I'm married and I really want to have sex but I'm neurotic and every single tiny flaw I notice in my partner makes me...

I'm married and I really want to have sex but I'm neurotic and every single tiny flaw I notice in my partner makes me feel repulsed

Is this just me? I've been avoiding sexual contact for years now. I don't think I've ever been in a relationship where I felt content

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you female?


If everything isn't perfect sex feels gross

You got issues. Or you got married to someone for the wrong reasons. Mostly issues

why did you marry in the first place? Sexual attraction for us guys is part of what makes love.

That's a matter for a doctor or therapist.

Stop fapping to anime bro. Real women will never be like 2D women. You need to accept that.


Get help from a professional

I hear people say they have sex multiple of times a week

But when I look at the average person on the street they don't look anything special... my partner would have to be in the top 2-3% of the population to make me feel like doing that

When you have sex with someone unattractive it feels gross afterwards right? I wonder if it's like that for most couples

Some people don't need their partners to be that attractive to want to bang.


I think I'd rather play video games in such a situation

Quit jacking off to hentai every day, faggot. Actual women will never look anything like hentai

I just constantly feel like I'm being gaslighted listening to men obsess about sex and women so much


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Just research how fucked gen Y and millennials are in Japan because their anime tiddies.

Yeah this is a you-problem, and an extreme one at that. Average people have sex, chubby people have sex, old people have sex. Even if you found a flawless woman she would age and pregnancy will change her body.

Sex IS a little gross, it's not called "dirty" lovingly for nothing. It's just a good gross, like how eating fast food when you're hungover is gross in a good way. Sex is about love, desire and power, enjoying your senses, about chemistry and connecting with someone else. Beauty is way way way down on that list.

How so?

Man this place is fucked.