How safe is unprotected tinder sex with girls (no anal) if you're cut?

How safe is unprotected tinder sex with girls (no anal) if you're cut?

Clamidia is almost harmless for males and just need some antiobiotics to be cured.
Hep B, ghonorrea and HPV have vacciness.
Herpes can easily be treated, and 80% of people get it at some point, also you can get herpes even with condoms.
Also herpes is not life treatening beyond open sores, simple penicilin can treat herpes.
valacyclovir can be used to prevent getting herpes.
Syphilis have visible symptons and is easily cured with peniciline.
HIV is very very hard to get from vaginal sex and cut fags almost can't get HIV from vaginal sex.

Seems like the STD fear is marketing from condom companies.

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Just raw dawg these hoes, you'll be fine. People always over-hype this shit. I've barebacked gutter-sluts and strippers and I've never had an std worse than herpes.

If you're this retarded I feel like you almost deserve STIs.

feel free to prove me wrong, I can provide the studies I read.

Because tinder is full of fucking degenerates and condoms are fine?

Good luck explaining all that shit to a long-term gf someday.

I don't feel nothing using condoms, may as well just fap to porn if I'm gonna bother with that.

I'm cincumcized.

Alright assuming you can actually find a single girl on tinder within your league willing to fuck, I wish you the best of luck with your new STIs.

You need to fuck 36 women to have a chance to get gonorrea and need to fuck 1.300 girls to have a 50% chance of getting AIDS.

You literally need to fuck 70-150 girls unprotected to have a non minuscule chance to get an STD.

Most common are papilome and gonorrea that has vacciness and clamidia which only produces infertility if untreated.

also, most produce syntoms and herpes is like a dog gettting parvovirus.

herpes can even be transmitted with a condom, so condoms can't even be 100% protection.
Even kissing can transmit herpes.

Alright enjoy you STIs, degenerate.

obesity is a bigger risk than STD.

>jews trying to push STDs/Is as something that's not a big deal
epic dude, just epic. i'm gonna go get one right now since it's the next social fad
kill yourself you giant fag

Herpes can be a huge issue if your immune system weakens.

A guy I know ended up with it in his eye. Not fun - antibiotics treated, but potentially serious.

you can simply get some antiobiotics, get some peninciline injections.

Also, most people have herpes but they're asymtomatic.

Again, 80% of adults have oral herpes, so is not a big deal.

Unprotected sex with ANY penis or ANY vagina could result in you catching a venerial disease or getting one another pregnant. Always wrap your dick up with a fresh rubber every single time you nut. Don't be stupid and come back here in a month whining about warts on your dick if you ignore this advice. You've been warned.

80% is high. Estimates are generally 40-60% iirc. As I said, it's not a big deal until your immune system is stressed, then you start breaking all over and spread it past the original infection site.

I agree with you op. It’s just one of those things that’s typically not worth the risk but ya know what, I always end up pulling the condom off I’m right there with you brother.

again, you've been told propaganda from condom companies.

feel free to prove me wrong.

the most dangerous illness is VIH but you can take a prep drug to avoid getting VIH and getting a circumcision.
Also vaginal sex literally has not change to transmit the dissease.
80% of VIH carriers are blacks and faggots.

Herpes is very common and can be transmitted even with condom.

gonorrea, VPH and hep B has vaccines, so just get a shot at those.
Clamidia just need some antiobiotic shot.
Syphilis is almost erradicated and has visible syntoms but is easily cured.

Not a big deal.

80% for oral herpes.
40-60% for genital herpes.

Again, a proper nutrition, diet and exercise can keep your inmune system in good shape.

>OP thinks having a mutilated penis keeps him safe from STDs

circuncision prevents VIH in a 50-70% cases.

Is an accepted prevention strategy used in africa.

get rekt faggot.

also it prevents herpes in a 40-60% cases.

foreskin is a breeding ground of disseases and the major entering point of virals STD in a penis.

>again, you've been told propaganda from condom companies
Why are you trying to push using healthcare to solve people's problems when the obvious solution is to not get sick in the first place?
kill yourself

Going to need a legit source for that, Shlomo.

>too woke to fall for condom propaganda
>buying jewish male genital mutilation propaganda hook, line, and sinker
Sounds like you already knew the answer user, why did you ask for advice?

