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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?
As Jordan Peterson says, what's the alternative? Just not to date and wait for death?

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Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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Opinions on dentures ?

Due to parental reasons I had to get dentures for my two front teeth when I'm only 18. Idk how to feel about em if I'll ever wanna tell anyone

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So this girl that I'm talking to is literally a haha poster, i.e. will reply with (senctence) 'haha' in 8/10 messages. Does it mean anything?

How long do I have to last in bed?

Hey girls. How do you feel about guys with chipped/stained teeth? Im not talking spotted disgusting shitstained teeth. Just off-white, kinda tinted. Is it over?

How can I learn to give my heart away and trust someone after being broken. Been realizing that my breakup is with me still a bit more than I realized.

Sounds bad to me mate.

No opinion, everyone is flawed, this is a minor detail.

Off-white, kinda tinted is the normal color for teeth to have. You just don't obsess over other people's teeth. Unless you live somewhere where everyone bleaches the shit out of them you're going to be fine.

No probably just a tic/habit.

5-15 minutes straight up penetration is normal. It's only (likely to be) an issue if you come in under five minutes on the regular.

Yeah that's what I thought too, either that or shyness. It's annoying as I would have asked her out by now to know for sure, but she is in another country for a while..

Play that out in your mind first.
Actually, ill do it for you:
>Hey, so uhhh
>u wanna grab a bite later or something?

Nah, she always replies with some actual content, most probably it's her way of laughing at something or a tic like said .

Really? The only person I've talked to about sex was a female friend in high school who got upset with anything less than 40

>high school
she was probably trying to sound cool an experienced but had no idea what she was talking about

While that is true, pearly white teeth stand out a lot. Just felt a tiny hard piece while I was chewing and a tiny bit of my front tooth chipped away, barely noticable but i noticed it. How do I stop my teeth from decaying and chipping any further?

I've realized that due to emotional trauma in my youth, I had developed the "Pleaser" mentality as a survival coping mechanism. Along with this came the "Fixer" mentality in which I tend to attract broken or damaged women who are still in love with their abusive exes and try to fix them by overcompensating in love and affection. This has yielded me nothing but disdain from these women as I don't provide any emotional stimulation through arguement or disagreements and am always fairly content and agreeable. I'm quite self aware of my issue but don't know how to start fixing it. What should I do?

Really. Preferences differ and some women love long sex but no one keeps a timer during fucking so she probably also hugely overestimated how long it took. is also right. If I remember what my high school friends told me about sex it was mostly thinly veiled boasting. Making a fuss about what a guy should be able to do before you'll consider him is a way of bragging about how picky you get to be.

Don't drink soda, don't smoke, brush your teeth long and not too hard (that damages the enamel), floss. Include your gums, make gentle circular motions with the brush to enhance blood circulation (this should never hurt).
Make sure you get a balanced diet. That's about it. A lot of it is genetic unfortunately.

Will the Laws of Attraction, letting go of everything , and universal oneness bring back my ex girlfriend?

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Acknowledgment is the first step but to really change things you have to act differently. Go after a type of woman that does not attract you as instantaneously, for example. Realize that if you keep doing what comes natural to you you're going to keep following this pattern. First you have to get new experiences and act differently and then you can make these new situations emotionally familiar.

That sucks, because my father and fathers father all have weak teeth. I appreciate your input, and I'm sure my personality and SMV makes up for it.

Thank you, So I just need new friends, new places to hangout and new sights in general and this will help reshape my mindest? That seems simple enough.

An idle-curiosity question about vocabulary for femanons.

In the privacy of your own head, when you happen to think of them, do you think of your "breasts," "tits," "boobs," or what?

And what word comes naturally to mind for your genitalia?

(And as long as I'm asking, do you think of "penises," "dicks," "cocks," or what?

For my ex gf, it was boobs and dick. Tits and cock were terms she believed sounded childish, her friends seemed to agree but then again shes my ex for being a lying whore so who really knows. Hope this answered your question. :^)

All of those would most likely help but the big step is straying from your usual [taste, moves, ways of meeting] when it comes to women.

>do you think of "penises," "dicks," "cocks," or what?

I think cock if thinking of my boyfriend's, but I think "dick" in general. I don't know why.

English is not my native language so not the best audience. These kind of strong associations are pretty typical of a first language, I fall back on breasts and dick the most but no English term to me is laughable or childish or crass in the way words in my first language can be. Coincidentally it is common for us to use English terms for genitals rather than (in this case) Dutch ones exactly for this reason, because it's more neutral in a way.

Merely out of curiousity:
I often hear girls dig taller guys because they feel protected around them.

Does that mean girls would prefer a 5'7 guy with the skills of a world-class Muay Thai fighter over a 6'4 man who never threw a single punch more than the average man in his life?

