Why does it seem like men are more interested in sex slaves than an actual partner...

Why does it seem like men are more interested in sex slaves than an actual partner? Why do boys keep trying to get me to do anal for them? Is this what dating is supposed to be like?

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fucking jesus women are this retarded its 2020 for fucks sake

Because we - in general - want sex. We want to fuck pussies and any holes that are fuckable

Get a sex doll

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Because we're in peak decadence years, and you're probably just as degenerate as the manwhores.

lmao shut up slut

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Have sex

I don't want to, and you can't make me.

This image is very true. What the fuck do women think men want from them lmao? You think we want to hear you talk about your life or you exes or something? Pfffttfhahahaha

Don't expect too many valuable answers from Jow Forums virgins who have never actually spoken to a real live girl and therefore hate them all.

Guys are not so much sex-obsessed as clumsy in presenting their wishes. A guy who demands anal is more guilty of the demand than the desire - if expressed less abruptly and if open to your absolute right to say No, it would not be as offensive.

Based on what? Reading rants from low quality man?

Now if you struggle to find someone decent, it might be your location, not looking hard enough and possibly you.

What, is that supposed to be a big request?

Pic related and pic from sums it up nicely. We share 99% of dna, a planet and mutual desire for sex. After that we have kinda nothing in common.

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The guys you're around and the stupid kids on this board aren't men. That I promise you. There are no men here, just freaks that can't get girls so they hate them.

>Why do boys keep trying to get me to do anal for them?
Because they are sodomites and repressed faggots

Define men

Baby I feel you hurting. I would kiss your cheek and hold you tightly near my heart. Sex would only be if you initiated. Baby pls give me discord #


Because what you define as a "partner" is generally an agreement where the guy gets to out his dick in your orifices and he in turn listens to your bullshit and more often than not contributes the lion's share of money to the relationship. It's very seldom that a guy has any intellectual exchange of worth with his girlfriend, or has more fun with her than a male friend.

Because sex is part of relating to people, and anal is one kind of relating. They want to know you that way.

I’m actually looking for a serious partner at my old age of 25. I’m tired of booty calls and shit. I need a woman who will be a great friend, a great mother, and a great housewife.

What do you have to offer? Not much I imagine.

Real answer? Because women are fickle. Every girl I treated like a human made me a friend. Some of then have even told me that they wanted to date but now they just want to be friends.

Most dating advice books for men suggest moving fast and trying to get laid by the third date. Why? Because women are constantly looking for reasons to not be your girlfriend and the longer you take, the more likely they are to disqualify you.

So yeah, I dont make the rules, but this is why. Men are punished for not moving fast.

Sex is crucial to a relationship in almost all cases so don't expect someone to not want it
But why they really don't care about anything above that is because most men(or people in general) are detached from empathy or deeper feelings, rationalists who don't really care much about others, and fear or dislike emotional intimacy.

Because a partner is an equal and that would imply another man.
As a woman your relationship with a man will never be based on equality, it will be defined by fulfilling certain roles that the other needs you for because everything else he can get from men.

Your vagina is central to his interest in you and if you want a guy who isn't interested in your pussy, get yourself some gay friends, but that sadly means that men will be weirded out by you even more.

t.homosexual male

neckbeard alert

>all these autists
Don't tell me you are actually completely incompatible with talking to or connecting with women

No. Not all men are like that. Just the really unaware idiots, the ones that will live and die and become nothing in this life. Simply put, they are the failures of the human species. It's a numbers game.

By the way, you have a mental illness.

>doesn’t do anal
Prude bitch

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You are delusional.
>believes in equal relationship between men and women
>calls others mentally ill
Self awareness is a virtue, work on yours sugar.

Oh I'm capable. I just already have enough friends.

yeah but the topic of the thread is gfs
so if you have one is your excuse for not connecting with her that you already "have friends for that"?

Hey, no need to be a cunt. The guy wants to support you.

Are that many dudes asking for anal on the first date? That’s kind of a down the road move. And also, you should at least try it. Anal is great. Just so the prepwork

Okay so, let me break this thread down

>Men think women are boring
>Sex is the only thing they want from women
>Women will never be considered equals by men
So there's no reason for women to be with men other than sex?
Maybe gold diggers and whores get it right. At least they get money out of their interaction with men.

Now this is a post you should be taking on board OP. Do you go to a restaurant for purposes other than consuming a meal? Do you go to the cinema for purposes other than to watch a movie? Do you go to buy a car for purposes other than transportation?
To these men you have no value other than the hole between your legs, and apparently the other one as well.

A girl that doesn't want to do anal is a keeper. The anus is an exit, not an entrance.

this is the only good, sound reply itt

There's women who'll do anything to please their man and those women are preferable over someone like you.

Some people are really into sex and kink, others not. Just gotta try to find someone on the same level as you.

I could honestly not be in a relationship with my wife, or any woman, if I could not have deep intimate conversations with her. I am sorry you keep finding people more interested in sex than connecting with someone mentally, but this will be the bulk of humans seeking romantic partners. Most people are horny and want fuck, thats all.

>Why? Because women are constantly looking for reasons to not be your girlfriend and the longer you take, the more likely they are to disqualify you
If you want sex, this is true. The faster you move and get into her pants the better. But if you want someone you will actually love and want in your life this is good. Let them filter themselves out. If they do not make for a good friend they will not make for a good SO.

Because you're boring. You can't hold an interesting conversation about interesting things, your only value is sex.

Thats what woman are for .
You probably just date the wrong type of men thats the usual

Wrong wrong wrong

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Edgy but that's all I want as well just some one to snuggle up to in the night . Someone that holds me tightly and tells me everything is going to be alright . Sex in a Relationship is secondary not even far below that
All I want is a snuggle with a struggle,kek .

Babay I feel u hurting. It hurt me too. Lets's hug and kiss and share our pain together baby?

What do you

Why do those men complain when I abort their spawn then? I don't want their spawn it can starve to death for all I care.

truth hurts

its the only thing youre good for. gtfo it

You're not relationship material to these guys. Guys want a partner but while they look for one they want a warm, moist hole to fuck in the meantime. That's you. You think guys only want that because that's all you are to them. The operative condition here being you. Not defending guys for doing this, but you're the common denominator here if absolutely no guys have shown serious interest in you. Maybe you're going out of your league? The whole 80/20 thing is for casual sex, not relationships.

>talk about videogames without revealing my gender
>men have no problem talking to me
>let them know they have been talking to a woman
>suddenly all they care about is getting into my pants
I have been holding the exact same conversation about the same exact the same things the whole time, how come you had no problem finding them interesting when you thought I was a man?

Sounds like bullshit to me. Have sex, sweatie.

>interesting conversation
umm sweetie...

And there you have it. Most men, especially on the internet, are just thirsty idiots. I’ve seen this phenomena when my wife plays online video games too, except it varies between dudes instantly slobbering or becoming the biggest gaping assholes you’ve ever seen because a “grill” invaded his safe gaming space.

It's plenty interesting to lots of males until they find out the dude they've been talking to is not a dude at all. Men are truly nothing but liars and hypocrites.

Nobody on /v/ is having interesting conversations, they're just trying desperately to rekindle the love they once had for video games.

>talking about videogames

>men and women can be friends

I feel like it's a fair trade since woman expect men to protect provide and be unemotional stoic beast.

Maybe it's selection bias. Maybe girls only notice boys who show they want to fuck them and don't express any interest in those that could potentially be interested in being "partners"?

this desu


i love patrice, such a fucking shame he died early

but here's the answer to your question OP

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>There are no men here, just freaks that can't get girls so they hate them.

kek , mate, whoever cries here that he can't get a woman is obviously too turbo autistic to understand that there's an ending to the tfw virgin meme a phone call away, if the things that people say about women being just vaginas were false, they wouldn't sell them, it's true most aren't just that, you form a certain bond and all that, but in the end, the whole gf bf wife shit is just to procreate the species and move on, nothing more, nothing less, the women who keep on blabbing about how their partner cares about here so much and shit, yeah, maybe he does now, but at first the first instinct he had was to fuck ur brains out, also you niglets crying about being virgins, call a whore and be done with it.

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Sorry you have to go through that femanon. I know guys that dont mind that much if you happen to be a woman. In my case I would get nervous sure, it's in my nature but I would put it aside and treat you with the same respect Id treat any other guy.

I feel u hurting bby, I would never demand sex like those shitty guys who aren't me.

Yes, if you are not able to be friends then her only value is her hole. The thing you are confused by is the fact the vast of majority of men and women can't be friends because the only thing keeping them interested in one another is potential sex. They have no real common interests, they don't connect on a deeper level. That is why most men and women can not be friends. Relationships are at their worst when they are like this, the best relationships are with people who are not only attractive to you, but also one of your best friends.

I am a guy user.

I think he is too newfag to know when to greentext. At least I think thats what his reply was aiming for.

I know. I was simply copying your post word for word

Learn to greentext and then you can be a funny Jow Forums man. As you are you are just a boy.

A boy that is physically stronger than you, so I guess that makes you a girl?

That's not how biology or society works my guy

lurk more fag

You still have to fuck them as soon as possible. Otherwise they will find something, anything, to disqualify you from dating.

I dont like it either, user. I am not advocating this system. But it is secretly how women want it. It's the system they reward with offspring.

If I treat a woman like a human, we end up friends. That's just how it is. If I talk to her about her life, her wants and desires, her fears and mistakes, she's going to put me in that friend pile.

This is a thing that I've lived countless times user. Growing up I thought if you treated a girl like she was special to you, she would think you were special and want to be your so. That does not work. They turn those people into buds.

No, women want you to be fun, flirty and distant and try to fuck them within 2 or 3 weeks. They expect at least 3 orgasms the first time. Keep doing that for 3 months and THEN you can trest them like a person and get to know them without punishment. Oh, as long as you are assertive with how you talk about your problems. If you personally act like a human in the face of life, she might leave you.

As said I dont like this anymore than you. It seems nuts to me that women want to reward men they barely know to access to their womb. But that's how it is. They do not want to get to know you until you have made them cum many times.

As a guy I don't really care about penetrative sex. In fact if I had a gf who couldn't have penetrative sex I would be fine with it .

However, I do crave intimacy and sexual pleasure. I want to make my partner cum and for her to make me cum as well.


>fuck girl
>she is in love with you

>fuck her good
>she is happy all day

>don't fuck her good
>you are the worst guy ever

This shit is so fucked up, but so true.

Oh user, you poor fool. The reason it keeps happening to you is because in the end you were not compatible. Between one or both of you was not enough interest. And interest could mean maybe they found you attractive, but not interesting enough to talk to to stick around. Or they found you interesting to talk to, but then realized they are not that attracted to you and you are at best a friend but off the table as a love interest the more they got to know you. The majority of women you interact with will not make a suitable partner in the long run.


Kravchenko, Dragovich and Steiner

>He hasn't joined dthe fgc and plays at tournaments
Jesus you suck at video games

You can believe what you want user, but what I describe is how it plays out for most men. What you say is just the rationale that women use to justify their actions.

When a woman meets you, she is looking for reasons to not fuck you because a baby is a huge resource dump. After they fuck you, they look for reasons to keep you because 10,000 years ago, the man would help protect them and the baby.

Men think differently. They are looking for any reason to fuck and then any reason to leave after the kid is like 10. Men are rewarded for having more babies, and taking care of almost teenagers is a waste of resources.

Every dude on here will tell you about the same. You have to move fast before they decide to not fuck you. And if you fuck them good for a couple weeks, you're suddenly an amazing guy that can do no wrong even though they barely know you because they skipped getting to know you before taking your cock.

