How is sex just a casual thing to most people?

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Have sex

They easily receive it thanks to normal development of body and psyches
Because everyone likes it, but only those functioning on the same level will have less trouble with casual sex

Because it’s a casual activity.

fear of intimacy

How is it though?

Explaining 'how' is ridiculous. Do you understand what 'casual' means?

It's really not.

Most fuck buddies end up dating.
It's an activity that for most of mankind has resulted in deep pair bonding, a kid &/or STDs - all long term things.

Now that im single again I'm not hitting up old fuck buddies because i don't wanna get entangled with them.

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1. You don't know most people. You have no idea what they think or believe and are basing your entire opinion on your perception of them rather than the things you actually know. The fact is we live in the least promiscuous generation since the 20's. People have fewer casual sex partners now than they ever have. The pervasiveness of a sex-positive and accepting culture is not equivalent to the pervasiveness of casual sexual activity. The data collected by the CDC and the Journal of Sexual Behavior show exactly the opposite.

2. Human reproductive behavior is infinitely more complicated then just hump, make babies, repeat. People use sex to accomplish all sorts of psychological ends. Some people use sex to exercise trauma. Some people use sex as a form of validation. Some people use sex to manipulate others. Some people use sex as a means of satisfying compulsion or addiction. Depending on who you are and what your psychological history is the role that sex plays in your life could be entirely different than somebody else. Obviously it would be awesome if the things we did to satisfy our psychological compulsions never resulted in negative consequences but that isn't how the human mind words. Open your eyes, OP. The world is a very complicated place and the most complicated creatures that live on it are humans. Stop thinking of these things in such strict metrics and you'll probably be less confused.

some people even do it for fun

Well i'm very dumb but it seems almost everyone in their 20s here in Scotland are shagging

>some people even do it for fun
True. Thrill seeking takes many forms.

Well, the data is fairly conclusive. That's what data collection is for; to clarify information beyond the scope of our personal observations. Studies like these are useful precisely because our anecdotal observations are so unreliable. My personal observation, for what its worth, is that people mistake sexual activity being normalized and accepted with its frequency. 40 years ago it was far less acceptable to talk about your sex life or openly engage in casual sexual relationships but, according to the data, it was happening much more frequently than it does now. Some have attributed it to the Baader-Meinhof or "red car" phenomenon. Its a psychological act of believing that frequently noticing something is equivalent to its rate of pervasiveness. As I said, look up the Journal of Sexual Behavior. Its a peer reviewed journal on sexology that is responsible for these studies.

>it seems almost everyone in their 20s here in Scotland are shagging
Only the people with enough confidence to be out in public, where you see them. You, and thousands of people just like you, never leave their rooms, never post on social media, never go out anywhere, and all look outside their windows or onto their insta feeds at those few people having a good time and think that's 'everyone'. It's not everyone, it's just everyone publicly broadcasting themselves to be seen.

At my work literally everyone either has a long term partner or has had sex in the past year

theyre not old souls

I said thousands, not millions. Christ.

> People have fewer casual sex partners now than they ever have.
History didn't begin in 1980, you drooling retard

>theyre not old souls
Or we can actually get sex

Fewer men*

Because they’re dumber than a sack of shit

No offence but you are probably not getting that much sex arent you ?

If you were a slut that could get dicked down every fucking night then you probably would take the chance too. That is just what humanity has become .

Because they're not retarded

>They're not retarded
They usually are, but a lot of them simply haven't been exposed to an alternative. Those who have, and who still persist in degenerate behavior, are either delusional, straight-up retarded, or simply beasts in human form.

>Bivariate results suggested that delaying sexual involvement was associated with higher relationship quality across several dimensions. The multivariate results indicated that the speed of entry into sexual relationships was negatively associated with marital quality, but only among women."

>"I find that premarital sex or premarital cohabitation that is limited to a woman's husband is not associated with an elevated risk of marital disruption. However, women who have more than one intimate premarital relationship have an increased risk of marital dissolution."

>"Both structural equation and group comparison analyses demonstrated that sexual restraint was associated with better relationship outcomes, even when controlling for education, the number of sexual partners, religiosity, and relationship length."

>"The happiness-maximizing number of sexual partners in the previous year is calculated to be 1."

im an old soul and i have sex

Because they’re not forever alone virgins who’ve put sex on a pedestal to justify their lack of having any.

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Because they are degenerates who have no morals

I’m not a virgin, but I also won’t sleep with anyone I’m not in a relationship with. I am not willing to accept the risks of getting STDs. I know too many people who had gotten STDs from casual sex.