How do I get a boyfriend if I look like this

How do I get a boyfriend if I look like this

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B uself
You’re a qt


Hug a manlet and say that you love him

Do you have a discord?

Fuck off to /soc/
Also move to California so I can date you

Why are you blaming yourself, if a guy doesn't want you, that's his fault. One lost, Ten Found

>5 replies in one minute for a thread that gets posted daily

ugh fudk im fukin cumming ugg uhh uhh um uh hehe sorry
you're just rly cute

You again? You're a regular little attention whore, aren't you? Just can't stop looking for validation from basement dwelling doofuses.

Hey OP, I'm no dating expert but I figure cutting the HRT and coming out as gay could probably help a ton! Hope this helps!

Try a middle part

Do these people come in cycles? It used to be that brandon guy doing this and now its the tranny with the nose

Say hi

Basically yes.
Take note of the schizoid in the gioyc threads. He went from puddin to being some government agent off the grid or whatever to a tranny and so so much more.


Anons this is a trap.

What happened with Brandon anyway? Did he finally kill himself

This reply couldn't be more incel, even if you tried.
>you're perfect, you deserve everything, nothing is your fault
fuck off, r/whiteknights

Find a homo man that wants some

If you are having trouble pulling guys, its not your looks.

Answering OP's question. You don't. Dating someone is not only about their looks, its also about their mental health and real men don't date mentally ill women, or in your case, degenerates.

Good luck with handling depression.

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You are one ugly man.

It's a tranny you cretins

>look at yourself in the mirror
>find things that YOU think is wrong with you
>fix those things
>men will come

Also, you should just date me because you're a qt.5


when will you retards stop responding to this mentally ill and obviously histrionic tranny.

This shit is getting out of hand.

Can we report OP for being an attention mongering faggot?

Fuck off!

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Why do you think you can't get a bf?

Looks aren't everything user. Not sure if this is bait or attention mongering, y'know what Jow Forums is like
Assuming neither of these are the case, for god's sake smile more. Show the world that smile, make sure its seen by as many people as possible. You're unironically beautiful, but not in that intimidating or arousing kinda way y'know? Its a welcoming smile, its comforting.

also get the fuck off of mongolian sheep skinning forums, this place isn't for you

Do not engage, this is a notorious /soc/ attention whore. Do not feed, do not engage. Remember rule #1 lads

do an Etika

>never smiles in picture
Be honest? How fucked up are your teeth?
>inb4 no reply because this nigga never actually contributes after making the damn thread

You guys are all fucking retarded for not saging the shit out of this thread everytime this trap faggot keeps posting it for (you)s

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They were kinda fun when the tranny actually did anything. Now she just posts a new picture with the same OP post and it inevitably dies. Not much worth getting worked up over. This thread will probably be dead within 15 minutes