I am a 23 year old white guy dating a black woman of the same age

I am a 23 year old white guy dating a black woman of the same age.

When we go out in the street and hold hands it's not white people that stare at us, it's the blacks. Why is this?

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As a black femanon i'm sure they stare but don't really care one way or another about your relationship other then thinking the pairing is rare.

My family has never given me shit when I dated outside my race but they might come off more condescending at times.

Anyway I wouldn't think into it too much good luck!

They're probably upset you "took one of their women" Idk why but a lot of black people think you shouldn't date outside of your race. I see a lot of black people i have on FB saying , "this pussy is only for black men" , "this dick is only for black women" Really who cares man if you're both happy don't care about them staring just be in love m8 :D

Because whites have been conditioned to hate any expression of their own identity. It doesn't help that historically most racemixing was white plantation owners with female slaves--that is, even most white "racists" would be less viscerally bothered by the sight of you, while for blacks you're pretty much a walking insult.

You really should date within your race, though.

your children and your children's children will be tainted and useless half niglets, possessing traits of the common african ape, and lacking the common intelligence of a white man.

Your entire gene pool will be muddied with the water of an inferior people, and you will be nothing but a disgrace, with a breed of less than capable of spawns of quadroons. Jiggaboos. Baboons. Niggers. North American Pavement Apes.

>"this pussy is only for black men" , "this dick is only for black women"
Which is based

>poleddit, the post

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t. roastie

Aside from the "stick to your own kind" attitude that people of any race have, it's a commonly accepted meme that educated black women won't date black men. In part this is because because women tend to want a relationship partner at least of the same "level" as they are, and there are vastly more black women attending and graduating from universities than black men. So an assumption that a lot of blacks have when they see a black woman with a white (or non-black) guy is that the woman thinks that black men aren't good enough for her.

But really, anyone who feels resentment over something like that, this is their shit to deal with, and it doesn't have anything to do with who you (and your girlfriend) are.

But why do black people think this?
Bringing up history as a justification for their racism doesn't make it just.
Why can't they think of people as individuals?

Yes I just don't understand it. I just laugh and keep scrolling.

>Bringing up history as a justification for their racism
They are well within their rights to maintain what identity they have left, after how it was brutalized with the slave trade. Their "racism" is just in-group preference, which is perfectly fine and beneficial.

>Why can't they think of people as individuals?
That's exactly the kind of cancer killing the West, though. Or rather, the cancer is thinking of people as individuals to the exclusion of group interests--that's what whites are taught to do, and with disastrous effects. Pretty much all classical liberals back in the day were on board with protecting social standards (i.e they saw no issue with laws against stuff like swearing in the presence of a woman) as well as their own race; that's not a contradiction with treating people as individuals.

This is even more imperative if you say that people are predominantly a product of their environment (rather than of genetics); the state of society is directly related to a person's physical and moral well-being, so it's insane to ignore society-wide behaviors as a prerequisite for individualism.

Blacks are the most racist people on the planet, that's why.

>They are well within their rights to maintain what identity they have left, after how it was brutalized with the slave trade.
That's not an identity, that's a comical reflection of the modern state of black people, when your identity is embodied by constantly victimizing yourself due to X factor which is out of your control. Don't give me any of that bullshit about how their fucking identity was brutalized by the slave trade- they never fucking had one to begin with aside from some shitty pottery and masks.

>inb4 we wuz kangz

I'm a white nationalist, retard. It's an absolute fact that the slave trade was a travesty to everyone involved--it would have been best for both races if the blacks were simply left to their own devices in Africa. The "shitty pottery and masks" you look down on still varied by region and group, but after slavery the blacks had no distinct group to feel belonging to, and the most precise identity they still had was in most cases their race.
I'm not saying this because I believe "fuck wypipo"--it's not on whites now to do anything but maintain themselves (certainly, things like 'reparations' are bullshit), which is in no way at odds with blacks doing the same.

What would you have them do instead? Stay wandering without any identity at all, and promote the inevitable mixing that occurs once they have no concern for themselves or others? Don't let your disdain for blacks cloud your judgement; the bottom line is that there is nothing wrong with any race wishing to maintain its own existence, and despite all the things there are to criticize blacks for, this isn't one of them.

