How to stop being an animal

How the fuck do I stop objectifying women?? I feel so horrible after I let myself loose in a club or a bar. I want to respect them but my urge to stick my dick in them trumps all my rationale.

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Your like Johnny Bravo. A human version of swine and can't figure out why nobody likes him.

Bruh not being liked is not my problem. I have no issues with getting girls but when I do my dick becomes my brain and I can’t control what I am doing with my hands and eyes anymore. Fuck

Read Otto Weininger

Just any work or something in particular?

Spend more time with ugly girls. Learn to appriciate women for qualities that dont have to do with outward appearance. Also stop watching porn.

will it ever become a truth, when guys be replying "okay" to their gf's nudes because they don't sexualize them like at all

Ask yourself why you want to fuck any attractive female you see. It might be about hidden insecurities. Or maybe you want to increase your selfworth by proving that you are a real man.

Wrong Otto, read Otto Gross.
Women like dick just as you like pussy; you've already given them mutual respect.

Sex and Character

>How the fuck do I stop objectifying women??
Unless things are turning violent, i dont see the issue. Women objectify men just as equally, no one cares.
If you insist though, find woman you would never consider fucking, then learn as you get to know how she/they operate, with sex never becoming a motivating factor

castrate yourself. You will be pure

Just don't look at them unless you're talking to them, and when you're talking to them don't look or think about their tits or having sex with them.

I'm not sure how you could reign in the way your sex drive takes control, but maybe you should start by wanting to change on a personal level. If its bothers you that you do this and you find it an unappealing quality you should try to put some thought into how you could best remedy this.. if it's not a problem personally for you, there's nothing for you to do

lmao this guy is an incel supreme

You're not doing anything wrong tho, if the way you're behaving is successfully attracting women to you, then you've literally mastered your objective as a Male. Ironically though, once you stop objectifying them and begin to show them respect, they lose interest in you. Even in a relationship you can never let your woman know where she stands with you emotionally because once they know they have you....they'll no longer want you.

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Nothing wrong with having those urges user, its how you express them is your problem.
Being heterosexual isnt objectifying women, its being attracted to the opposite sex.

Yes, and?

You are correct and I hate it but there is a small 5% of women out there, maybe less, that are genuinely capable of honest and genuine love, indefinitely.

You don't need to respect women. You just need to fuck me. Fuck em hard.

Why contain it?
Remaining quiet when you have something to say is a form of lying, and HOT DAMN, I'VE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY, LADIES.

Totally agree, his outlook will change. I think any man that sexually assaults a woman (that includes any unwanted touching) should be castrated so they won't offend again. There should be no free pass, young boy or old man and everything in between.

Try to actually talk to them without second intentions just like you do with your mom

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you kidding, he has likely tried to fuck his mom already

I love people like you cause you act like all cases are doomed to fail. Do you know how many "johnny bravo's" out in the world who still get regular pussy? There are plenty of guys who dont give a rats ass about women past a fuck and yet they do just that.

Not OP but I just honestly like the thrill of "fishing" for women. Sex is cool since it's the endgame, but I greatly enjoy having a woman grow closer to you physically and I guess emotionally since you never know how itll turn out. You could find a freak through a passive girl, or a total psycho from a seemingly sane one. I like the thrill of the end that leads up to you fucking for the first time

This, my gf knows I love her, but shes unsure what the end result of our relationship will be and that, I hope, keeps her on her toes. I speak of marriage but that's some shit I can easily cancel if shes not the one.

I'm the guy you're responding to, and I unironically discovered the true nature of women after having been dumped a few months ago. How do you keep your girl unsure/insecure? I know how they are but for some reason I feel the need to "fix" these broken women only to my dismay.

Respect is earned not given freely. There is no obligation of any sort for you to respect women at a club or bar. You're there to fuck, they're there to dance, drink, get free attention and drinks, and also fuck. Stop browbeating yourself in a retarded way over retarded things.

Wrong way to look at it. You're only asking because you're afraid of losing. Girls are already naturally insecure and it is easier to change yourself than to change another. Be more secure in your life and she will cling on to you and shit test you and try to bring you down. But she will stick to you.

All you have to do is not be afraid of losing them. That they are replaceable.

are you a female(female)

You're not a special caste that levitates above us.
Your inflated sense of self worth is part of the problem with modern sexual relationships.