Buying online without credit card?

My problem: I'm from a country where pretty much no one ever buys anything online. To buy anything online you'd need a credit card, but they apparently cost like the equivalent of 500$ a year and from what I've heard are a nightmare to cancel (and you won't be able to get one again if you cancel it), and you'll be left with debt for the rest of your life.

Why it's a problem: I want to buy things online, obviously. I'm in my twenties, poor in the sense I can't afford luxuries, and my family is poor as well. But none of us has ever had any debt, it's something we pride ourselves in because nowadays everyone has debt and they end up dead for it. So for poor people getting debt is a death sentence, basically, but a credit card means debt, and yet a credit card is necessary to buy things from, say, America for example.

I can't move up the social and financial ladder, it's actually illegal for low class people to make too much money, and I wouldn't have the skills or means anyway. In theory I'd be allowed the equivalent of I think about 500$ a month (as in extra to keep), but of course I'm not able to afford putting away money like that, and it wouldn't enable buying anything online anyway.

What can I do?

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which dystopic hell hole of a country do you live in?

in the states, you can use cash to buy prepaid cards that can be used online. i'm guessing that's not available in your country or you'd have mentioned it.

good luck bro

PayPal, paysafecard, webmoney...

How about PayPal?

I won't say which country, but it's a country that Jow Forums loves... figures, right? Anyway, there aren't cards like that or if there are, they're not officially recognised. There are temporary online ordering permits (or whatever they're called) and I tried to apply for one once, but the questions included "are you planning to order anything from the US?" and because I was, I answered "yes" and was rejected. I tried to apply again later and lie but I wasn't even allowed to apply, I'm probably on a blacklist. So a credit card is the only option that's available officially that I know of, but like I said that could be a death sentence...
I googled "PayPal without credit card" and found a thing on the site saying that it requires a credit card to actually GET what you order. And I'd be interested in buying things from Amazon (mostly books), which one site said doesn't accept PayPal.

Strange, I've never heard of this but it exists in my country according to Wikipedia... and they're supposedly sold at a shop that's a ten minutes walk from where I live. Can it be used to order things from Amazon?
Seems fishy, and it's Russian. Probably banned here.

Oh shit, Amazon. Yeah, then you're gonna need a credit card, but there are free ones.

Can't you find what you want on a website that uses PayPal?

>Yeah, then you're gonna need a credit card, but there are free ones.
Free credit cards? Is that really a thing?
>Can't you find what you want on a website that uses PayPal?
I want to buy some books on history, folklore, anthropology, etc. that are fairly "obscure" and specific, and some are old too, which are all on Amazon. Even though bookstores can be asked to order books from other countries (I think they use Amazon too), usually even obscure ones, the problem is that the books are American so it'd be really expensive. They also clench their butthole at the possibility that the ordered books won't be picked up, naturally. I'm pretty sure if I pestered them daily, they'd eventually give in and order the books, but I'd feel bad and it'd probably cost more than I can afford since the price of the certain religious book would've been the equivalent of like 30$ but it was ultimately like 100$ when picking up. And some of those books I'd want are already closer to 100$, so it'd end up insanely expensive that way... they're not books I need or anything of course, or even the only things I'd want to buy online...

No dude, Amazon sells prepaid cards. You buy the card, then make an Amazon account and add the card to your Amazon wallet.

>Free credit cards? Is that really a thing?
Might not be available in your shitty country, but check out Visa check cards. They count as a credit card for online shopping, but work like a debit card.

Ah, but then Amazon would have to officially be in my country, right? Because it's not, and when I go on the "prepaid cards" page on the Amazon site, it's blank.
There are Visa cards here, but aren't they one of those that get you neck deep in debt?

Ok so first of all, with credit cards you don't accrue interest if you pay it all off before the next bill. People get neck deep in debt because they can't control themselves.

Second, the Visa check card isn't a real credit card. It's like a debit card. Anything you buy using the Visa check card just instantly takes the money from the bank account you linked it to. It's just like writing a check, you don't owe anyone anything.

Huh, that sounds really simple and on my bank's site it says they have Visa cards that you can get from the bank. So if I got one, would I have to pay a massive monthly fee for it or something? It doesn't say anything about that on the site but I assume there has to be?

You’re better off without whatever shit you want online.

I don't pay any fees for mine, but I can't guarantee you won't.

I see that you want some books; have you considered just looking around online for a pirated copy? You may be able to find a free PDF.

>I don't pay any fees for mine, but I can't guarantee you won't.
Alright, thanks for all the advice.
>have you considered just looking around online for a pirated copy? You may be able to find a free PDF
I do pirate all the educational books that aren't physically in bookstores (and nowadays also all music) if I can find them, but these are all books that are too obscure to be on piracy sites.

well prepayed can be your best bet mate

A bit unrelated to your card questions but have you tried IRC? There are a couple of book dedicated channels there with a ton of stuff.

If you have a bank account you can also buy stuff online with a debit card. It just takes the money directly from your bank account no debt and it can be used anywhere online that you would use credit.

If paypal is available in your country then use it to buy products online. Paypal also has a credit card option.

Here is what you can do.
Set up your paypal account.
Link it to your bank account information.
Deposit money from your bank into your paypal (it is like a bank).
Once there is money in your paypal, you can request they send you a credit card in the mail that uses the balance of your paypal account. This credit card costs $4 a month.
Use your paypal credit card to purchase things online.

Thats it.

They dont have VISA gift cards or similar where you’re at?

Usually you could find those at corner stores or bigger markets like Walmart/Kmart etc.

Unless you live in some dystopian unga bunga place

Buy Bitcoin. Convert Bitcoin to gift cards to spend. Save the rest and wait a few years as the price grows 1000x.

Visa gift cards

>look up online bank
>Find which one does service in your mudhut country
>Get approved
>They'll send you a card
>Proceed to buy things with your card

You're welcome, OP

>unga bunga
It's hilarious you guys think I'm in Africa. I already literally said Jow Forums loves my country (which only shows how retarded Jow Forums is), and Jow Forums obviously doesn't love any African country. And I already got the advice I needed: