As an 18 year old male, what is the point of living if you have no friends or a girl you can fuck now and then...

As an 18 year old male, what is the point of living if you have no friends or a girl you can fuck now and then? Why would an 18 year old male not have a girl he could fuck by now?

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theres a lot more to life than sex. no friends is harder, but theres still a lot of shit you can do without them

Like what

You're literally a kid. You don't know shit about the world. Just focus on growing up, worrying about a girlfriend is literally one of the least important things.

hobbies, education, business/money, competing in a sport, being involved in your community, politics or activism... an endless amount of things, whatever appeals to you

>Why would an 18 year old male not have a girl he could fuck by now?
As a society that slowly drifts away from 'traditional' norms i.e. monogamy, gender roles and mannerisms we are re-learning a lot about what we truly are as a species. Without enforced monogamy and the sexual revolution you have this phenomena of an ever increasing demographic of young sexless men.

I vaguely remember reading some 'academic journal' years ago titled "Where Have all the Good Men Gone". It proposed that only 30% of human males to ever exist manage to successfully reproduce, whilst 70% of their female counterparts succeeded. Essentially what were talking about here is unrestricted and unregulated sexual market. Couple this with briffault's law and the picture becomes very clear. It is the female; NOT that male which is the sexual selector and women would rather collectively share Chad Thunder-Cock than hold exclusive reproductive rights with beta Brad. Typically the beta's are fighting for Chad's sloppy seconds unless competing for the top job; the alpha. Note; humans are a bit more complex than this but the rules generally apply.

Traditionalism is the antithesis to this. Betas collectively come together and enforce a set of conduct where the means of reproduction are redistributed across the board. One man, one woman. This gives betas something to strive for and put their sexual energy towards a useful cause which in turn propagates civilisation. Ultimately this increases their status in said civilisation and thus gives them a better pick of the women available. Chad now has to play a different game.

Without turning this into Jow Forums, there's a quote out there somewhere that goes along the lines of "Tradition is the solution to problems; forget the tradition and the problem comes back".
Your purpose in this post-traditional society is to provide for Chad and Stacy and their bastard spawns. Enjoy your stay.

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The average age for losing virginity is a couple of months short of 18. You can look it up.

That means that almost half the guys your age are virgins. (If they say otherwise, they're lying. Guys do lie about their sexual experience, you know)

You're nothing special

>le society is collapsing and everything was better and more moral in the old days meme

Refute it faggot.

>Betas collectively come together and enforce
if you see this as anything other than pathetic youre a fag

theres your refutation mandem. its better the way it is now. people get what they deserve, thats how a free market works

Mate, I'm just telling you how it is. Not how it ought to be. You haven't refuted shit. You've merely responded with emotion. You're the pathetic fag, you contribute nothing to the discussion.

>implying the concept of societal collapse isnt based in emotion (of incels) and deserves ebic logical refutation
lol. the world is better now than it ever has been before and thats a fact

Imagine having interests outside of rubbing your dick on things lmao

>lol. the world is better now than it ever has been before and thats a fact
All credibility you may have had has completely been diminished at this point because you are making statements with nothing to back them up.

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What do you know about the world that I don't?

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And this will make women spread their legs for me?

>divorce rates are down
>casual sex is down
>virginities are lost later
You were saying?

A lot, seeing as I'm twice your age. I have experience in the adult world since you were born.

Please, I'm ready to write down whatever life advice you are willing to give. I want to fuck as many women as possible before I die.

>divorce rates are down
compared to when?
>casual sex is down
This is a problem. It is ingrained in our biology to seek pleasure/the path of least resistance due to scarcity in our natural environment. The modern world has changed but our evolutionary programming has not caught up. Seeking sex, biologically speaking is a positive thing.
>virginities are lost later
and how is losing them earlier an issue if it's done within the confinement of monogamy?

Not trying to be demeaning but its pretty basic bitch in here right now. You are applying an emotional value to all of the things you have listed or are lazy due to you're failure to elaborate.

I'll just tell you what I would tell my 18 year old self okay?

>girls like you a lot more than you think
>there is nothing embarrassing about asking girl out and getting rejected, don't be a chicken, if you like a girl ask her out
>there is no 10/10 fairytale princess out there waiting for you, don't outright dismiss a girl just because she's not perfect
>know your worth and your value, show it through actions and not words

But how do I get her to fuck me when I want to fuck? Can I start gridning against her ass or massaging her titties?

Just force her.

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That depends on the situation and if she likes you, right? Slowly escalate and see how she responds and react appropriately. There is no instruction manual for this, the only way to know is through experience.

no you do those instead of having sex because they are just as if not more fulfilling

stop thinking of things as vehicles to get girls and start thinking of them as existing for their own sake

haha ye haha

you havent made a statement that shows things to be worse. things are better because freedom is inherently better

I hope she fires a shotgun in his head if he tries to.