I tell you what, buddy. Go out there and prove the rest of us wrong by having as much unprotected sex as your little peepee can handle. Report back in a year as to how many different types of VD and how many children you've bastardized into this world.

as safe as running on a minefield without getting blown up

He's cut so more like running naked on a minefield with no protective gear.

STDs are mostly a problem for women, right? As a man, just get antibiotics if your duck starts smelling weird.

Fucked a couple girls off tinder raw , still no STD or kids.
Don't be a bitch user get in that pussy raw


Why did they spend so much time in school talking about STDs if they are a literal meme?

If you are going to be a degenerate, be safe using these drugs that reduce contact chance of HIV please.
I will ask you to not leech from the state once you get AIDS, kill yourself at that point!

This has to be a troll post for sure, im also circumcized and use an anatomic condom, in fact i cum faster using it because sometimes it's doble fricction.

I think in Finland, about 200 people (out of 5e6) have HIV. Probably half of them are faggots. There is basically zero chance the woman you put your penis into has HIV, and even then, the chance of getting HIV is, what, 2 percent?

It's probably not a troll post. I literally prefer jerking off to fucking women if I have to wear a condom, and to my knowledge, this is nothing rare.

Yeah but that's finland my friend.

Be carefull when dealing with girls whose background is sketchy/lot of gay friends. Drug use means diseases can be passed.

"feel nothing" sounds like bullshit or you are mentally blocking the feeling because a preconceived idea that condoms are shit.

Look condoms are shit and i hate using them but to say that reduce feelings to 0 it's just untrue.

It might have been exaggeration for rhetorical purposes

Other diseases than HIV are more prevalent in Finland. You could get gonorrhea or clamydia easily if you don't keep it safe.

the amount of broscience itt is staggering

>Hep B, ghonorrea and HPV have vacciness.
Hep B and one type of HPV have vaccines, not all types of HPV and there isn't any for gonorrhoea (there's one being experimented, only reduces chances of you getting it by 30ish %).
>Herpes can easily be treated, and 80% of people get it at some point, also you can get herpes even with condoms.
Genital herpes is much rarer, much more aggressive and can lead to worse things than "just a few sores".
Valacyclovir doesn't prevent you from getting herpes.

And stats don't work like "I need to fuck 36 women before I have a chance of getting sick". You fuck one girl, she has it, you get it. You have 1 in 36 chances of finding that special girl.

They have very obvious symptoms and can be treated with antibiotics.

>You fuck one girl, she has it, you get it.
That's not how it works. Go away, Durex salesman.

That's quite literally how it works.
If you fuck a girl with an STD that isn't HIV, basically, you're EXTREMELY likely to get it.
Herpes especially spreads like wildfire.

>what is antibiotic resistance
>what is allergies and adverse reactions to antibiotics
>what are complications

Herpes is nice. It's basically Christmas decorations for the penis.

Increases by far your risks of getting HIV (if you have herpes and have vaginal sex with an HIV+ woman, you can be assured to get it basically). Can cause all sorts of issues too.

HIV is a meme unless you're into black women. I'll keep my Christmas decorations.

Women dont care about mens past partners like that, if anything they think the more youve had the better! Only insecure incel tier guys stress over high body counts in a partner

Jesus fuck do you know how many people of all walks of life both do drugs and also are on and syphilis interact in a way that makes then not show until it's in your fucking brain. A guy in my hometown was so ate up he had to be double bagged when he died. He got hiv and syphilis from sex with no condom with his girlfriend who got it through drug use and banging around. Non addicts are going to start dropping dead too bc of how hiv and sypilis interact together. Jesus dude it's like your unaware that sluts love meth bc of the sexual response. Also dont forget shit like hep c and mersa that drugs and sexing can pass as well. Your basically putting a dirty needle in your dick. I've lost a friend every three months for 5 years users, non users, that no condom shit will kill you in WV lol. Fuck you dude. Your part of the problem

Hpv vaccines only guard against 1/3 of all 100+ strains of HPV, 8 of which have been identified to cause cancer.
Also the vaccine is useless if you dont get it BEFORE sex. Its not gonna cure your hpv after youve already contracted it you moron

I can't wait until syphilis mutates and becomes immune to antibiotics. STD's are truly a blessing, they punish exactly those who need to suffer.