Does it actually work?
What is your experience with it?
Can you provide any useful tip?

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Ever been to

jesus people are fucking insane. first time I've read what mewing actually is and I want to forget it completely

anons this is not going to solve your life, stop with the lookism bullshit

But it doesnt just help with looks. It helps with breathing as well. If you have a bad jawline it can and should be corrected.
Stop talking shit on things you dont understand.

>anons this is not going to solve your life, stop with the lookism bullshit

I have NO idea whether or not these exercises work, but if they do, it seems like it would be a HUGE benefit.


I'm a 23 y.o. dude with overbite who used to look like pic related on the left and had Adam's apple sticking out. My lower teeth are crowded because of that too.
After realizing what the problem was last year, I constantly forced my head back, my tongue up and my lower jaw forward, so that the front upper teeth would sit right on top of the front lower teeth. Set up an alarm every half an hour as a reminder. First week it was uncomfortable and hurt like hell, but I kept pushing through it, after a couple more weeks it became automatic and didn't hurt at all.
I don't have progress pics, but my face did change after a while, jaw became more defined and I look better overall.
That shit works, you just gotta hard commit to it, and nobody ever talks about it because people think their ugly underbites and overbites are natural. I wish my parents or teachers knew about that when I was a kid so I wouldn't have crowded lower teeth now, cuz my upper teeth still sit a bit unnatural on top of the crooked lower teeth. Might have to get braces for that.
I also still slip up sometimes and my lower jaw moves back, but it quickly becomes uncomfortable so I have to reset it forward until it sits properly again.

mewing does work

I have no idea if I could believe mewing at all because the images are always so fucking awful. Like, the most impressive progress pics are progress pics from fucking teenagers (unreliable, might have been puberty), or progress pics where the person clearly put more effort into the camera angle and looking good for their pic. Like, even in the picture you posted, the same fucking problem is happening.
The lighting is inconsistent, the angle is inconsistent, and the focal length is inconsistent too. It's no surprise she looks like the least fucked up in the last pic; it has the best lighting, and the furthest focal length.

If it works, cool, if not, oh well, but it would be cool if people would learn how to actually take comparable photos for just once.

How does it not feel extremely uncomfortable having your top front teeth grinding against your bottom front teeth?

I mean it's literally the easiest thing to do and you don't lose anything by doing it. Even becomes a habit after some time. So why not just do it?

This is how I naturally place my tongue. It's always suctioned to the roof of my mouth. I actually thought it was odd.

eh, I'd rail them all out. Big noses on notfat girls are hot.

prominent chins are less important for women.

You should do it because it is probably good for breathing and stuff and while actively doing it it holds your jaw in place to look good and is relaxing, but mew himself says you can't really change your jaw bone that much after puberty

I thought that was normal! That's how my tongue sits too

If one magic doctor says it's okay then what you have two things called a "craze" and "scam". 1 minute of google has shown that Dr. Mike Mew was expelled from his Orthodontics Society well before this "Mewing" came about. Sites which tell you how to do this are filled with pages and pages of "information" with zero references because there is zero scholastic works and medical studies which support these claims. It took longer to write this than it did to find this is charlatan work. I seriously recroomend purging anyone you know who actually believes this and lauds it's praises. It's not because they;re stupid or gulible, It's because being around these people will get you involved in the next scammy health craze or just the next scam.

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Oh, so like anti-vaxxers! Nothing based on truth, but people become Google doctors anyways.

Pretty much. You get surrounded by a lot of that information it gets hard to question it's validity. Also the claimed benefits can what you need so direly that you can't help but try it in desperation so some people go down these paths even if they know how to spot the red flags.

Do you have a defined jaw?

Nice to see the One-eyed Raven getting himself out there after GoT ended.

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watched a video on this

apparently it's just tips for retards with bad posture/habits to fix said bad habits

mostly because mouthbreathers develop shitty jaw lines due to said mouthbreathing

I already had a good jawline but mewing improved it a bit, chin got a little more extended