I'm sick of being a pedo

I'm sick of being a pedo.
I like kids. I think I really do.
I like when they are around. I think they're easier to talk to. and I think they could get me aroused easier than adult women.
I'd rather spend time with an 11 year old than a 25 year old.
I think. I don't know.
It's really distressing.
Now i get nervous around kids the same way i do women.
I'm going to get help. I just needed to say something. This is clearly out of my ability to deal with this alone. I think my way of life has led me to become this way.
There's no reversing it now. and I kept trying to think there's a way to fuck the pedo away.
I can't do this anymore. My entire life has been about trying to be with a kid, and to do it safely. and I just can't have that life long obsession anymore.
I'm 29
I always thought I'd grow out of it. I just really think I'm a pedo.
It's difficult for me to understand how not all men are pedophiles.

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There is only one thing to do - kys

I'd appreciate it

>It's difficult for me to understand how not all men are pedophiles.

I like it when girls have gone through puberty, or at least most of it, personally. Most men do.

Also even when there are girls that are

Go through therapy or something to get over the attraction and become a father.

maybe i am just normal. and i'm over thinking it.
i like faces. and that's typically all i look at with my brief interactions with women. the op pic is an example

there was a girl i babysat that tried coming on to me. i could tell she had been abused before.

I am a father.
i think family life helped me out.
until my wife turned into a cunt after i lost my job. then i had a melt down and did some things I can't take back.
i told her.
funny is. i told her the year before. and nothing changed.
it was different when i didn't have a job

i feel like this has something to do with perfectionism too.
the OP is perfect. few faces last that long.

If you tell anyone you're a pedophile then your life will be ruined. As long as you don't try fucking kids, then you've done nothing wrong.

it's thoroughly ruined.
it's absolutely destroyed

The level of is unreal.
I feel like I could be killed at any moment.
I feel like in the future they can look up people online and kill anyone suspected being a pedophile.
I feel as though my will has crossed some type of universal "barrier". Beyond just us. Everything. Everything there ever was.
Everything there ever was, hates pedophiles
and it's deeply rooted into how math expresses itself through life. I'm scared. I can never be a man. I can never look at a beautiful woman and be a man. and I've always felt that way

Suicide is the only option
Please hurry

BECOME the thing you fear.

Use the sex offender registry to look up convicted pedophiles. Beat them until they're begging for mercy. Rinse and repeat. Then kill yourself.

Don't take the advice of people who are telling you to commit suicide. You're not a bad person just because you're a pedophile, you never chose to be a pedophile, and you've never molested a child. Murdering pedophiles just for them being sexually attracted to children is wrong, and most people agree, and they will agree in the future. That being said, if it's known that you're a pedophile it will make things like employment harder, so don't tell anyone.

Talk to a child in real life.
They're retarded animals. If I could murder every child on this planet with my bare hands, I would. God, that thought makes me drool. Useless little lazy shits who can't do don't shit.

You were born in the wrong century, I'm afraid.

Hate to say it but shit sucks for you dude. Someone told you to go to therapy, but unless you know a specialist you're better off just wallowing in your declining mental health than seeking therapy. I have only heard horror stories of people seeking help for being a pedo. One guy I heard of told his therapist who then informed the police, his job and his family. His family disowned him, his job fired him and the police refused to close the investigation even though he had at no point committed a crime. Because the police wouldn't close the investigation he couldn't get another job, or even stay at a homeless shelter. He lost all his money after he tried to kill himself and ended up in the psych ward without insurance, and last I heard he froze to death under a bridge. Point is that you're pretty fucked, and I feel sorry for you. Maybe a life of celibacy is for you? Unless you can find a specialist psychotherapist you don't really have options

>his therapist who then informed the police
Find out their name and post it online, as well as the story of what happened.

*find out the name of the therapist

girl in pic isnt a child user, theres literally a man between her legs, probably 18, ur fine dawg just chillout and fuck cute 18 year olds.

Just curious, user. How was your childhood? Was it bad? I have to sort of a theory about it. You feel like you've missed out on childhood and because of it you get a strong obsession with children. A sort of feeling to "recoup" what you didn't have/lost.

Move to japan, you’ll fit right into the filth.

Someone hates mommy

Uh..I like adult female primary sexual traits.

I like big tits. I eve like big sagging tits as long as they slope and aren't flat. I like big noses and big ears on another wise petite or pretty girl. I like big asses with an hourglass waist. I like adult women with lower octave voices that sound smooth. And adult female voices with a little crackle and squeak in it.

I also like having good conversations with women where we share our lives and make jokes about things that have us down. I enjoy hashing out concepts and ideas with smart women.

I even enjoy dumb shit like them crying on my shoulder over family or work shit.

I cant have this shit with a child. Kids can be cute, but they are lacking much of what I enjoy.

I thought I was a pedo for liking 16 yr old girls.... But then I realise I was 18.
I'm 30 yrs old now and anything below 20 grosses me out.

Gl bro on treating your illness.

Agreed not sure why you would like someone who is undeveloped just not sexually interesting