I could tell by your original post that you and I are, by nature, in agreement on most things, especially that niggers ought to be segregated, and furthermore would have benefited from the initial effort of the retraction from Africa and the slave trade, HOWEVER I simply don't agree with the basis for your idea in your insistence that their identity was somehow brutalized by European efforts, this can be easily built upon that the entire plight of the African race could be associated with those exact efforts, which is the exact self-victimization behavior I am opposed to.

That is all.

>their identity was somehow brutalized by European efforts
It's not the sole fault of Europeans, nor is this something whites must feel guilty for. But by both design (in the 'breaking' process) and the indirect result of mass migration, what identity they would have had in the places they were taken was lost. That's just the truth of the matter, it has nothing to do with implications of guilt or compensation. I'm not saying that any of their other problems are due to it, either. I am saying that the issue of identity is by definition affected.

Put another way, even if nonwhites were economically 'beneficial', socially respectful, and just as well-behaved as natives, mass immigration is still shit because it destroys white nations. I don't have to claim "they terk er jerbs" or quote crime statistics to want to preserve my race.

If you want to get upset over victim mentality, focus more on the dindu nuffins that burn down their own neighborhoods because one of their kind finally got put down after acting like a retard around cops.

I don't care what goes into their reasoning; if it discourages mixing I'm all for it.

White dudes going for black chicks is pretty rare.
When I look in my head I'm like "oh wow".
But to me it's just a surprise I don't think much of it.


>I could tell by your original post that you and I are, by nature, in agreement on most things
His cum is still dripping out of your mouth, user. Take it easy.

bullshit, i dated black girls and no one gives a fuck

I have nothing but disdain for tripfags. This guy makes a lot of sense, though.

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Makes us happy, probably makes some jealous.

I've never felt protective over black women with white men cause of how often I've been in relationships with white women.

Even when I'm with a white girl, it's black people that stare, not whites.

It's okay for black men to date white women but it is not okay for white men to date black women. Sure, it's a double standard but that still doesn't make it right.

>tfw 136 IQ and top grades but still useless because of my booty size and sporting excellence.

I hav nothing but disdain for this. Break up with her and go find a white woman. A black woman in a white family is a traitor. If that was my daughter I would disown her and let her white family be her new people.

Because Niggers are racist as fuck .

You know Niggers sold them self to the white man . The one at fault was Niggers they did it to them self


This desu

Black guy here who's been in interracial relationships.

Black people just don't hide it like white people do. Whites are judging you secretly too, trust me.

You know the answer. Some black people still have a chip on their shoulder about slavery and they don't understand how one of their own who's ancestors were kidnapped, beaten, raped, tortured, and often worked to death or otherwise discriminated against would willingly date the descendants of those... people.

Also, this. Don't think for a fucking second none of your white friends haven't judged or spoke about you behind your back about it.
Wrong. Slaves did not sell themselves. They were sold by their leaders. And I'm certain the honorable white man would never kidnap a slave, now would they...

One tribe sold the other they did it to them self . And the white man did what was right . The strong rule over the weak . Look at africa now still a shit hole

The strong rule over the weak in the countries that are shitholes in Africa. Decent places surprisingly have another idea of rule.

the whole slaves being sold by other Africans isn't nearly as common as Jow Forums might lead you to believe.

So are you going to explain what really happened or what

It didn't happen on nearly the scale as has been exaggerated in white racists circles since forever. I just said what really happened, you moron.

I really think people put too much emphasis on race.

We're no different because of race, it's only the culture that makes us different.

>it's only the culture that makes us different.

Very funny user.

No faggot you stated what didn't happen. Not what actually happened.
Educate yourself, early 20 year old.
You're fucking tone deaf. You act like this despite being a depressed suicidal loser in real life and wonder why people have such disdain towards you. Slavery is inherently wrong and it being a common thing in history doesn't make it right. Perhaps it wouldn't have been that bad if slaves weren't treated with the cruelty that you whites and your jewish brothers treated us with. You say you are right because you are white. You are wrong.

Mostly butthurt because they feel like you are stealing “their woman”

I’m assuming you are both in college or maybe from a small town? In my experience black women who either have few options due to local population or black women who attend higher education are more willing to date outside their race. Probably due to having better options than dating some hood trash