What reasons do you find to go on living when nothing but obligation comes to mind?

What reasons do you find to go on living when nothing but obligation comes to mind?

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Booze, hobbies, friends. Its the menial shit.

These obligations gotta serve a good purpose. Do you have to work to feed your family ? Then love your family as much as you can and that obligation will feel worth it.

Fucking is one thing, if you can't get a gf, you might want to hit up some whores.

based and redpilled

I was more referring to the fact that if I killed myself that it would seriously hurt my family because they love me, so I’m kind of obligated to keep existing to prevent that.

Think you got the wrong thread

In 95% of the cases people don't have an actual excuse to kill themselves, they just go through a rough time and choose the easy way out because they were never taught how to deal with adversity. Seriously, unless you're a tetraplegic and you're in constant pain, there's no reason to kys. Face your problems like a man, and beat them. It won't be easy but it'll be worth it. Make that your obligation, if you want. Instead of feeling obligated to live, feel obligated to live a happy life.

Because I want to.
I want to live and have a family and prove that I'm worth something.

I don't know why. I don't think I need any additional reason, though.

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If the only thing keeping you alive are other people and not your own drive to live than something inside of your brain is inbalanced and you should be trying medication.

If you had a normally functioning brain you would realize that life is only as limited as you make it. Life has endless options and taking any of those options or paths should be tried first before any form of self termination.

Literally anything is better than suicide. Hitch hike across your country and see and meet new people. See parts of the world you never would have seen. Meet people and go to places you've only seen pictures of. The contrast of horrible people and places with all the good and beautiful make you appreciate what all of life has to offer.

and fuck if some one kills you along the way, then eh, least you got to see the world and actually experience life. And thats just one option.

but for real please fucking getting on some meds. You're not you when you're unmedicated.

>feel obligated to live a happy life.

I would say I don’t think it possible for me, but I literally just don’t know how to go about finding how to be happy in the first place. I just feel like a loser and a failure all the time.

Why ? Concretely, what stops you from being happy ? What's wrong ? I can guarantee you that most of your problems can be solved through hard work.

After a decade of wanting to commit suicide I realized that not only could I not do that to my family but also that I didn't have the balls to do it. Soon after the realization that suicide was not going to happen I came to another realization, you have two choices in life, top yourself or don't but should you choose not to do so for any reason then commit to your life and start making small steps to increase your quality of life because if you are gonna be here whether you are gonna enjoy it or not you might as well at the very least try to live comfortably and enjoy whatever small things you can whether it's gaming or movies or food or fitness you know whatever the fuck it is man, low key spent like 20 minutes writing this don't even know what the fuck I even said anymore lel.

I guess I just don’t have the self-esteem to try anything anymore, I guess. I graduated last year with a bum degree that I haven’t been able to get a job with and keep hopelessly applying places, haven’t gotten a single interview yet. I just don’t have the drive to change anything major about my situation, I don’t have the discipline for the military and I’m not smart enough for grad school.

Basically I just talk myself out of everything because I don’t think myself capable, I’m too afraid to fail because that’s literally all I’ve done. I haven’t achieved anything and I’d just like to fade away.

I like life. I like living every day. I'm just happy to be here. I don't like the idea of being away from this world.

Lmao look at this optimistic loser

I have no reason to live. Nobody depends upon or needs me. Nobody really likes me. I don't enjoy doing much of anything. I don't have things I value or believe in. I still live because I'm afraid. I am terrified that I will die and things will be worse. That my feet will sting as they press into the infinite void. That there will be a God and He will punish me for my sins. That my conscious perception will slow as my brain dies, leaving me in agony experiencing less and less sensory information for what feels like eternity, never actually ending as each conscious "tick" lasts half as long as the previous one. I am so afraid of dying I'll do anything to keep it at bay. Nothing else gets me out my home.
Don't live like this. Kill yourself if you can't improve your life but can end it. Don't look for any reason to live, only accept a damn good one.

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Ruiner was a shitty game but it had a cool style

What the fuck is the context here?

it's boobies instead of booze for me, but this

>What reasons do you find to go on living
I don't. I'm just too stubborn to give up.


I am my career. When that ends, so do I.

I'm curious what happens next

You underestimate my tenacity

Dying wouldn't really solve my problems, it'd just leave them pending. It's also erroneous for my to associate the current state of my life with living in general. Societies are strongly detached from nature these days, and the problems that might matter within these societies simply don't exist outside of them. So it makes more sense to just find a new way to live if I can't live within a society. It's a big world, and I can't assume that I know everything that's going to be best.

Either way, I suppose I just don't see dying as a solution, but more a result, and an inevitability. A little bit of suffering is nothing to complain about if I'm truly unconscious for the rest of all time. Most of the time I don't even remember what I ate for supper the day before, so I'm sure given long enough, I'll forget about the suffering too.

what is your career?

>He thinks having a family is a requisite for being worth something

It's more that I don't feel as though the world has acknowledged that worth, and that I won't feel that way until I've earned the very basic things I want from it.
I have worth as far as I'm concerned, obviously. An ant has worth to itself, but you don't grant an ant anything. An ant might not have the faculties to resent that, but I do.

I've seen much, much worse men have kids. Drug addicts, gangsters, pedophiles. Even Hitler had a girlfriend! I don't think it's an ambition I have to give up on, and I think it's important that I don't.

> What reasons do you find to go on living when nothing but obligation comes to mind?

If nothing but obligation comes to mind, then obligation.


I'm pretty certain that this is from Jojo's Bizarre adventure either part 7 [Steel Ball Run] or part 8 [Jojolion].

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The fact you made this thread means you already have a reason. Make your reason for living to find a reason to live. Whether it is love, adventure, thrill, companionship. You just gotta find what you care about most.