Of all she’s texting is “haha” and not engaging in the convo, that’s not good my dude

Take this with a grain of salt because I'm not big on height gaps and would not express a sentiment like that to begin with. But I think it's largely an irrational feeling, it is mostly being with a man vs being alone that makes the difference. So given that it's really just a feeling I don't think technical skills matter. Having said that I'm pretty sure that knowing your boyfriend is a good fighter in itself would also make many women feel safe.

Do women like hardworking men? Do they like seeing a guy give it his all to get a job or task done?

Nah, what I mean is that she does talk back, ask questions, talk about herself etc, it's just that often times she ends sentences with haha so i'm just wondering what to make of it

They like someone taller and more buff than them. Are you both things? Great, details don't matter

My boyfriend is 6'3" and has a pretty average/healthy build. I dated and liked guys with all body types, but his is by far my favourite.
I think I feel very safe next to him because he's a lot bigger than me. It's not something rational like "could he effectively protect me in a dangerous situation?". It's just a nice sensation, probably somewhat childish of being around someone so much bigger and feeling safe.
You're trying to make something rational when it's really not.

Work ethic, endurance, taking responsibility is very very attractive.

Prioritizing work over everything else in your life is not, unless you have a partner who's the same way. But the concrete example you mentioned yes absolutely. Everyone looks sexier when pushing themselves.

I've never had much contact with girls. I've waited patiently and I'm prepared to continue that.. I'm not stressing out over not having a significant other, and it's not been something that's been on my mind much since I was a teenager. I'm hoping when I finish college go into my chosen field (nursing) I'll be able to find some women and friends who are drug free and have their shit together.

Like, I've had opportunities in the past but it's always been iffy. I guess my question for you women, being so inexperienced with you, how do I work towards talking to someone I'm interested in? I always assumed it just happens naturally and by chance. Not really sure what to think, I'm mature enough right now in my life where I could handle a serious relationship. I'm just really inexperienced. Thanks for any responses

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I live in a dangerous place ( Brazil )
Should I learn how to fight to protect my gf?

Pls give bussy pls
its super urgent!!!

Guy here but I might be able to help.
First of all, yes, learning how to fight to protect your loved ones is important.

Now, what sort of threats are common in Brazil? Knives? Guns? Just multiple dudes against you?

>Knives? Guns? Just multiple dudes against you?
Yes and whatever you think about can kill you here

>It's just a nice sensation, probably somewhat childish of being around someone so much bigger and feeling safe
It's called evolution

Most people like people who are hardworking.

Girls, what would you think if your bf liked to rub his face against your face, boobs and (clean) feet?

Start off by going to any one STRIKING (Boxing, Kickboxing, Thai) gym that is good around you. Practice for at least a year until you get the solid base for fighting.

Later on you can start doing multiple-opponent sparring to learn from your fighting flaws and improve your footwork, and learn defense against a knife and baton from places that specialize in that.

Guns you're fucked for obvious reasons.
If there is anything unclear or more questions I am here.

Sokay, he can go ahead.

Pretty standard cute stuff, all good fun.

I bought tickets to a festival, but I don't really want to go.
If I go, I will probably have a good time, but I am too exhausted to even get dressed for this.

How do you motivate yourself to go to something you don't really want to?

The feet thing is slightly weird, but the rest is pretty normal. He probably just want to touch you to feel close to you.

Girls would you let your bf lick your face like a dog? or your whole body like a cat

First off, do you have muscles, fellow Hue?

>Guns you're fucked for obvious reasons
This will be the biggest problem, anyway.

Honestly IDK what Brazil is like and how common are firearms there, but if that's the most common type of offense then you're 100% fucked if your offender is slightly smart and 97% fucked if he isn't, basically.

Get a bulletproof vest I guess or learn to draw quicker and spot danger.

My ex loved this, it was surprisingly enjoyable. Wouldn't allow it if we're about to head out the door or something but when I can wash my face afterwards or we're being intimate anyway, sure.

You are the only person fit to distinguish between not really wanting to go and really not wanting to go, and/or needing rest. Sometimes you have to ignore the sunk cost fallacy and just take your losses.

Having said that, the best motivation for going is that a. you paid for it and b. going is not just a way to get your money's worth or to hear music, you are taking a chance, you are creating opportunities for something unexpected. Especially if this does not come easy for you it's something to consider.

Another one I like to use is logic akin to "in a year's time, it's not going to impress me whatsoever that I was tired and didn't really feel like it, and if I stay in and have a fun night I won't remember that - but I will remember going to this festival whether or not I had a great time there". Puts things into perspective a little, for me at least.

>First off, do you have muscles, fellow Hue?
not much, its a work in progress

I think the biggest concerns are when they rob your car or invade your home and decide to rape the girl. They already have a gun for the robbery.

Lots of licks and neck bites...turn off? my urges are literally animalistic

I love neck kisses and licking/sucking but no fan of biting. Loving to have your neck bitten is a classic though. Not everyone is going to be up for it as is always the case but what you mention is pretty common to enjoy, no worries.

Why do ex gfs act like you are still together the weeks after the breakup?

She's seeing another dude but at the same time acts all cutest and gf-like towards me. It's making me uncomfortable and it's not letting me move on. I'm planning to go no-contact with her but idk how to say it.

"We've broken up, I need space to move on, wish you the best."

That's it.

I can't for the life of me find any women that aren't total stuck up bitches. All the women I try to talk to either ignore me, pretend they're too high up in status to talk to me, or they just giggle and walk away.

Are all women like this? Are women who aren't stuck up and normie trash basically extinct?

Where do you meet such women and how do you approavh them?

Why do women often times go for absolute trash men because they ae good talkers? I am also a good talker, but I don’t feel like i am genuine when I am talking “game” it isn’t that I can’t it is that I won’t. Now if there is something funny/clever or otherwise interesting I’ll express it. I’m not into trying to fuck any female of the opposite gender. If the personality is trash I don’t care. Not saying good looks are not a huge turn on, but when I hear vapid, vain, materialistic, and jealousy, I get very turned off. I try to ignore it, but at a certain point I feel like I am wasting my time. Am I just meeting with the wrong girls?

I desire a woman who is witty, genuinely, and is not dependent upon me, but would chose to be if she loved me enough. I want her to be wise, but not condescending. Strong, but not dominating. One that can build me up and will allow me to build her up. One who listens but also expresses her feelings in a clear way. One with good morals and intentions. One who cares more for the long lasting than instant gratification. An uncorrupted, but not nieve soul. One who can love unconditionally and be loved unconditionally. One who would point out faults, but only to help you. Never to be “right.” I don’t want an ascetic or a hedonist. I want one who is adept at living life.

Are my expectations too high? I also strive to be most of those things. Of course I don’t need them to be perfect. It is about the striving for the good that I care about.

My GF got one of those contraceptive implants that is reported to be 99.8 per cent effective, but she still worries about getting pregnant. Is she just being ridiculous? I would've assumed that if stops ovulation it would be practically 100% effective. As it stands we're still using condoms because she's so worried.

Watch Alpha Male Strategies on YouTube, save yourself the fucking hassle.

they would prefer the 6'4 man

that's not to say they might not date the 5'7 man but more girls go weak at the knees for taller men than ones that don't, although some might be affected less

nah but you'll need to spend some time finding, and building up a suitable woman to be those things

I need to learn from the first few date experiences that Jow Forums has had. Stories, memories, ADVICE?

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Talk about cope. You're a 6'4" kissless virgin right?

Why would a girl cuddle, spoon, hug and hold my hand for 26 hours straight then a week later ghost me and tell me she's not over her ex.

I've never felt more hurt before in my life.

Mostly colleges, stores, and coffee shops.
What little I do know about dating is that
1.) No awkward moments
2.) Keep her entertained
3.) Find something you both like doing that is interactive and not static like watching a movie
4.) Understand that a date isn't an interview. You're not there to get a job or kiss her ass for a relationship. Never put her on a pedestal!

Personally, I like dates that aren't static and force me and the date to do something together.

Rationally, yes. They're very safe.
Even from my personal experience, I have one of those, been having sex without a condom for 8 years with him finishing in me, and it went fine.
Emotionally, tho, no.
It's fine to be worried, too. Give her the time to adapt and listen to her. Respect her choices.

no but can you turn me into one, satan

>No awkward moments
I can mostly do that
>Keep her entertained
I can carry a conversation ok but need to find something to do, yes
>Find something you both like doing that is interactive and not static like watching a movie
ffffffffffffffffffffUCK, I got lucky the last time there was a small golf thing nearby but I know about nothing for the next place
>Understand that a date isn't an interview. You're not there to get a job or kiss her ass for a relationship. Never put her on a pedestal!
I worry I spent too much of the last date teasing her and not showing I actually like her

ok thanks user

why do people have feet fetishes? it's disgusting and weird, and you're a weirdo for having it

Sounds like you didn't make a move retard

I asked her if she wants to fuck, she said not yet. But yeah I'm such an inexperienced retard I asked lol.

Exactly. Should have just done it

The only thing that actually matters is enjoying each other's company. I had fun whenever I was with a person I clicked with, was awkward when I was with someone I didn't really match. What we did didn't matter much.

Best "first few dates" were with my boyfriend.
First date: just talked for hours. Went out for lunch, that turned into an afternoon at the park, that turned into dinner, that turned into laughed so much we got thrown out of the fine restaurant we went to and got drunk at a pub.
Third date: bought me ticket for a musical based on my favourite childhood book. I decided I was going to marry his cute ass that night. Got drinks at a bar and stayed out walking around and laughing till 3 AM.
Fourth date: he came over. We played cards, I made pasta, then watched sports on tv and drank beer.

