Nah. She was going to cheat sooner or later, why not benefit from it yourself?

If you continue to fornicate with her at least convince her to split with her man, it's just cruel to let her string him along.

yep, absolutely is

Fucking kek.

Nigga you're not "the other man" you're the cheater. Plain and simple don't use rhetoric to hide the fact that you're a scumbag.

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if it doesn't seem obvious to you just imagine someone coming up to you telling you they would like to take you out to eat, you're invited and they'll pay with someone else's credit card that they stole. just because you didn't steal it yourself, you are still happily participating in them fucking over someone else.

the fact that you are asking here tells me that you already know that it's wrong. tell that bitch to sort her shit out with her husband and obviously she's most likely not going to be a keeper even if she breaks up with her husband. considering she was willing to cheat on him it's only to be expected she'll do the same to you one day.

If I was the benevolent God Jesus preached of, I would ask you: Do you even care?

>is it morally wrong to be the "other man" in a failing marriage?
Is it morally wrong to represent someone as a solicitor when they have done something bad?

Being the other man is literally free sex, you're not at fault, she was going to cheat with whichever guy said "yes" to her, just don't let her get attached to you otherwise she will try to move in with you or worse get into a relationship with you.
The downside to being the "other guy" is that you risk being assaulted by a salty guy who thinks you made his relationship fall apart (a guy tried once, he tried running at me and pushing me when I was sat in a booth, I was more confused than anything) or being publicly disliked by their immediate friends who are social outcasts because you were single and had sex with someone.

Morally? Sure. In plenty or morals circles. But morals are relative, and so can safely be ignored. Morals are fucking bullshit.
Ethics is the more important thing to consider. I would argue it is ethical, easily, no problem. Should feel no qualms about it.

Lets leave morality out of it for a minute. If you are the other man and their marriage is failing you are a fucking idiot. You do not want to be the soft landing when she leaves her husband. Do not enter that shit show.

Now, if she has no intention on leaving her marriage and mostly happy but wants side dick then go ahead but first hint she (or you) are catching feels you need to disappear.

A married woman is the easiest pussy on the planet (followed by single moms) but the most risky.

same boat except its happening now. kept saying "I wanna be better to my bf" then they'd have an argument and she'd come running to me. been going like this for nearly a year.

we both stupidly said we loved each other in the beginning although I think we both know that was bs. I've been dealing with alot of anxiety problems recently, and her being on and off with me is kinda fucking with me a bit.

there's alot of complicated shit going on and its more than my autism riddled 19 year old brain can deal with. is apathy really the best way to deal with this?

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You know, almost every woman is fucking two guys but damn if I want to be in a relationship with one when I know it for sure. You're stupid and so is her bf. She's playing both of you for fools. She tells you one day I'll be all yours so you sit right where she tell you and she's got him begging her to stay and always willing to let her in even smelling of your cum.

>If there is a man who commits adultery with another man’s wife, one who commits adultery with his friend’s wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.

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idk what you just said but it sounded like it came from your heart and that's what counts

Makes me giggle like a little bitch when I think of OP facing the angry husband, he'll probably just have a 16oz framing hammer or some other random house tool, but the look on OP's face before the husband and his fury destroy him is a priceless thought to have.
If I was the husband I would light OP's house on fire and shoot him when he comes running out. The judge would understand, give him community service.


It's like that scene from Spiderman 1. He could have stopped the thief but he let him get into the elevator and run away. You can be Spiderman and stop the crime.

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Yes, of course it is. I found out I was the other guy, had my fun and left. I might be a piece of shit but I'm an upfront piece of shit.

If you're going to be that man, then whatever you do, don't start a relationship with her. Whatever a woman does with you, she'll eventually do to you.

I bet you watch Rick&morty AND the joe rogan experience

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There's a word for you :
Yes it is wrong. Put yourself in the husband shoes : he might not hate you if he thinks that you were manipulated & didn't know she was already taken but if he learns that you knew all along & did it intentionally, YOU'RE part of the problem!

hope you get aids

>morals are bullshit
>ethics are what matters

Care to explain your nuance?

We all know OP gonna get his dick wet. This is just another brag thread.

No. You're not the one who made a promise or a commitment. She did.

As long as it's not a friends wife you're ok.

Yes and no. As men, we've all kind of agreed to not fuck married women. But this is because we have a vested interest in men not fucking our own wives. It is a social contract of sorts.

The thing is though, many men treat women like property. They stop courting them. They might even stop fucking. The relationship is bad. The man knows it. But he feels like he owns her. Or he has a duty to stay married. The woman wants put but by this point the husband has probably cut her support network. Maybe he moved her away from family. Maybe he talked her into quitting her job to be home more. So she uses her pussy to both to fill a void, hopefully get caught and force the husband to divorce and to get a new man to support her.

Don't like it? Keep courting your wife. Don't current her support network. Don't move her away from her parents. Communicate. So even if she divorces you, she'll just go ahead and do it And not wrangle some new dick while you"re still married.