Not looking for advice but curious as a depressed person...

Not looking for advice but curious as a depressed person. Why don’t we let people kill themselves when they would find peace through it?

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Legal, financial and psychological burden that would be put onto those around them because they decided to take the easy way out.

As a person who has strongly considered suicide, and whose close family member committed suicide, it fucks up everyone around after you're gone. I will never be the same person.

Not to mention, I have come out of some of my most acute suicidal moments and have seen life get better. It's not always sunshine and butterflies but I'm still happy I didn't plunge that knife into my chest at 16 when my douchebag "friend" was goading me on to do it.

Because assisted suicide is illegal and most people don’t want their friends to die.

Telling others you want to die is asking for help. If you didnt want help you would quietly kill yourself.

People who don’t want to die have a reason to live and will share that with the person that wants to die.

Letting someone kill themself leads to guilt.

It means an admission that society has failed that person, which isn't an admission normalniggers want to make.

I feel like I fucked up my own life with my own decisions. I rarely go out to visit family and friends but if I try to talk about my feelings with any of them they beg me not to do it and tell me that they’re there for me. But I’m just so tired, and I feel worthless

Destruction of government property
Debt cattle are no use when they're dead.

I think I agree, this is the only reason I would think of for the government to give a shit

> Not looking for advice but curious as a depressed person. Why don’t we let people kill themselves when they would find peace through it?

OK, bitch, real talk.

It's because of Kantian morality saying that you can not deprive yourself of the basic human right to life. Why? Because it's your duty to God.

Sorry I called you a bitch, that was uncalled for, but now you know.

>letting other people dictate your life
They can do it. They just choose not to.

1. Usually, the person has a small group of people who would be negatively impacted by this.

2. Depression can come in many forms. If someone is experiencing a chemical imbalance or some-kind of depression which is out of their control, why should we allow them to kill themselves? This is not something they would have chose to done if they were not fucked up in one way or another. When people are unable to choose and think for themselves, it's best to let others (who are responsible) to decide what happens to them.

3. In most cases, and it's been documented time and time again, people who attempt and fail the suicide attempt regret their decision immediately. Whether you want to argue it's just a naturalistic self preservation response, or their true feelings, I dunno, but for most people, the situations which get them to that point are usually pretty reversible / can be dealt with through time and effort. I read somewhere suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. It's a pretty accurate summation.

4. If we bring up the topic of euthanasia, could families "force" said euthanizee into doing so? How would the person doing the euthanizing truly know it is what the euthanizee wanted? It wouldn't be hard for a family of psychos to gaslight someone into doing it for their gain.

Those are the reasons that I could think of. I dunno if they are right, but they make a sense to me.

Frankly, I don't really think I can have any say in whether a specific person should kill themselves or not. Everyone's always all about the right to do whatever you want with your life, but when it comes to suicide it's another story. Because of #2, I can't really agree with someone killing themselves, but whatever.

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The state demands warm bodies to keep bringing in the tax revenue

The reason they don't want us to kill ourselves is the same reason a farmer wouldn't want his cows killing themselves. We are all owned property here.

And if you're wondering why they don't let unproductive 'assets' or parasites kill themselves, it's because they don't measure our value solely in taxation/financial benefit. They're literally feeding off our pain here. The longer they can keep us in pain, the more they can harvest. Very few can truly see this. The pain of seeing it and being unable to do anything about it is quite exquisite - exactly the kind they like.

depression is always eventually self-terminating

More people than you know could be saved OP, I've seen people do this when they're not even 18 yet and it breaks my heart to see them go when they're not even out on their own yet.

I've seen my share of troubled people and some of them choose to walk out of this circle. I can really only understand people that have absolutely no possibility to better their situation, no support, nothing. I see people living out in the streets sleeping on benches and they choose to live another day, if I can save someone in need I will.

Yes yes, now tell me how the reptilian overlords chemically castrate our psychic potentials to keep humanity in check

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You said it well enough yourself.

I've been you before. Most people have. Everyone seems the cracks in the reality we're presented with - most people just choose to ignore them and not to probe too deeply. But if you make the decision to probe them, and to never turn your back on what you find, well.....everyone who makes that decision ends up in the same place, eventually. And when we state what's behind the facade, the people who were too afraid too look will always think we're insane.

Stating the obvious is so tiresome.

Bro I want to kill myself I don’t care about your fanfic

Fuck me for answering the question posed in the thread, right? I want to die too - and people like you contribute much to this feeling.

There are some good suicide resources over on infinity. Check them out if you're serious. But fuck me for that too, I'm sure.

We all have it rough but think about the shit you can still do. The pussys that you could fuck etc. aint worth quiting . You'll get to a point where suicide is no longer an option for you just find meaning in the meaningless .
Just see what others have to say about this a lot of people where once at this pkintr in there lifes but most overcame these feelings and are glad to have made that decision

by "we" you mean gov. institutions. I don't care if someone wants to off themselves as long as they aren't an asshole about it.