Is it creepy if I date my elementary school teacher?

I got matched with an older woman on Tinder and she looked super familiar. Like eerily familiar. Eventually I realized, she was my teacher in 1st and 2nd grade. I looked through my elementary school photos and lo and behold, it is indeed her. Same name and everything. She was like the best teacher in the world and she was like a mom to me and was super nice to me. I don't have a mom and she would baby me and look after me and treat me like her son. I loved her, but its been so long since I even thought about her.

So we talked and I told her that she was my teacher in elementary school and I showed her an old photo. She was shocked and instantly remembered me. We talked for a long time and caught up and eventually I asked her if she would still go on a date with me. She said of course she would and made some, cough, sexy comments. She doesn't seem to give a shit that I was her little student and she's down guys, and I'm down to go down on her.

Is it creepy if I go through with this? I still kind of see her as a mommy figure.

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No. Little boys were made to be ridden by their mommy teachers.

I don't care if it's creepy, it's the ultimate chad move
Do it
Fuck your elementary school teacher

If she's into it why not?

OP post a pic of her for reference

Who fucking cares? Do you want to date your teacher? If you do, go for it. Otherwise don't. Stop being a pussy and follow your own desires.

Fuck the living shit out of her.

Do it Chad Mosby style .
Your a King walking beside pesants if you actually do this.
OP you absolut mad man ,Godspeed.
And ask her if she would have done shit with you when you where younger just for the lols

That is hot as fuck and I envy you

holy shit, yes do it. thats fucking hot


Nice bait.
Dumb story tho, why don’t you prove it...

Why the fuck did you even make this thread? This is a perfect opportunity.

Go fuck her you enviable cunt

It's not creepy, its hot as fuck is what it is. Do it nigger, for great justice.

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Godspeed user. Go though with your apotheosis to chadhood

Thats fucking hot bro

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It's alright cakes are precious

Wow, that’s a really hot predicament to get into... I still wish I could fuck my English teacher.

You are both concenting adults

Plant the seed and need for speed my nigga

lucky bastard

Breed her OP