Sickened by the existence of my own uterus

I came here specifically to get some advice as far removed from leftists and trannies as possible. I believe I'm going through some sort of body dysmorphia of sorts. I'm obsessively sickened by the existence of my own uterus. This is something I've felt since early puberty. I'm completely fine with every other aspect of my body, and I have no qualms with my gender or sex. It just feels like my own organ is a parasite that doesn't belong. I've had vivid dreams about tearing it out of my body. I just want it gone. I want the monthly pain and sickness to end. I want the possibility of being parasitized for 9 months completely gone. I'll never be able to have sex because of it. I can't live with this for the rest of my life. Why do trannies get to slice themselves up but I'm not allowed a basic surgery? I'm so fucked in the head like the rest of my family. My bloodline deserves to die.

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> I'm not allowed a basic surgery
I mean... Why aren't you? It's called a hysterectomy and women get them all the time for medical reasons. That being said, if you don't have a medical reason I'd recommend just sucking it up and dealing with it like most other women do. Make sure you try counseling or something before you do anything drastic

You have been indoctronated so much that do you see the baby as a patasite, rather than a symbiote
You see everything it touches as tainted

The fastest way to win back you mind is to self terminate

Why not just tie your tubes?

I support you never reproducing.

>My bloodline deserves to die
your kinda dark. you can get your uterus removed, but that would be elective surgery so idk.

They won't let me have a partial hysterectomy or even a bilateral salpingetomy. They say I'm too young. They don't care about my pain. Should I start lying and say I'm a tranny or something? I've gone to 26 different doctors over the course of 8 years.

If you're desperate, you could always go to the turd world to get it done. They'll do anything, no questions asked. Or you could just wait until you're older

I was never indoctrinated. I grew up in a catholic community where they worshipped children and the idea of childbearing. I've felt this way from a very young age regardless.

If I can't find a doctor who will do it by the time I'm 29 that will be my only option. I'd rather not die of infection or get my kidney stolen though. What's the safest country for "black market" surgeries?

yeah you know, life sucks, but it can always suck much worse. Hope you learn to live with it instead of paying someone to mutilate you.

Why should I have to live with it? There's no reason for it to stay in my body. It's ruining my life and stealing away what little time I have on this earth. I'm tired of being in excruciating pain and vomiting non-stop 25% of the time.

because you were born with it. if you didn't have it removed what is it do you think that you would die from?

Considering the fact that I'm bedridden every month from it, it might as well be killing me. It's no different from shooting me in the head 10 years before the actual date of my death.

>It just feels like my own organ is a parasite that doesn't belong.

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really read what you just typed

I'd happily trade 10 years off my lifespan if it meant I didn't spend 10 years of my life in excruciating pain, unable to move apart from occasionally stumbling to the toilet to heave up bile. That's not living.

A main part of your problem seems to be your disgust towards and reluctance to have children. This causes you to feel as if your monthly suffering is completely pointless and unfair, since it will never become useful. If you were to ever change your opinion on this, then your uterus would be equal to your other organs of waste removal in terms of how you should feel about them. You would consider the waste to be disguising, rightfully so, and the organs and processes to be natural. In the end, it is still your choice if you want to have children, but be wary that you could regret burning your bridges later. Wait until you are certain that there is no chance you will change your mind.

have you heard about that little kid with a weird condition where his skin is constantly falling off? I personally don't know why some people decide to struggle on through how excruciating their every day lives are, but some do. Others don't. I suggest finding your god(s) and figuring out what makes going on worth it.

I sound like a fag now because i didn't realize how fucked up you get, since i was too busy typing to notice your new posts. I'm a guy, obviously, so i wonder if the extent of your pain is normal. If it is, then I'm still a idiot but my argument still stands, however weakly, but if not then my analysis holds even less water. Use it how you want.

What you described coupd be classed under body dysmorphia. Feelings that a part of your body doesn't belong is a therapy worthy issue. In most cases, patients feel like a limb doesn't belong, and if this causes a lot of distress, they can get surgery to cut it off.
You can spin this way and get it removed for mental health issues. Just find an open minded therapist.

birth control pills should help you with your periods. just tell your doctor how much pain you're in. that's not normal

I don't have anything insightful to add to the conversation, but I really really like this image.

>Considering the fact that I'm bedridden every month from it, it might as well be killing me.
This is concerning. Your periods shouldn't be causing you to be bedridden each month. I mean, they're a nuisance but it shouldn't be that life altering.

Have you had an ultrasounds done on your uterus and fallopian tubes? It sounds like there is something going on. Side note, at least if your an American, most insurance companies won't cover surgical elements of transitioning without a long standing history of body dysmorphia and HRT.

Ive had a similar problem. Basicallly just get on the three month bc pills and stay on them without stopping. No periods so the dysmorphia is a little better, and I havent gotten to the hysterectomy part yet. I'd guess either go to like thailand or some shit where they dgaf or wait for uterus donations to become more of a thing. GL

Sounds like endometriosis, have you talked to any of your 26 doctors about that? Or do you just go in screeching 'REEE GET IT OUT'?

I've got tested like 5 times when it first started. It's not endo. They say it's just some odd cramping issue and told me to take over the counter medication.

>I want the possibility of being parasitized for 9 months completely gone.
Goddamn natural selection giving rise to organs intended for reproduction! In all seriousness, feel free to rid yourself of the possibility of a "parasite" fetus and end your bloodline just like you want. Meanwhile, mentally healthy women who love children and aren't baby killing psychopaths will continue to pass on their genes. This is why white conservatives are actually one of the most fertile groups in the U.S. and it's why the Dems have to import brown people to remain competitive.

I'm not a baby killing psychopath. What gave you that idea? I've never even had sex. I don't care who reproduces on this damn earth. I just want the pain to end.

said, you should get professional help. They can get doctors to remove whatever you want for mental health reasons. If not you can always pretend you're a tranny or something.