At 6'2 I'm pretty much the tallest guy in the room but recently this girl and her boyfriend have been working out at my...

At 6'2 I'm pretty much the tallest guy in the room but recently this girl and her boyfriend have been working out at my gym. This girl has the hottest body I've ever come across. A perfect bubble butt, hips, perky tits: Perfect body. The problem is her boyfriend is a little taller than me tho I'm better looking and if I'm going to go for it I need to mog him. Should I start wearing lifts to get and inch over him?

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yes user do what is necessary, you must assert dominance

Women are trash. Buy a cabin in the mountains and get a dog. Best decision of my fucking life. The local town's gym is also empty, so more time for me.

You're not going to get her but if it makes you feel better and motivates you to lift, sure.

how do you afford to live?

tell us more about this or you're larping

definitely go for it, then when it's over post how the bf and gf beat you up

post cabin/surroundings

I had a very good job, and lived spending almost no money, so a lot of savings.
What do you want to know?

Sounds hot. Female right? How often you fuck it?

post a pic of your cabins inside
is it comfy? what do you do all day long

you sound like a virgin. if you re half way decent got on a dating app.

Imagine just having a good time lifting at your gym of choice with your qt3.14 gf, but then a 5'9 sperg keeps walking on his tiptoes around you while staring at your gf. I feel bad for the guy, why can't people leave other gymgoers alone lmao

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Will post more.

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Here is some of the surroundings.

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I lived in a ghost town and it was nice but the silence gets very loud after a year or so
Was clouding my judgement and I turned into an alcoholic to sleep at night

And some more.

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you absolutely need sex unless youre aesexual, faget

post dog

Shut the fuck up, faggot.

His name is Blue.

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I already have had enough. Women aren't worth the release. I would rather fish, hunt and read all day. Plus, I already have kids.

what did he mean by this?

>need sex

what happens when you go to prison?

It is his name?


>is black
>named Blue

American Drumpflord education folks

just what's going on in your life. how's it living with just your dog? do you grow your own food / hunt?
do you plan on finding the right woman and starting a family, building rooms for your kids, buying books so you can homeschool them? or anything similar really

cry more brainlet

Hunt, fish, I grow what I can because the town is a boat ride away. I already have kids, but I am black, and their grandfather is really racist, so I have not seen them in 5 years.

Yep some of that mind cancer.
Who the fuck even makes these threads?
I mean seriously, who has time to post these larps all day?

Don't you miss intimate human companionship? I mean I can also live without it if I really want to, but there's always going to be this constant yearning for a partner to share my life with.

no females is part of what makes prison so bad you useless shit

See . I had it. It wasn't for me. Women are all lying vindictive whores.

what happens is youre miserable

From the ashes of a retard larp thread, a based user.

>The problem is her boyfriend is a little taller than me

It's almost as if you considered "getting a gf" a pokemon battle between pretenders.

Get your shit straight, retard.

Sometimes you have to realize you have to find the next hot girl however long it takes

>Claims to be alpha
>Immediately creates thread in Jow Forums after seeing a hot girl with a bf
Holy shit what a fucking loser KEK

If you were were anything you said you were you'd have a girl of your own and wouldn't have to ask Jow Forums for advice on "mog"ing a dude for his girl.

don't get lifts, just hang off the pull-up bar for 10 mins to stretch your spine an extra inch

>you absolutely need sex unless youre aesexual, faget
Pretty sure lack of sex never killed a single person.

get some high heels, bitch

6'2, handsome, but still insecure

Weak bitter virgin lanklet bait thread.

No you don't. If you feel a massive desire to release then you are either an anomaly or addicted. Most likely the latter.

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Try to seduce him. If he lets you fuck him, she will definitely fall for you!

Damn, that's awesome, that's kinda my dream too.

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>little taller than me tho I'm better looking

He's adorable!!!
What's he like man?

This. Show your dominance by fucking him in the ass. She’ll fall for you in no time.

Why weren’t you honest and just told us you wanted to be plowed by her boyfriend?