Do all flat earthers suffer from mental illness?

They seem to do be missing a few brain cells

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this isn't an advice thread, but it's not necessarily that they're stupid (though the two aren't exclusive) it's just that they're highly paranoid and potentially delusional/schizophrenic.

If you try and make anyone like that see reason you're probably just going to be labeled as some form of a boogeyman or another, or potentially as stupid in their eyes. There's no winning, so don't even try or you automatically lose.

Extreme denial. And they like to belong to a group, they feel important.
It’s fun to see them do experiments though. And every time they do one right, ofc the result goes against everything they believe in and the people involved is instantly shunned by the community.
It’s awesome. You can almost taste the desperation and stupidity, mmm.
You see the same on Jow Forums, which is why i like it here.

All religions need to look past contrary evidence. It has nothing to do with intelligence, they just feel special believing in something. At least this religion does not have political power.

Proof it's round without appeals to authority? Thanks

>appeals to authority
so you literally think this user needs to sit here and fire off physics proofs and theory to win you over?

the earth is only round in theory
in practice the earth is flat because gravity is always pulling you down and never sideways

so earth is like a round rock thats flat on every side but has infinite sides

but if you jump then it's round

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Yeah, actually. I mean, the Greeks did it, but I want to see him do it

well I'm sure it's going to keep user up at night that he didn't prove scientific generica to someone on a Sumatran Ratcatching board

white people are crazy

>starts a thread about the subject
>can't/won't prove his point
Yeah. You people only care because it's a popular bandwagon to jump on and dis people who question science without actually engaging with science yourself. It doesn't fucking matter what shape the earth is. It really doesn't

i mean technically he isnt wrong but comparing an oval to a circle is really a matter of perspective than anything because its only a circle if your looking at it from a perpendicular angle

you desperately want me to be OP, don't you?

This isn't an advice thread.
What makes you think you are intelligent anyway? The whole point behind flat earth theories is to "question everything". And if you had to choose between trusting everything and questioning everything, it's safer and smarter to question everything. Most people trust everything.

No, I don't. I want to know why you care either way

Because your request i replied to was as dumb as this thread

Not quite. But yes, this thread is retarded

>Nuh uh
great reply

What kind of response did you want/expect? You're contributing nothing to this already pointless thread. At least if op could provide some mathematical/physical proof of the earth's roundness, there would be some substance here

I'm just joining in m8


you're nowhere near as intelligent as you would like to come off, sad but true.

There was a documentary on netflix where you follow flat earthers.
They proved the earth was round several times through their experiments that should prove the earth is flat.
Obviously it takes a budget and several people to do these experiments, so it is hard to create proofs you can verify yourself.

The light test they did was pretty funny because it was so obvious they were wrong.

Most flat earthers are unironically motivated by religious belief. They never frame it this way, they always focus on the "science" behind it, but it mostly comes down to religion. The appeal of belief in the flat earth is the same as the appeal of intelligent design and young earth creationism. If the world is flat and surrounded by a dome, then who built the dome? Who built the fake starscape on the top of the dome? The answer is God of course. No flat earther is pushing the idea that the dome was created by aliens or anything like that. In their minds it is always God. Like with young earth creationists, they crave the idea that the world is a stage created specifically for the benefit of humans by an almighty lord.

So, they're only slightly crazier than most religious conservatives.

Yeah, I watched it. I'm not saying the earth is flat. I'm just asking *op* to prove it himself instead of hitching a ride on the retarded bandwagon.

Meant for

That's cool. Obvously you meant to tespond to that other person.

Only thing I wanted to add to my previous statement is that flat earth belief also clearly plays into the desire to one up atheist scientists, as well as the desire to call out governments for maintaining the conspiracy.

So, it plays into three major religious conservative desires: (1) the notion that the world was created specifically for humans by an all powerful God (2) the notion that the scientific community is a bunch of lying idiots you can't trust, and (3) the notion that governments are composed of lying idiots you can't trust.

Flat earth belief is like a religious conservative's wet dream. Fuck atheists, fuck big government liberals, the only thing you can know for sure is that God made this world for humanity, and since outer space isn't real, humanity's salvation cannot depend on colonizing the cosmos, but rather only on religion.

You're not entirely wrong. Big government is evil, spreading the human disease before it's purified among the cosmos isn't going to fix anything, but the universe certainly wasn't created solely for humans. It doesn't matter either way, desu. I pick my battles but usually observe. It's funny to see what lengths people go to to justify their beliefs


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Why, fren?

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I don't believe this you fucking retards. I was merely pointing out how transparent the reasoning and motivations behind flat earth belief are.

For fuck's sake, I'm a bleeding heart liberal atheist that believes in the big bang, evolution, that the future is democratic socialism, transhimanism, mind uploading, space colonization, etc.

Sorry, but the two of you completely misunderstood my two earlier posts. Work on your reading comprehension. I was clearly mocking religious conservatives and flat earthers. Jesus fucking christ.

I know you were mocking them. I know you're what you just said you were. I was merely clarifying that big government is evil

Ok. Sorry for insulting you. Thank you for a reasonable response. Have a good weekend.

fuck the mods and fuck the jannies for keeping these off topic threads up

You too