Controlling bf help?

Idk what to do.
Current bf got extremely jealous and started calling me a roastie and kicked me from every possible game and discord server I was in with him, and refused to speak with me because a life long friend of mine came over for my brother s birthday and we hung out. Ive been telling my bf for weeks ahead of time to make sure it was okay with him. Im at a loss. Im dating a controlling victimizing r9k bot. I dont want to leave because I love him, but every day feels like walking on eggshells and im slowly losing more of my friends and what makes me happy.

For more info. Nothing happened or has ever happened between the life long friend and me. We spent the whole time setting up for the birthday with my family and for a walk down the road for a game.

Im sickened by bf behavior and feel incredibly insulted. I even am starting to feel disgusted at myself for not keeping him happy.

How can I fix this relationship? It feels suicide is the best option.

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It's your fault. Don't hang out with guys, that's not what a taken woman does

Shut up whore. I know you rode his dick harder than you've ever ridden your boyfriend.

why would you be okay with dating an r9k user like thats some real bottom of the barrel type shit im sure you can do better. dump his ass and forget about it okay? find a guy who treats u better and is more to you than just a cure to tfw no gf and an emotional punching bag

Dump him. Now. PLEASE.

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Break up with him. You don't want to be with someone so controlling.
This is also bad bait.

Is that true? Ive never been in a relationship before, I never knew that was a thing.


How is it bait tho?

Yes. Taboo of any relationship

Okay. Thank you.

Don't try to fix this relationship, he's not worth it and he'll do it again over little things

You'll find a good man, this right now is a boy you're with


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Sounds like you have never even met in person.

We have. Been together for a year and he turned into this.

based, just follow this advice OP. you'll find someone better than a scumbag like him.

Yeah, one on one activities with guys are kinda shitty. I wouldn't meet a girl one on one if I had a gf

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Don't listen to them. Try to fix it, after all you're the one who fucked up

How do I fix it? I want to.

It wasnt one on one though. It was for my little brothers birthday and my whole family was there.

Relationships are all about making concessions. If you want to do whatever the fuck you want without considering your partner's feelings, get a dog.

it's weird if he's never met him, and it's only you two, otherwise, as long as they get along too, of course, it's not much of a problem

>calling me a roastie
If you're giving him sex, despite his poor choice of words, he's right, but he's also a manwhore and the instigator of it.

what else has he gotten angry to you about ?


if ur taken generally hanging out one on one with a member of the opposite sex is kinda weird, but your bf sounds a little nuts

He's violent and has issues you are not responsible for nor you're here to fix them.

It sounds like a meme but really: DUMP HIM. He will manipulate you, threat you and when he sees he lost you he will go squishy mode trying to make you go back with him.

Block and go no-contact if necessary. I've seen this story enough times with friends to tell you it will go south if you keep paying attention to him. Save your time and get away, he's (at least mentally) dangerous.

Be safe.

Break up with him. There's plenty of men out there that will actually act like a man. This guy wants to throw a temper tantrum, let him dwell in his own pathetic cess.

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>It feels suicide is the best option.

For him maybe, you should move on with your life, the supreme gentleman will be fine unless there's something you're not telling here and you've been banging every single goblin in a ten mile radius, his testosterone levels must be lower than a female cat to have such low self-esteem to believe you're going to dump him the second you're with walking around another guy, he probably pees sitting down too, kek.

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Dump him. He does not love nor value you. He loves the control he has over you. You deserve better. This doesn't mean you will get over him right away, but if you do not leave he will learn that he can keep treating you like shit because he has no consequences.

I dated someone extremely controlling for 5 years. I know how this plays out if you don't leave him asap.

Read "why does he do that?"

Its possible to be friends w the opposite sex user. Aren't you able to value the friendship the opposite sex can offer?

Break up. The drama isn’t worth it. You know you have the option to live free, so why not choose that.

there's nothing wrong with having friends of the opposite sex, your boyfriend is fucking psychotic, and everyone ITT telling you otherwise is just as bad.

this. urgently.

If you can't hang out with other guys it means that he doesn't trust you. Trust is really important in a relationship and if you don't trust your partner, better to break up. Especially if he's an abusive piece of shit. Idk which retard thinks you can't be friends or even meet with the opposite sex.

About fixing it — idk if it's worth it. Him flipping out like that just because you met a friend is a red flag. If you really want to do it, I recommend couples therapy but even that might not help. You should most likely sit down and think if it's worth it. You should remember that you're not responsible for anyone's happiness or their problems. He is his own person and he can fix it himself. If he can't, he needs help from a professional.

The problem with this sort of behaviour is that he probably doesn't know it's toxic and that he's the one stepping over a line. Unless he himself realises he's in the wrong and not you, there is no fixing this relationship. As I said, you should try to talk to him first and if he doesn't want to change, he won't. You can't drag him to couple's therapy unless he consents first, or unless you lie to him and say you're the one trying to get help (but again, lying is a breach of trust so I don't think it's a good idea). So I guess first try talking to him and explain why his behaviour is toxic or at least convince him to go to a professional so that person can try to convince him.

However, reading over all the bad shit he did because of this, I honestly think it's all just a huge red flag and you should dump him.