Why do chads date suck average/ugly chicks?

I always see guys date beneath their level only women get away with this.

I always see some short stubby bitch with a stud or tramp looking like in my picture only with out the obvious reason the tits tell me chats why? Even the gays are picky straight dudes never get it right.

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Today's lying incel thread I see.

because good looking girls tend to be not faithful

Well that's actually a good answer.

I'm average as shit and my boyfriend is pretty handsome.
I have a good personality and actually like him as a person, I suck his dick a whole lot, would never cheat on him, and really love him.
His ex was way hotter than me but she didn't put out, was a bitch and gave him chlamydia so I guess he doesn't want to go for super hot girls again.

>babbys first day on the internet.

Perhaps because these particular chads are mature enough to be attracted to the person more than the packaging

I've actually seen this play out in real life. My old roomate was with a 9/10 super hot ex stripper/ coke whore, they broke up. Now he's married and has kids with a 3/10.

wow so women win every time

Yeah, pretty much what happened to us.
I'm not a 3/10, just painfully average.

Indeed, we do

I think both people win. I'd like to think that him being with a woman who loves him, is faithful to him and makes him happy is winning too.

Gays aren’t picky dude. Go on tinder and set your matches to men and women and see how many matches you get with dudes. I’m not gay but there’s something wrong with females. They say “looking for friends and someone to hang out with”. Then they see your average looking face and they swipe left.

It's much more common to see ugly guys with hot girls than the other way around.

My experience is pretty limited, but hot girls are demanding pains in the ass most of the time.

They are used to going out, being treated like queens, and expect that to be sustained. It's literally unsustainable unless you are wealthy enough not to work. Because you work, come home, and they want all your time and spare money.

You may write it off as an incel post, but it's not - there are AMAZING women out there. They just generally date the best of the best - imagine a "chad" and give him more IQ, a millionaire family, and legitimate accomplishments.

More of the incel rant on adv. isn’t there a better place for you to do this?

thats the purpose of this board you silly billy ^_^

And tend to be more difficult in handling there needs thats why I just fuck around with girls below an 8 plus it's easy and the sex is usually far better because they put in some work

It's because they are less likely to leave I guess. So men who want to settle or men who want a clingy easy girlfriend go for someone beneath them.

And rarely, it is because that is just the one person they found a connection with. It goes the other way too. Personalities don't always match the outside.

This is true but sometimes a guy can date upwards. It's much more rare but it happens. This is life dude. I don't make the rules.

>implying you could even pull 8 and up

Bro let’s see a picture of your face and body. I see some of the shit you post and I’m convinced you’re just an ugly incel talking out your ass. If you don’t want to post a pic and just say some dumb shit in response, don’t even bother. That’ll be my answer right there.

I'm guessing this is a guy posting this trying to make themselves seem like a woman because women don't talk like the person in the OP does.
With that in mind, most of the women that your have been told are attractive or you have come to believe are attractive are just above average makeup artists, actual hot women and men are woefully rare, the only difference is that legitimately attractive men are easier to spot because they don't have to compete with fake hot makeup artists. If you don't believe me just google image search of "makeapp" and see just how bad the façade of makeup and artificial beauty is and then you will come to realize how much it has tainted the minds of young men and women into having unhealthy and unrealistic standards of beauty. A successful man with women probably realised this and looks for women who at least can be honest about what they're working with. The other reason you see attractive guys with average looking women is because truly above average people make up maybe 1 percent of the population so the odds of an attractive man finding an equally attractive woman that they are also romantically compatible with is very low.

>truly above average people make up maybe 1 percent of the population

You don't understand what "average" means, or what a normal distribution is.

>nd see just how bad the façade of makeup and artificial beauty is

If you can't see through make up, or at least get suspicious when someone is completely covered in it, that's on you.

That's what plebbit is for. Incels are not welcome on Jow Forums.

Well it's not always about looks but hey okay if your that superficial . I'm also a very interesting person if you would like to know that aswell.
But here have your Picture .

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