Some coworkers (but one in particular mostly) keep saying jokes at the expense of LGBT people...

Some coworkers (but one in particular mostly) keep saying jokes at the expense of LGBT people. One refers to LGBT people as degenerates, fags and other insulting terms. Yesterday he posted a meme/joke on our mobile phone chat group that was about LGBT people and suicide and although the others laughed, that one really hit close to home to me.
I've been just trying to ignore them when it comes to this but I'm kind of tired of this shit. In order to complain about it do I need to come out of the closet? And am I right to complain about something done outside work (in the case of that joke)?

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report them

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I guess I could tell HR but again I'm worried about being required to come out of the closet to explain why it annoys me. Not sure how safe that would be, it's a small office. They also added a box for anonymous "suggestions" in the office but idk if it's for this kind of stuff.


Off topic but why do gays so obsessed with Moomin?

this is Jow Forums, not work, so it obviously doesn't bother me here

reported for gr3

I've no idea, I had to google what that was though.

your coworker sounds like a funny dude, just tell him you're a faggot

why not just say you have a close relative who is gay and that's why it annoys you?

Learn to take a joke faggot
Would you have a problem if he was making jokes about Jews or blacks?

That's what I was thinking, I might go with that.

>Would you have a problem if he was making jokes about Jews or blacks?
Yes I would. And I'm not jewish or black.

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I'd have to say it's a friend instead though, they probably know my family is very small.

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he sounds b&r

If you are 12 years old, probably.

Before going through with it ask yourself, "What am I trying to achieve by reporting it?"

If it's to make this shit stop, then there are better ways. One, ignore it. If that's impossible you can always be honest with him and say that you don't appreciate it ( as you may have made up friends or family that are bum smashers). You could always approach him and take the stance of his 'friend' and tell him to tone it down as it could affect his life in various way.

Or you could be the vindictive little fuck that most homosexuals are and go right ahead and report it.

Either way I wish the best for you and I know it's easier said than done, but you can't let this shit get to you. You have a life to live.

If it is jokes, why would you care?
If you do report this stuff, YOU have to leave the company. You become the joke police nobody wants to be around. You are essentially saying you are too dumb to be let out in society and you need protection from jokes.
It is the dumbest move you could ever do.

I keep seeing this what the fuck does bampersander mean?

I'm guessing its "based and redpilled" but For ages I thought it was a way to spell "banter"

It stands for Beryllium and Rick and Morty. Beryllium being the 4th element, and Rick and Morty being a sci fi show for smart people. The phrase boils down to "The fourth genius" Which is a germanic expression meaning one who holds great knowledge, but applies it in haphazardly ways, often to his own demise. Hitler was one who was often thrown this phrase.

come out right now
there is no shame and they'll stop the bullshit


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What type of job is it? If it’s white collar/middle class then you should report it, as someone else said say you have a friend or family member who is gay. They should take it seriously.
If it’s blue collar/something like McDonalds then I’m not sure, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Best of luck user.

>Rick and Morty being a sci fi show for smart people
I haven't laughed so hard all day. Thank you.

It's an office job so I guess I should report it then, thanks.
By the way we have this Whatsapp group four our area (just 6 people) besides the "official" one where every employee is. Ours is very informal but if something is posted there that it's still considered to be "outside" the office and isn't the concern of HR, right?

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Faggot. Find another job. Heterosexuality is being threatened at nearly every work place while you fuckers are free to hit on anyone and get away with it. Fuck off.

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You're such a bitch, this is why people are fucking sick of you. Just drop the closed chat and dont pay attention to it. Voila.

>Heterosexuality is being threatened at nearly every work place while you fuckers are free to hit on anyone and get away with it

not that user, but are they?

Wtf yeah stand up for yourself. You dont have to be out of the closet to stand up for LGBTQ people. Just say that its really fucked up and that you dont want to see that stuff because what kind of sad little man spends time searching for these kinds of memes and putting others down? He needs a real hobby.

But yeah you can complain to HR about it and show them the texts from the group chat

Wtf?? Perverted hetero men literally hit on everyone at work and even think theyre capable of making lesbian women straight, when in fact theyre making them even more lesbian lol

Question would be 1) why you are homosexual? 2) Why do you feel part of a globalist gay club?, 3) Don't you have an identity for yourself?, 4) Do you have true legitimation to be ofended by the things he says (ie. tranny suicide rates) and 5) after answering these questions, is there a way for you to stand up to him IN person and tell him to tone it down because you are a fag?


Oh boo boo people SAID things how can I get them fired this is unacceptable it's 2019 for God's sake help me Soros these people still exist

We just don't believe lesbianity is true for most cases, in fact you will notice most of lesbians had male partners before coming out and also kept fucking dicks after coming out.

This neo-purist society force us to do a very thought process before trying anything with anyone, wich most adult males just cannot integrate because it's a form of repressiong that just now is catching up to young kids and adult zoomers.
Some of the shit Incels say is true, if you are a "chad" these rules won't apply for you except legit rape, if you are ugly/low value bravery will only lead you to jail.

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Report him to your manager. Or better yet, HR. Most companies have an anti-slur policy because in the past, other companies have gotten sued for it and they don't wanna risk that. Get a higher-upper involved and it'll stop.

Maybe ask him if he'll stop if you suck his dick? Catch more flies with honey and this could be a win-win.

1) What do you mean why? I have no idea
2) Why wouldn't I? Everyone feels bad when something bad is said about their type of people. And it's not just that, it's because someone making sick jokes about people like me means that they could be making the same jokes about me specifically.
3) Yes I do.
4) Yes, I'm still fighting depression.
5) Idk, a lot of things will change if I come out of the closet to him in the office. Everyone else will find out inevitably and I don't know if I have time to deal with people staring at me so differently. I just want to go there, chill and do my work, without hearing jokes about how my "kind" should commit suicide.

This. If you're going to be a petty fag, try to convert the dude too

So this guy doesn't know you are a faggot? are you retarded?

I might make cancer jokes, but if someone has or had cancer i wouldn't make a joke. Ok maybe about getting superpowers from radiation but that's it.

Making cancer jokes is also fucking stupid, though.

Dude, they are jokes. They are meant to make people laugh and if you don't like em, don't laugh. The fact that you even view this as a problem is a problem. I know that they may have views that you don't agree with but you should seriously think about your insecurities mate. If they do hurt you, why don't you think about yourself for a bit and don't think about if the problem is inside you? It's a fucking joke mate, all that they're hurting is your ego.

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Goad them into making more and more offensive jokes for a period of time then report him ironically as a joke. He will appreciate the humor in getting fired. If not then hes a sissy ass degenerate faggot.

>They also added a box for anonymous "suggestions" in the office but idk if it's for this kind of stuff.

I would go with the "box" even if it's not meant for that stuff it will be ok

What is it with faggots always going straight for trying to get someone that offended them fired as plan A? Don't be a dammed coward, pull this coworker to one side and talk to him about it instead of going straight for the nuke that'll ruin your relationship with everyone at that office.

>Yes I would. And I'm not jewish or black.'re just a faggot.

>knowingly live in clownworld
>know that your livelihood could be jeopardized for using the improper pronoun
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