How do I learn to tolerate modern anime?

How do I learn to tolerate modern anime?
I am just a cynical boomer fuck who feels like everything I used to like is getting worse and worse, anime included. I miss the old artstyles and old themes (it seems like there aren't any sci-fi or space opera shows anymore when they were common when I was getting into it). But I also miss actually watching animu and enjoying it. How do I appreciate the shows that are being made today?

Pic related, it's the last anime I was able to watch to completion. This was over four years ago.

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I started watching anime during the mid-00s ecchi era and now it's all flat chests and lolis so I quit.
Now I watch horror films because at least they give me a titty here and there.

I still like horror movies too. They actually got better in the 10s.

Look man, no anime is good. It's incredibly fucked up that you even sat through a single anime series as an adult. Most people since this means you are an emotionally stunted pedophile. So I don't know what to tell you really. You shouldn't watch any. I cannot comprehend how you could even sit through it. You are no boomer

Its really just about digging for your specific tastes I can relate to an extent, but every once in a blue moon I find something unique. Albeit parasyte was the last one too really grab me by the balls.

May I suggest Mushishi? It's a very different flavor than most modern anime.

Yeah, I'm surprised. I kinda stopped watching them around 2013 but I really enjoyed Hereditary. It reminded me of the old ones from the 70s.
Not enough titty tho.

You shouldn't. Just find a new shit to consume.

Even the director behind Code Geass said that the show wouldn't be made today because motherfuckers want generic slice of life shit.

Pic related

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Maybe you just grew out of it

it's nothing but entertainment, what's the point in trying to appreciate something you don't like...?

Have you watched Girls Und Panzer by any chance?

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>seems like there aren't any sci-fi or space opera shows anymore
If this is all you want and you're not willing to compromise or try new stuff then don't look past the 2000s.
There have been some good sci-fi anime this decade but you'll have an easier time in the past.

read date a live.
you can watch it, but the quality in the LN is much better

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Just letting you lads know, Kurumi is mine.
Stay away!

sorry user
clock a shit
origami a best

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>clock a shit
You shut your whore mouth
Origami is an emotionally battered sperg and fed stooge.

Meanwhile, Kurumi:
>is kind to small animals
>smites degenerates, is stronk
>still has traditionally feminine manners
>doesn't disarm and cuck to feds
>tells them to take their pacifism and shove it
>is based AND redpilled

You can keep your folded paperfu.

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Well I think you need a new approach user. You watched anime in a certain way that you are bored both intellectually and Emotionally. Search outside your comfort zone and see why people like the modern stuff much, or find a new popular anime of the season and check why everyone likes it. Thats basic though You probably know. However maybe the best thing to do is put your love on anime as a whole and get into something else for awhile, come back to it when you are ready.

Well, there are specific reasons about how anime quality and oriewntation has changed

The most recent modern animess I've seen wich are good... Devilman and Castlevania, both from... Netflix
People say School of Heroes is good and One Punch man too, they recommend me "One" the author.
But still, anime from 80s and some from the 90s had (in general) more money and freedom to experiment.
Ah, also, Redline?

> motherfuckers want generic slice of life shit

So much this it hurts.

The last good modern space opera type series I watches was Yamato 2199, that shit is ace, pure gold. Some of the continuous stream of Gundam series approach space opera tier, sometimes they're slice of life shit.

Don't tolerate it user, just don't watch so much. You have to search harder for things worth watching. I might only watch a few series in a year there's really not much worth watching these days.

I don't want to be an Oldie McYellsatcloud
I saw the first season a while back, didn't realize they made more.
No, I haven't. The fact that there's tanks is interesting
Also sounds interesting, kind of haremy but in a fun way

I gave up on that, glad I did. I look for something every now and then that might catch my interest but nuthin. I watch old shows when I can, or feel the need to draw because I cant find anything I want to watch.