Iq and purpose

i will begin by stating two truths
1.intelligence is very real and iq is a functional heuristic of it is a bad idea to try and enter a field you aren't smart enough for or that doesn't play to your strengths
that said i have a problem. i am a young man who is at a point in his life where he must choose a major and line of education. i also have a rare condition in which i have a very high verbal comprehension index and weak to average other abilities. how do i utilize my strengths and avoid my weakness in practical terms. this has been eating at me for years. i have been to doctors and psychiatrists and everything. what do i do.

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this is extremely autistic, just find something you're excited to learn about

just shut the fuck up and stop overthinking everything. try different things. your purpose will find you.

I don't understand how you can have high verbal IQ but low raven matrices IQ/block design.

What's your digit ratio?
How high is your forehead?
You are probably intelligent.

But you likely need to pick-up cardio and take omega-3 and drink half a gallon of water a day.

Get off your high horse kid, if you are so smart you should have figured it out.

Why do people demonize intelligence?
It's down right hateful how they react to someone being smarter than they are.

True. It's best never to mention it and to stare down at them, observing. That's what I do.

i didn't write this it is cringe and blue pilled.
as to the other thing i said i have a learning disability and much lower things in other parts.
verbal comp- 143
i run half marathons, drink a half gallon of water a day and eat scallops once a week to get the omega three requirements. it is not a common problem it is called twice exceptionalism and is symptomatic of autism which i have. i am sorry if i sound like an asshole but i am very nervous about the future and afraid of becoming something i hate and am no good at (remaining the way i am)

In your case pick with what you are passionate about and try your best.

Because you are a waste, if you had true inteligence you would find the most reasonable course of actions to succeed.
For example, searching for the most valuable careers to help humanity, or searching wich is the most well paid job on avg with a 4 year degree. Or get counsel from unis and people who dedicate to this and find a degree who you are most compatible with.

I really don't know what you are or were do you stand, but the way you exposed your situation it's similar to those who suffer from drug addiction and are "underachievers" like the people tend to call themselves on the internet.

Then get professional help before slaving yourself to 4 years of university. Have a year off, get help, make a plan, take it easy.
Know yourself and your limitations to go forwards, make a reasonable plan and aim for the reasonable positive outcome.


i just told everyone in this post that i didn't post that. that is a cringy and weird thing to say, it is because it is pretentious and snide thing to say to other people. that said searching for the best careers to help humanity is so ephemeral, lawyers have high verbal iq but actively make things worse and live very depressing lives i have talked to my college and it was utterly useless. they made me take a myers-briggs test and told me to go away. i am just trying to find what i am good and how i can do well. isn't that what everyone wants.

>i am just trying to find what i am good and how i can do well. isn't that what everyone wants.
But how are we supposed to know

Have you tried being a youtuber?

i am acutally in the middle of making my first YouTube video. the channels purpose is to talk about peripheral literature. i will make two videos per book. one about the author/context of the books, the second about the book itself. the first book is the rose of the world by Danill andreev.

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Are you op?

yes i am op just bumping the thread so it doesn't disappear. just in case anyone has any other answers

Not OP but I think I know what he means. I'm kind of the same I can understand a conversation with just about anyone doesn't matter what they're talking about but I can't type up a conversation using their preferred vocabulary. They can be sophisticated and I would understand but I can't write it down myself. I like to think of it like this, my short term memory is terrible. If I'm supposed to be following directions, someone can give me a few instructions and I'll forget the details but if I hear the message a few times it's stored in my long term memory and that memory is pretty good imho. I can remember stuff long term but suck short term. I guess that's why I also suck with learning maths, I forget details in things even if I learned and understand what they mean.

this might be cliche advice but learn to meditate. probably the one thing i wish i could tell myself when i was younger. it will calm your overactive worrying mind, make you more effective in all aspects of life, and lead to more fulfillment and enjoyment.

Another thing, I'm terrible with multitasking and keeping track of moving objects. That's why I'm so bad with chess even a beginner can destroy me, I lose sight of individual pieces because I'm trying to focus on all of them. No matter what I do though, something slips through and I make a mistake.


ok what is your passion?

Like hell we're going to be able to make a curated life plan for you, dumbass. Only the being who has the assets in question knows how they ought to be utilized to have a sense of fulfilment overall. We're not here to live your life OP and we can't give you the appropriate advice for such, either. The only thing I can provide is to say that you aren't forced to stay in the major or line of education you first choose.
Your passions or strengths may not be the right choice either, but if you're lucky, they may be. You need to do more to know more. Experience will give you the answer you desire. Pick one to start seriously research thoroughly before you lose the chance to pick any that you have the privileged to pursue.

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Stop overthinking this meme shit. As long you're not actually mentally impaired, you could do well in any field. The choice of what you're going to study should be directed by what kind of shit you want to do.