>yikes at a woman defending herself from a rapist
>not a man suggesting rape
I hope you get killed too.


Of course a rape apologist would react like that.

Just install tinder to fuck whores, getting friends and a gf is pointless, since most people are vapid cunts who don't even care about you
Just focus on having fun with your life

Have sex emcel

No thanks, my life is better without men.

Friends and love interests come and go, you're just getting started and the world hasn't even opened up to you yet.

Moving forward your best bet towards making friends is probably at a job or some sort of hobby thing like martial arts or drawing class (whatever you're into). As for women you can find them anywhere, just try not to pick up the bitter incel/mgtow attitudes that swirl around on Jow Forums and the internet in general.

How do I find a woman that wants to be a mom? If I achieve the financial success I am imagining within the next 5 year's, I would want kids and wife.

>you havent made a statement that shows things to be worse
>things to be worse
Though I do think things are worse culturally, this has nothing to do with my original post and I was merely responding to OP's question.

>freedom is inherently better
Are you a woman by any chance?

Slow your roll a bit man, that's admirable, but let's be honest with ourselves here, you're probably not ready to be the best father you can be, and most women your age are in a similar position. That's also not even factoring in how much a person can change in 5 years. I'm sure a lot of women want to be mothers someday, but you should probably give yourself some time to grow and develop and know more about yourself and what you like/don't like first. And actually have something of substance to pass on to the kid(s) experience wise that isn't just money. Focus on what you have planned for financial success first before you worry about finding a woman, trust me they will come in time if you're being a great dude.

Also please do not bring shit like having kids up on the first date and stuff, it'll scare them away. When you start mingling in the dating scene your aim should be being a fun guy that people want to be around that knows what he wants. Not some guy with a checklist and a weird, needy vibe.

>Are you a woman by any chance?
no. are you a communist by chance?

What is dating

How I met your mother, user.

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No one taught me, or is it something you have to learn on your own.

No one really taught me either, it's fair to say a lot of us didn't really have anyone to show us the ropes. I think luck and trial and error played a big role for me and to be honest with you I'm still learning new shit. Occasionally if you're paying attention people around you will give you hints too, like if you're dressing good/bad or if you're being too serious/boring/rude stuff like that. There's a bunch of advice online too but I'd be careful with that because you never know where that advice is coming from.

>Why would an 18 year old male not have a girl he could fuck by now?

I didn't talk to girls very much in high school due to a combination of sexual anxiety, extremely high (yet also vague) standards, assuming all women had radically different sensibilities than me, and because most of my time was spent engaging with male friends or solitary activities (video games, internet, etc). I also became depressed and mostly stayed in my room during the initial years of college, which further isolated me from people.

Lost my virginity about a year after I started making an effort to make new friends. Also doing therapy to help improve my self-esteem/self-image made it a lot easier to put myself out there. I don't lift, I'm 5'5", and I'm poor as hell. Finding someone you hit it off with is genuinely difficult and often takes time. Don't fall for the meme that you're shit out of luck if you're anyone other than Brad Pitt. It's a self-canceling lie.

Having a gf at your age shouldn't really be your priority OP, I speak from personal experience. Having friends or people to network is on the other hand and you may find yourself in a situation where you need to know people to get some help sometimes. Don't just rely on your family, I made that mistake.

You're concerned over things I wasn't at your age, that's a good thing. Socialize and make friends OP, get to know some people. Go to school but get some work done too, you'll need that. Getting a gf will come with the process of meeting people in the future, don't concern yourself with that too much for now.

That's an entitled attitude user, women are people too you can't just impose your will over them. If they like you, something good may happen. They're not THAT different from men in terms of how they think, like I said they're people with a mind of their own just like you.

you should be asking this at 22, not 18.

I want to make my girls holes mine, if that's possible

Real life isn't porn baka

Find someone that exchange sex for money. Or play a point-and-click hentai game.

There's no reason to make things needlessly complicated if you're exclusively interested in sex-on-demand.

I want the woman to submit her holes to me, is that wrong? I'm sure there are women that do that for there men

How long have you been watching hardcore porn?

The problem is that you troglodytes are going around trying to fornicate. Guess what, not only is it a losing game for a lot of you, but even if you "win", the prize is shit because of said fornication.
Wait until marriage, and expect your partner to do the same.
>divorce rates are down
ABSOLUTE divorce rates are down, i.e. the number of divorces in a population. Relative divorce rates, the proportion of marriages that fail, are still at record highs.
>Casual sex is down
>virginities lost later
Neither of which are statistically significant, and certainly not caused by any commitment to morality. You're conveniently leaving out the vast majority of recorded history (and a good deal of data), then pretending that society started with the hippies.
No shit. This is like saying during Vietnam that the US was in its most peaceful period ever, because "lmao more people were dying 25 years ago against the Japanese and Germans".
It's completely fucktarded, just like you for repeating this nonsense.

It would be nice if you posted just one link supporting all those claims you made.