I also enjoyed a guy who took me to IKEA. He was moving and needed to go, told him I loved IKEA, asked me to go with him. I had a lot of fun, was weird and funny.
First date with my ex we went on a bike ride. Was cute.

Okay guess I'll kill myself tonight to save face

I am a man and I'm like user's gf. It's like playing the lottery, but with a negative prize. What if, one day, the 0.2% wins?

What happened to your second date that it got memory holed out of existence?

What do you think when a male friend/acquaintance messages you after a while of not talking?

>is enjoying each other's company
I see. Thanks for your memories.

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if you're a chick he looking for pussy
if you're a dude he looking for money, or a friend

That's wrong. You dont keep her entertained, as the male she's supposed to enter you. Because when men become comedians with these hoes, when we engage in gossip and discussions with these hoes, then we enter a feminine mindset and give off feminine energy which women aren't attracted to. When you go on a date, it should always be to grab drinks as bars naturally have a hedonistic vibe to them and thus make it easier to get laid. And it's also cheap, so it provides a better return on investment. I've taken women out to dinner and the total came to like 85 bucks just for her to tell me she sees me as a friend immediately afterwards. So fuck em. A couple drinks comes to about 20-30 bucks so that's already cheaper. And also, you set the date. Dont say "let me know whenever you're available", instead say "My only free night is tuesday night, we can meet up at [insert bar here] at [insert time of happy hour]." I can explain this.

>let me know Whenever you're available
Makes it seem as if you have a whole lot of free time and women oddly enough dislike availability, I learned with my ex that if she says "come over" all the time, don't actually come over all the time
>you setting the time and date
Makes you seem decisive, women love that. Also happy hour is cheap, remember Return on Investment.
>dont compleiment her
Compliment her clothing but not her looking attractive in it, complimenting her shows that you have high interest in her, and may turn her off if her interest level doesn't match yours.
>dont engage in gossip
>dont try to be the funny man/clown
>dont worry about what she thinks of you
>if she compliments you, say thanks, dont return a compliment

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How do I initiate sex for the first time?

>have a good time
>if shes late, call her on it
>if shes on her phone the whole time, call her on it
You cant let her disrespect you like that since you're the one taking her on the date.
>After the date, dont contact her
Let her contact you, contacting her again right after the date shows incredibly high interest, which is a turn off. Women prefer to do the chasing, it keeps them emotionally engaged and they strive for things they cant have.

With my ex of 3 months now, I did the opposite of what I'm telling you. I was too available, I dropped current things I was doing to go be with her when she asked, she had a whole bunch of male friends, she blatantly disrespected me and I would argue but not enough to keep her emotionally entangled. Now the bitch is getting piped but some faggot. But after having gone on a multitude of dates with thots off of dating sites I can literally tell you which has worked for me now.

Good luck on your travels.

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Obviously the only 100% birth control method is abstinence, but IUD is pretty damn close. I don't even think that the condoms changes it by much since it's already SO unlikely, and IUD might poke the condom.

What do you think of this hairstyle?

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Kek. Nothing. We had pizza for lunch in a cute restaurant that I wanted to try near his workplace, and then he went back to work. Lasted maybe 90 minutes.

I just didn't think it was anything much.

How long into dating do you stop going on dates?

Never, hopefully. I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years and I still go out with him on dates.

Never if you're doing it right

Can a woman eventually love you if the relationship is initially based only on amazing sex? Will it just be a failed and limited relationship once the infatuation and pleasurable experiences become mundane due to time and plainly getting used to and taking everything for granted?

How can this be avoided? What the best foundation if the physical factors are overcompensated for?

What I mean is how long until the relationship is more than just dates; how long until you've made the decision that the other person is worth your time for a real relationship and not just a prospect

Depends into you and the other person really.
I know people who "just dated" for months, and I asked my boyfriend to be exclusive on the way back to the car on our first date. We barely even kissed.

After you start hating each other's guts. Some people i know never went on dates, they just go out in group or stay at home. Never understood this.

Your advice is solid and amazing, but just thinking about it all makes it seem so overwhelming. All these social systems, rules, signs, actions, cues, etc. I just wish things were simple and clear instead of me having to navigate through this jungle of he said she said shit ya know?

Idk. Maybe if I actually liked the people I dated before hand, I'd put in the effort to be close to them, but desu I have yet to find a single agreeable woman who I can say with confidence that i would get out of my way to see them and date them.

Depends on who you’re dating. That’s a question and conversation for you guys to do, not adv.

Maybe a month or two, but if you're a male then she has to bring it up first. Women literally need to be in constant chase mode to ever actually love a man. Shits crazy. You thots on here can deny it, but I'd like you to prove me wrong.

Absolute shit. At least try.