I just passed two women walking together. They were happy and smiling...

I just passed two women walking together. They were happy and smiling. Just before they passed me they both stared down at the ground. Is this normal and I could have approached them or is it something women do to show that they are not attracted to a guy?

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Maybe they were slightly put off by the fact that you were staring them down like a psychopath the entire time.

You totally blew your chance at a threesome.

We don’t like to make eye contact with men because they will typically attempt to fuck you

Maybe they stared down at the ground because I only slept like one hour so I'm maybe looking kind of pissed off?

Bullshit, because if the guy is hot you want him to attempt to fuck you

I fucking hate my parents for putting me into a world where women aren't attracted to me.

Tehry assued uvwas a rapidts eith a small divk.’m no fuggug please culo

Something sort of similar happened once. I was walking home after I gave up waiting for a bus later in the evening. A group of three people about my age (22) were walking towards me, two guys, one girl I think. As we approached they looked down or off into the distance. Once I was about 10ft away they just started laughing. I know it's narcissistic/schizo to think everything is about you, but I've dealt with this sort of stuff for years. It's me. I'm a misfit. I accept it.

This happens to me all the time. My theory is that I have a really aggressive resting bitch face, cause sometimes when i zone out on the street ill make eye contact with girls and they'll immediately look down, or to the side. When i make eye contact with guys i notice the meeker looking ones immediately look away and the more confident/good looking ones just kinda look at me and continue walking.

if you can't find one, become one.
be the woman you are meant to be.

I really fucking hate those two women. I hope they burn in hell. And I hope my parents burn in hell for putting me into this world.

Then we look, duh!

They noticed you were consciously looking at them so avoided eye-contact to make sure you wouldn't initiate a conversation.

Time to shoot up a school eh?

That's some bullshit. A girl smiles at you, you smile back and keep going. She's made your day. But normally they look down or the turn their head away like some beta

They looked down because you where staring and made it awkward. The correct course is to keep looking forward and then when you come within 4-6 paces you look them in the eyes smile and say hello. Do this correctly and they will smile and say hello back.

T. Guy who says hello to women on the street every day.

t. mind reading

who gives a fucl why two thots looked at ground

t. someone who will be imprisoned for multiple accounts of regular catcalling soon

You don't say hello if they don't you look you back in the eyes. This is the difference between being friendly and harassment.

It's not uncommon for multiple men that a woman passes to make some sort of attempt to get their attention. Either by whistling, stepping in front of them so they have to stop or manuver around them, making that kissing noise, etc. All day, every day. Some go further, and that's why I always carry a small blade and some heavy duty pepper spray at all times. Some turn into incels and get violent and angry when ignored, so I suppose for OP's case, the girls probably just didn't want to encourage you in any way and hope that you'll fuck the fuck off and leave them alone. Men can be the worst sometimes.

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>saying hello to a woman is harassment

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Harassment is unwanted attention that makes a woman uncomfortable.

I never thought I would say this, but I can’t WAIT for summer to be over.

To be honest I think I was within 4-6 paces when I looked them in the eyes. I didn't smile or say hello though.

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So you glared at them instead of starting. Gotta use those facial expressions to communicate my dude.

>POLICE!! POLICE!! Help me please!!
>This man said “Good Morning” to me, and I wasn’t having a good morning.

Welcome to the wonderful world of social justice.


>user completely ignores the "its ok to approach me, maybe" signal and goes about his day

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If they lower their eyes it's because they show submission. They felt you were dominant in the context. That is not a sign that they want you though. It could mean that you appeared hostile, or that they simply didn't want to meet your gaze.

I was on the public bus last semester while coming home from the symphony (alone). A stop after I got on, one of the most beautiful females I ever saw sat directly across from me with another female friend, who was also attractive but less so. For 15 minutes I had to stare off to the side and out the window behind them because she was simply too beautiful for me to look at. If I developed too clear a mental image I'd never forget her. Luckily she did get off and my torture was over.

Were you the only other person there? Maybe they were talking about personal things they didn't want others hearing, so they stayed quiet until they passed you. They felt awkward so they looked at the ground.

I used to smile at everyone who passed me by, until creepy guys old enough to be my dad started taking it as an invitation to hit on me. Now I avoid eye contact with strangers. It's not personal.

Sort yourself out. You know nothing about them. Maybe they have boyfriends. Maybe they're shy. Maybe they're lesbians. Who cares. Stop taking everything so personally.

>It's not personal.
It is retard, because if it's a hot guy you do look him in the eyes.

This. It is deeply personal. You refuse to look at me? You refuse to look at ME? Well, why don't you tell me what I could do to be me attractive? Am I that hideous? That terrifying? I hope you get raped, bitch.

>Am I that hideous? That terrifying?
>I hope you get raped, bitch
Yeah, you are that hideous and that terrifying. Your mental illness shows.

Post your address, bitch

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1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC

I'm coming. You WILL die mother fucker.

hahahaha :D :D :DDDDDDDD

>tell me what I could do to be me attractive
You could start by smiling, sweetie.

Even if you were hot, if you were walking around with that kind of anger on your face, the only people who would make eye contact are other guys who think they could take you.

I don't know how to smile. Plus I've got an impacted tooth. I am fundamentally unattractive



There's no winning, is there? I really am going to be like this till the day I die.

Haha that's the normie's job: to keep you in your place. They have you run in circles until the point of no return and all the while laugh as they live the life you are trying to get

You just need to learn the basics of social interaction that most people learn when they are children.

Shit that reminds me
>finally got over my ex after 2.5 years of heartache
>waiting for the train after work
>the side of my view catches a beautiful figure right next to me. Tight, petite yet perfect posture
>don't mind it and step into train
>girl that stood next to me passes by me, sits down half across the train weagon, looks at me, I look at her
>love at first sight, I'm absolutely stunned
>I want to be with that girl
>we look at each other from time to time for 30minutes, I catch a view, she catches a view
>she's probably in the early twenties looks like a farmers girl, blonde hair above shoulder height, blue eyes, dressed unstylish but cute, has a small dog in a basket, stunningly beautiful face
>want to approach her but I've gotten burned a few times too much by women that showed signs of interest before so I haven't got the balls to stand up mid drive, walk through half the train, sit down next to her and talk to her
>look over to her before I stand up and walk out at my station
>she's looking out the window
>think about her for months

Yeah, sounds pretty similar. I actually saw the two of them walking on campus later that week. I think they noticed me, but I kept looking straight and walked past without seeing if they were disgusted or what. Such is life