Can a male and female cousin share the same bed? My cousin is visiting next month from New York...

Can a male and female cousin share the same bed? My cousin is visiting next month from New York. Both my parents think it's insane but I think it's okay.

We're 21 and 25 respectively.

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Ehhhh.....If I were the female cousin, I'd want to sleep on the couch or floor. I'm not interested in playing a part of your alabama incest role playing shit.

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it would feel awkward. I wouldn't do it if I was her.

Sure why not, this is an anime board and that shit is legal in Japan

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They aren't having sex you moron.

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Nor will they, if she's smart enough to stay away from him.

Huh? Why not?

Yes of course it's okay
But your concerns about it already tell you got some buried issues with it so meh, just don't do anything funny

Wasn't implied

Cousins as in kids from parents that happen to be siblings? If so yeah thats weird. Dont do this with the intention of hooking up. Anything beyond 2nd cousins shouldnt be a problem though. My family has done this for centuries and we're good. Dont do it with close relatives though, thats nasty.

Why though? Seriously give me a reason? My parents would be perfectly fine if it was a male cousin so it's not the "incest" issue.

I find it insane how people call themselves adults yet in 2019 still worry about sharing the same bed with the opposite sex.

how autistic are you? its weird you want to sleep with your cousin and dont understand the social implications of this. are you from some strange culture that doesnt have couches?

Either they are Conservative to the point of retardation or they just think very poorly of you and expect you to try and take advantage of it

What if she doesn’t want to sleep on your bed?

What's the issue? Op doesn't seem to imply that they are going to sleep with eachother. They just share a bed. I sleep in the same bed as my sister too if I have to. Big deal
Not everyone is a horny retard and two people sleeping next to eachother doesn't instantly result in sex

>Op doesn't seem to imply that they are going to sleep with eachother
>They just share a bed

They didn't really imply it.

If you have to ask then no.

So no big deal if I slept with your sister? I pinky swear I wont try and fuck her

Unironically retarded post

Why are you so Inistant with sleeping with your cousin on the same bed? Just remember offer her your bed, and only hop in if she offers back.

Put a big tub of lube on the bedside table, just to be safe.

OP doesn't even have the balls to admit he wants to fuck his cousin anonymously while making a thread with that header.

$20 bucks he touches her in her sleep regardless of where she ends up in the house tho.

I mean yeah. It doesn't need to be sexual and the only people who think it's offensive to sleep in the same bed as someone they aren't to have sex with are sexually frustrated morons.

Also, I know in western countries its taboo to merely suggest that cousins of whatever distant relations have any kind of romantic interests but in the absolute majority of the world there is no stigma to it at all. It's pretty much just a western bougie thing to be disgusted by it and it's mostly because, despite thinking themselves as champions of egalitarianism, democracy, and freedom, a lot of their prejudices are still informed by 19th century era concepts of eugenics. It used to be very commonplace for such relationships to exist and was only subverted and stigmatized by the same campaigns that would lead to en masse segregations, sterilizations, and genocides. The actual rate for incurring a genetic disease at the level of just 1st cousin is extremely low, almost negligible. It's when families marry at the level of half sisters and brothers together when you start seeing deformities.

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Na its cool . And if something happens win win situation stays in the family

>Conservatives being against marrying your cousin

Are you planning to touch wieners?

Are you from Alabama?

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Particularly, it's a stereotype labelled at the poor. Which is why it's mainly a phenomenon among the more bourgeois background of society.

It's honestly kind of sad seeing the hubris of these people.

oh shit, i didnt know this. how do i find out if it's culturally acceptable in my country?

Well, even in western countries it depends on region, county, town and family. In the Islamic world, for instance, cousin marriage is explicitly halal. In most asian and African countries there is little stigma against it depending where you are.

I guess if you were that curious about state laws on the matter you could just Google it. It's mainly Christians who are opposed to it.

well fuck how do i find out? it would be pretty awkward to go up to my old man and ask him if hes cool with me dating a cousin

Perhaps because only those growing up in a constant state of severe malnutrition would consider inbreeding a good idea?

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>Constant state of malnutrition
No, you're just a delusional western bougie who has no idea what he's talking about.

definitely ok

... Read your environment?



Nothing wrong with it
Incest is hot though

No it's not! Fuck you, fight me

Bump me to the moon, and let me SHITPOST among the stars


When you do respectively like that you need to also list the people involved with the order correlating with your attempt at grammar.