Like you posted sources for the initial bullshit that you pulled out of your ass? Unlike you, I actually have the data, so go hog wild.
Pic related for the first one. I.e. You're wrong and full of shit.
As for the second one,

I know that you're going to be unable to process this, so I'll break it down for you:

>"The figure and table show a trend from the 1950s through the 1990s toward a higher proportion experiencing premarital sex: 48% of the cohort who turned 15 from 1954 to 1963 had done so by exact age 20, while 65% of the 1964–73 cohort, 72% of the 1974–83 cohort, and 76% of the 1984–93 cohort had done so. For the 1994–2003 cohort, 74% had had premarital sex by exact age 20, a figure between that of the 1974–83 and 1984–93 cohorts"
This is showing the proportion of people who have been both unmarried and chaste until the given age--it doesn't count those who had waited and then gotten married by then, but for age 20 it's mostly the former. As you can clearly see, this is NOT a positive moral trend--and I'd applaud your mental gymnastics if you want to conclude that we've dipped below the earliest recorded cohort. But you can also see pic related for the historical median number of partners--where "1" means that they only had sex with whom they married.

tl;dr You asked for sources to counter your unsourced pile of shit. You got them.

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>posts stats up to 2003
>graph is not from govt stats but a religious anti-sex organization
>meme graph still only goes up to 1980
You literally posted random tidbits. Not once did you back up any of your claims.

>relative divorce rates are up
>less casual sex and partners are not significant
Not a single shred of these either. You literally posted random links you have not even read and think they back up your incel mantras. Do you not even understand that if you make a claim you should provide proofs?

>posts stats up to 2003
Do you really want to argue that half of the population is celibate until 20 and suddenly decided to do so in the span of a decade? The NSFG data goes further than that, but god knows you're too much of a willful retard to actually read them.
Would you look at that, virtually no change since the early 2000's.
So again, blow it out your ass, hopefully you'll tear something and the planet will be free of your wretched existence.

>>graph is not from govt stats but a religious anti-sex organization
Which, if you checked, also uses the government stats. Degenerate retards like you neither have the ability nor inclination to understand the data, much less disseminate it. Of course a religious organization would publish this, just like the NAACP is more apt to scrutinize racial profiling cases. The data exists regardless of whom it may support, which in this case, isn't you.
Here's a bias checker:
>"Most information on this website is rooted in fact and is well sourced. There is little use of loaded language, however story selection favors the conservative view of traditional marriage."
>Rooted in fact and well-sourced
I'm sick and tired of spoonfeeding drooling nincompoops.

>>meme graph still only goes up to 1980
That's by year of birth, you retard, it says it in the goddamn title. They're not going to interview people without a good amount of life experience, because then the median would be skewed downward.

>Do you not even understand that if you make a claim you should provide proofs?
If I recall correctly, pea-brain, you're the one who posted the initial and still-unsourced claims. It's not on me to provide sources to counter unsourced nonsense, but I'll do it anyway because I'm right and the sources actually agree with me.

Marriage and divorce stats over time
(as I said, not the distinction between relative and absolute divorce rates)

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Have these threads ever converted anyone from either side to the other? I feel people just come here to indulge their anger, either against normies or incels depending on who they are.

Live your life in cuck-pilled misery while the rest of us at least try to enjoy our time here. Being miserable is so fucking easy. You aren't woke, you just take the path of least resistance in everything you do.

I'm the guy who came in here, sperged, and spammed sources.
Arguments aren't about converting your opponent--that almost never happens--they're for the 90% of people who aren't assblasted all the time but who should still be able to see what the truth is.

You got the progression exactly backward though. Fascinating.

Marriage was always a compromise one sidely in interest of women, getting a lesser male entirely for herself, rather than sharing a rotating " alpha ".

I don't think so. Without this cultural 'advancement' of marraige; the natural state of man is chaotic and unregulated. I honestly believe we are moving away from what propagated civilisation and towards something much more in tune with our nature. Regardless of whether this is good or bad for people is another this.
I do agree in the current state of affairs marriage is one sided in favour of women as its been corrupted in recent history.
As for women, I believe they have a 'perceived' interest in dissolving marriage as they cannot stop chasing Chad. Why do they cheat? Being stuck with beta Brad doesn't fulfill their evolutionary desires. Hence the old term beta bucks, alpha fucks.
Monogamy gives betas a place in society other then provider for Chad's children. Women do not like this, they want Chad's children and Brad to pay for it as they cannot shackle Chad down.

OP if you're still monitoring this thread you need to understand this as a young man. Women are sexual selectors. If you do not meet their requirements they will find it else where. Even after a relationship has been established; "death do us apart" does not apply in this post-traditional society. Women were previously controlled through shaming tactics as they are socially malleable and do not dare stray from the norm.
This is not coming from an incel. Pursue women at your own triumph or peril, just be aware of the habits of your prey.