Grandmother is 106 years old

>Grandmother is 106 years old
>tried to murder her then-boyfriend in 1933, when she was 20 years old, for cheating on her; he punched her in the face as she charged at him with a knife and disarmed her

Should I report this to the police? I know nothing would come of it, but do I have a moral obligation to report it anyhow?

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What? No. Why would you even think of reporting your family to the police? This is terrible bait

Turning a blind eye to crimes is immoral.

The statues of limitations has likely passed. Even if it hasn't consider the following:
A) The guy is probably dead now. If he isn't I doubt he still even cares ignore he remembers it.
B) The elderly have even less reliable memory than most witnesses.
C) Most sane prosecutors probably wouldn't waste their time trying a 103 year old woman for what boils down to a 86 year old he-said-she-said incident.
D) I don't know where you are but I'm going to assume for this you live in an area where assault with intent to kill is a felony. Do you really want to put your 103 year grandma away for what will likely be the rest of her life?

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>being this much of a moral fag
>not knowing what a fucking stature of limitation is
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If it makes you feel better then go report the crime and enjoy being laughed at by the cops, you shameless masochistic slut.

The guy she tried to kill died in 1987. The incident is definitely accurate. My mom, who was born in 1949, says that Grandma told her the story during the 1970s. She told it in a "haha my mom was such a spitfire during her youth" kind of way, but all I see is a disturbing tale of attempted homicide.

Buddy you've prob broken several dozen laws and never even realized it. Let your gma die in fucking peace you utter piece of shite

You have got to be kidding me...

If the guy is dead then the case probably wouldn't be viable. A confession (especially a 103 year old remembering an incident) isn't enough for a prosecutor. They need more evidence than that.

Also why do care so much user? Why do you want you Grandmother to spend her finally years in a prison?

I don't want her to get in trouble. I know the law wouldn't come after her, nor would I want it to. I just want to stay true to my beliefs.

I'm probably going to let it go, but just for the sake of debate, would the fact that my grandmother originally told my mom about the story during the 70s - a decade which she started at 56 and ended at 66 - make the confession more valid?

>True to my beliefs
Your beliefs are dumb if they involve you getting bent out of shape over 80 year old crimes.

You should call the non-emergency line and report it, then you should tell your family about your good deeds.

I’m gonna assume this is bait and if it’s not OP is likely looking for some sort of reward for eating out his grandma. Either way he’s a fag

While yes it would, but it still wouldn't be enough. They would need more evidence, like the knife, and would have the track down the guy.


She cut you out of the will or something?

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Holy shit this has got to be bait. I would never report any of my family members to the police, unless they are trying to actively hunt me down.

>tried to murder her then-boyfriend in 1933, when she was 20 years old, for cheating on her
A bit excessive, since he wasn't her husband, but it's his fault for cheating.
You're a massive throbbing faggot, OP.

Sure, that's what it was.
Go back to /d/.

you are a sheep

your beliefs are retarded and you probably only think you follow them

The police would literally laugh at you

Yep, the police have more important work to do. Usually related to more recent crime.

OP is either retarded or pretending to be one.

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What is this thread lmao