Am I an asshole if I buy 3 seats on an airplane because I don't want annoying single moms with babies or smelly fat...

Am I an asshole if I buy 3 seats on an airplane because I don't want annoying single moms with babies or smelly fat people sitting next to me on the plane?

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Not really, it’s a bit excessive. Why not just get an upgrade to business / first?


No but I would get a first class ticket instead of buying three. theres always chance of some tards asking if they can sit in a seat next to you to sit closer to someone they know midflight

I'm sure the airlines would absolutely love that

Funnily enough, its still significantly cheaper to buy an entire row of seats than to fly first class. The more you know.

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. You obviously do not fly much. If you ever have.

>Am I an asshole if I buy 3 seats on an airplane because I don't want annoying single moms with babies or smelly fat people sitting next to me on the plane
Fuck no you have the money and you have the right to buy them. If anyone gives you shit just do fake sign language or tell them to fuck off.

Go first class with a better airline. And get the premium whatever they got so you can chill out at the private lounge.
Never heard of an airline being okay with selling 3 seats to one person.

Airlines sell 2 seats to really fat people so OP could always claim he's REALLY fat and needs 3 seats. Or he could just get a first class seat.

I always buy 2 seats personally. 3 is a bit excessive, I'm okay with just a barrier of nothing between me and the other person.

How fat are you?

Not fat at all, I just enjoy having my personal space.

You could buy a business/first ticket for possibly less than 2 economy seats and get far more benefits too.

In every circumstance I've been in, its never cheaper to fly first class. 2 seats is always cheaper. 3 seats might be pushing it, although it still depends. For example I've flown from NY to Japan and the first class flights are practically worth a car. You could probably buy up to 5 economy seats. But from NY to California, its a lot closer. 2 seats is still cheaper, 3 seats is probably on par. I do fly first class occasionally though just because I feel like it.

Airlines are happier, you're happier, everyone wins. No problem whatsoever

nah but you’re a clown for wasting that money

doing so user basically wastes a resource that could be used to justify the carbon footprint that the plane leaves

If you fly often enough you get frequent flyer status and all sorts of neat benefits. Seriously, why waste money on a 2nd seat? Either grin and bear it in cattle class or just go for business/first.

Because I value my comfort and I see no reason not to do it.

>wasting so much money because you're too sensitive/autistic to sit next to a stranger for several hours

How do you people survive?

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I'm not too sensitive or autistic, but that doesn't mean I want to do it. Why do it if I don't have to?

He's a jealous poorfag, ignore. Pepe/Wojak posters are not smart, reasonable people, nor are they worth any of your time.



A business/first flight is way more comfortable than a cattle class flight with an empty seat next to you.

People who pays for 2 seats are not smart, you could use that money for first class you know

No. You paid for those seats, therefore they're your seats. Fair play.

First class is more comfortable but its also significantly more expensive, as I said already. For me its the comfort per dollar and really, all I need to be comfortable is personal space and a pillow. And again, I do go first class sometimes when I feel like it but most of the time its not worth it.

Even if everyone did this, the airline is making the same amount of money as it would if the plane was full. Hence they will not undertake the huge investment and logistical headache of buying more planes and having tighter flight schedules with more flights. It literally would make no fucking difference. In fact it would probably be better since the plane is lighter it would use less fuel.

It all depends on your routes and how often you fly. It sounds like you don't fly too much so you're not familiar with how to optimize your flights and get those better class flights.

Exactly. Like I said in every circumstance I'VE been in, first class is always far more expensive. Also I bet I've flown more times this month alone than you have your entire life.

You never know what can happen in a few hours. That's when my gf flies without me I buy her two seats. I don't want some smooth talking asshole being able to sit next to her and have hours to talk their way into her panties. I'm not getting cucked, fuck that

First class is never worth it if you fly overseas regularly, it just isn't. It doesn't matter if you can find a "good" deal, because a good first class deal is still insanely expensive. If you're a baby that flies domestically all the time, that's different.

I hope you didn't bet anything on that statement because you would be very, very wrong. I'm not one for internet e-dick contests but unless you are something like a 1K member or a pilot I have far more flying experience than you.

Overseas economy is awful, that's why you book a business class ticket and upgrade to first