What can I do bros?

What can I do bros?

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Shave all of it off. It is too late to save at this point.

there is nothing you can do.

Yeah, you're right, time to say goodbye. I loved my hair

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is that you, napoleon bonaparte

Wear wigs or hair systems if your sides still look normal

just stop giving a fuck, it's not coming back. i have the same problem and caring only makes it worse. stop caring

Hard to not when you see yourself in the mirror every morning

Buzz it or grow it out and slick it back, if you know how to rock a widows peak women won’t care you’re balding. It’s getting a bald spot on top that is completely hopeless.

It's not a bald spot it's a wound: I was a silly kid and shaved my head with a razor, so I have pretty bad scars on the center.
Also, thanks for the tips

Start wearing hats cause there isn’t a lot you can do to fix that

Jesus i thought that was legit a pic of me, honest advice is shave it and grow a beard and muscles, other than that take biotin daily and also do scalp massage daily 10 mins minimum. Even if you decide to shave it off u can still experiment with it (it works for me and stopped my hair loss (didn't grow to much new hair). If you youtube hairloss scalp massage theres this nice german guy who talks about it and you use one of these. Been workin well for my mpb

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I think we are long lost brothers op

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get Jow Forums
shave your head.

The JUST League

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I had a woman laugh at my hairline at work when I took off my hat

Are you sure she wasn’t laughing at the extreme look of embarrassment and shame across your face?

actually its easy, just accept that you'll never look any different and hair doesn't grow back once it falls out

looking in the mirror every morning can help reinforce this mentality

I didn't even notice she was looking at me when I took it off.

>rock a... anything
Using this phrase should result in being shot immediately.

Grow it out. Grow it up. Get Jow Forums. Become the Z Fighter you dreamed of being.

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Yeah, I know this rugrat ass looking loser with one.
I can easily tell he's using a toupee to hide it.

Sad, really.

Get a hair transplant.

Literally everyone saying "just shave it bro" is a coping baldie, don't do it because you will look like absolute shit.