Like seriously. The difference between being fuckable and not relationship material to women is all time and teachable behavior. Just being flirty, making them laugh, taking them to do fun things, being mysterious or distant. That's all learnable. A dude doing that is no different than the guy that was honest and friendly that is no longer relationship material. The honest guy just chose to be honest. No man is funny and flirty all the time. It's just a choice. Between making joke and spending the date talking about how much you hate your current jobs.

"He isnt relationship material" is just code for not following the vague courtship ritual women want. Every guy they fuck was just like the ones they didn't fuck. It's just the ones they did fuck peacocked correctly.

That strategy will have you burning through women like a smoker burns through cigarettes. You just develop an addiction.

The real redpill is the vast majority of women are not going to be a good match for you and you not a good match for her. This will be 99.9% of women you meet. If all they care about you is how fast you can get into her pants she is not worth your dick. Most women are not worth it even for the sex. They are just holes until they prove they arent. When one proved to me she wasn't just a hole is when I proceeded to make romantic advances on her.

This just sounds like semantics. Probably from an incel.

You're going to burn through a lot of women too if you really believe that most of them are not worth your time.

I'd really suggest taking my comments to heart and doing things the way women secretly want them. Otherwise you're going to be in your late 30s with barely anything to show for it. It's not going to make you feel better thinking all the women you didn't fuck were beneath you. That's just sour grapes.

Absolutely based

user, I am in a seven year long relationship and have children. If you really think you can fuck your way to a girlfriend, the one you want to keep, well, you aren't incorrect. But you are also wasting your time with women who are clearly only useful as holes and I personally find these holes undesirable to even stick my dick in, let alone try to get them in the bed asap after meeting them. I do notice that men who burn through women have a much harder time bonding with them. If I could not converse deeply with my partner, if I couldn't create and build things together with her as a team, if I couldn't find myself lost in conversation with her for hours, I would have never put my dick in her. I would have never been interested in sticking my dick in her period.

The ones that aren't for you will naturally filter themselves out, after all if they lose interest in you just because you didn't fuck em fast enough then chances are she is a shameless slut you would be unable to get anything from other than sex in the first place.

Because you're probably one of those girls that always needs to have a boyfriend and will jump on any pathetic dick just to not be single.

Start having standards, don't get into a relationship just for the sake of it. I waited until 23 to have a boyfriend, but at least I found an amazing man who's smart, loving, responsible and emotionally stable. There were plenty of manchildren I could've hooked up with, but I chose not to. You can do the same.

Shut up tranny

>It's not going to make you feel better thinking all the women you didn't fuck were beneath you. That's just sour grapes.
When someone squats over your plate and looks like they are about to take a shit, there is a safe assumption they are going to take a shit. I don't need to stick around to see it the evidence made it clear what was going to happen.

>they lose interest in you just because you didn't fuck em fast enough
Is this what incels tell themselves because they don't want to accept she never wanted you at all?


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Ok dude.

see If she never wanted me, then that for sure means she was never meant for me. Wow, another thot filtered herself out of my life and I didn't do much of anything at all. Once again, if I am unable to hold a conversation with her, she is just a hole until she proves she isn't. I have no desire to interact with holes, only people.

>she doesn't want me
>that means she's a thot, there's no way a woman could find fault in me
Narcissists are horrible people to be with, user. Sounds like she is an intelligent woman not to want anything to do with you.

Because nothing dries out a pussy more than a man who openly wants commitment, marriage and children.

Sorry user, some people can see it coming a mile away because they know the signs. When a woman isn't the one for you it REALLY doesn't take a lot of interactions to figure this out. If she doesn't want anything to do with you because you didn't fuck her fast enough the only value you had to her was sex. There was never going to be anything more with someone like that.

It's weird and alarming to talk about those things before you've known a person for a few years at least. Sounds like you're desperate to trap a woman and will kill her if she tries to escape.