Is it wrong to judge a girl on their previous sexual encounters?

Is it wrong to judge a girl on their previous sexual encounters?

I started dating this girl and I really like her we click real good, and we've now sort of made it official that we only want to date each other. We have made lots of plans together etc. But it sort of threw me off when she mentioned she had slept with at least 60 people, male and female.

First and foremost I wouldn't consider myself the jealous type and if I do get a bit jealous I certainly don't get controlling or any of that shit. But the 60 thing is kind of wrecking my head. I have slept with only 6 girls having been in a long term relationship most of my adult life whereby I was committed to one person. If she had told me 10 people, even 15 maybe I wouldn't have batted an eyelid. But man, 60 is so many and it makes me feel physically ill. I couldn't even imagine having sex with that many people in such a short space of time. Granted it was at a difficult period of her life which she is now past.

Am I being an ass or are my feelings justified? Input from a girl would be nice also.

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She is in her early 20s, also

>Is it wrong?
no, but you'll walk a lonely road if you do

you're both degenerates, but you are a hypocrite.

Point taken, but why hypocrite?

How can anybody be a with girl knowing that people you meet later in life came all over her and inside her and you don't know who and how many


>Is it wrong to judge a girl on their previous sexual encounters?
No. She should also judge you.

Not him, but...
It's because you're a manwhore who comes up with a completely arbitrary number past which you think "ew", but you're both unwilling and unable to hold yourself to any meaningful standard.

If you were waiting until marriage and expected your partner to do the same, that's perfectly fine and desirable. But you're not. You slept around, and now you're somehow shocked that another person took the complete lack of moral standards to its logical conclusion. Enjoy your whores, and remember that you chose this.

Just don't OP, guaranteed genital herpes.

>she had slept with at least 60 people, male and female.
suprised someone would admit to this. she will not be a good long term partner imo.

commit death

>commit death
I will only have sex after the commitment of marriage, till death do we part.

>It's because you're a manwhore who comes up with a completely arbitrary number past which you think "ew"
This is quite right. There's no difference if you fuck 2 people or 200 people, it's arbitrary and the person fucking 2 has no right to judge someone who fucks 200. Get a grip OP.

Maybe she just did a gangbang with 59 people and had 1 ltr.

If a guy has a really big dick, does he count as two partners?

What if his dick is normal but pierced multiple holes?

consider that if she's willing to be this honest with you from the get go, you have a good partner in terms of long term relationship stuff. honesty is rare and valuable, and she likely knows that this can be an offputting number so she says it off the bat to filter out any dudes who aren't interested after they hear that.

"is it wrong" is a moral judgement so that's up to you but I personally don't really care about that kind of stuff, but I would say turning someone down on that ALONE would be shitty judgement. if you can't handle it though then just say you're not into it. i honestly don't really understand why people get so disgusted by this, you're all watching porn anyway.

Does she have any STIs?

She's a woman who went through a whore phase. Not uncommon but still a red flag.
Ultimately it's up to you. I personally couldn't do it because I'm an insecure faggot.

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I would be worried she will cheat if shes THAT easy

>OP's GF has atleast a mile of dick inside of her
What a cuck, she could probably had banged 10 more when you wrote this.

>is it wrong to judge people by their actions?
what the fuck else are you supposed to judge them by?

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>to judge a girl on their previous sexual encounters
you're going to have a bad time, friend. you're going to have issues with every single girl you date and you're going to break up because of your uncontrollable retarded jealousy. get your shit together and chill the fuck out

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Asking the important questions

So, you're dating a girl who had AT LEAST 60 partners, both male and female? DAMN, she must be crazy hot and horny in bed! Fuck her till you can! This kind of sluts do not usually spend much time with the same dick/vagina. Fuck her till she bleeds, then she'll soon look for a different organ.

Past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior. If I date a guy who used to rape and murder people, I should probably not be surprised if he does it again. People can change...few ever do.

Once a ho always a ho no matter how stable she seems now her dog dies and shes on the dick wagon, or some other tragedy, shes a walking cum bomb sorry bro :( what if u guys have a good relationship for a year but have a bad falling out and she goes back to being a cock demon how will you feel when a week after you shes finding mad partners, and thats a scenario where ur already broken up, imagine if u piss her off and she needs a week break. Or a break in general.

N-NANDA?! You mean that Christy Mack should have guessed that a convict felon would probably not be her best choice for marriage?!


wtf, I hate myself now

>t. an STI cocktail

I have a relative that did the same thing! But now she's married, has 2 kids and oh her husband is a cuck to one of her employees... So yeah prepare to be cucked