Texted a girl I like her and if she wants to go out

>texted a girl I like her and if she wants to go out
>she hasn't replied
How do you deal with the impending rejection?

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Next time do it in person. She probably secretly really likes you but is turned off by your lack of balls and is now contemplating if she should say yes. You dun fucked up.

Tell her youre on the way to her place

>telling a girl you like her. ever.
>through texts
fucking lol

I'll help you out. You are dealing with it right now, you came here to this thread so right now you just vented which feels good, you are also looking for some sort of empathy which I can oblige. You were brave for asking her out and I give you my congratulations. Don't forget that there is someone out there just right for you and by not texting or calling or wtv you'll never discover her. For the meantime congratulate yourself and be proud for yourself for actually putting some effort into looking for someone, even if by text.

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dont tell girls you like them, have some subtlety.

you'll deal with the inevitable rejection by understanding that you did this to yourself with your stupidity and making sure to do better next time.

Trust me telling them you are into them is the right thing to do because if she is also into you she will want it to be so.

this isnt one of your chinese cartoons retard. maybe thatll work like 1% of the time butyoure much more likely to creep out girls that you probably could have won over if youd just been a bit more patient and mature

Well it depends doesn't it? If some girl falls for you telling them you like them even though you've barely met then she is not the brightest.

However, after weeks of sharing facts and feelings towards one another, recognizing that a conection is being established is the best course of action! Ironically you will stand up for yourself and be truthfull about how you feel and women are very much attractive to someone who stands up for himself.

This indeed happened to me. I was having a wonderful friendship with my current girlfriend, I took her on a date made a move and then expressed how I felt, she felt uneasy but as soon as I made my intentions clear she cut ties with me, but a week and so after, realized this was something she wanted as well.

the conversation went something along these lines:
> To me, you are much more than a friend, I want to be with you and share my life with you in an intimate way. If you are happy with just what we have then I'm sorry but It's not enough for me. You can call me whatever you want, but everiday I look at your eyes and see what we can be and the things we can accomplish, knowing this hurts, it hurts knowing you don't want the same thing so tell me, Should I leave? Because I'm not a masochist and I don't like being tortured.

> I don't know what to say. err errr

Then I lean for a kiss, she gets upset, leaves and the next week she comes flying to me.
Cringe I know, but very much real.

you do realize that's a not a good example and are basically agreeing that telling a woman you like her is a fast way to creep her out and you just got lucky?

Update, she said yes. I don’t know what to fucking say next. I kinda think she said yes out of pity or is settling for me. What do bros?

Get some self esteem dude

Fucking how? I kinda wanted to be rejected. She told me she was into another guy. I asked her out because I wanted some rejection experience since I’ve never been rejected before. But now even if I went on the date with her I’ll keep thinking in the back of my head that it’s out of pity or that she’d rather be with the other guy. Someone give me something to text back.

Now think of it this way. If you just asked her out on a date instead of confessing your feelings like in my Chinese cartoons then you would have had the same chance of success but much lower chance of failure.

OH shit, youre in dude. fuckin congratulations.

>I kinda think she said yes out of pity or is settling for me
well if you feel that way then prove her wrong. i know you have a chad within you, i believe in you my nigga

The circumstance unfortunately made it so the events would happen this way, and you are very right I am a very lucky man.

The reason women say yes is because of the risk you take to ask them out in person, that act alone gets you out of the friend zone. It demonstrates self confidence, knowing what you want.

Texting this shit is none of that. It shows you have the emotional maturity of a 10 year old.

Thanks I appreciate it but I have no clue what to say next. I have no idea of where to go. I’ve left her on read for an hour. Someone tell me what to say I’m an autistic sperg

yeah dude, that's cringy as fuck. im glad it worked out for you but there's 1000 ways you could have eased into that smoother without trying to kiss her and having her ghost you for a week

oh my god you're already fucking this up

ok what did she say last

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you are so in dude. Just name a time during the late afternoon with dinner so she has time to get ready and think about you!!!

Advice from an user who fucks, great!

ok, tell her when you want to go. stop being a fucking beta male

fucking hell why doesn't this happen to me

She hasn’t responded fuck

you took an hour to respond to her didnt you?

literally stop worrying

oh user, i'm assuming this is your first ever real experience with a girl. trust me man, i get it, i made the same type of threads you did, venting because i didn't get a reply, or otherwise. i can tell you right now that the chances of things working out with this girl are slim to none as she is likely much more experienced than you are and therefore, more emotionally mature. if you're lucky she won't be, but chances are, this girl will break your heart and only then, after months of being heartbroken, will you realize never to emotionally invest yourself too deeply into a girl. don't let her reply, or lack thereof, define you as a person or affect how you are feeling. it will be hard, and as i said it's likely a lesson that you're going to have to learn on your own, but be prepared for the shitstorm of emotions user.

Thank you that means a lot I’ll keep your words in mind

Strike one
>I like her
Strikes two and three
>if she wants to go out
Just go home, user. Ya blew it at the start. Try again next season

>texting a girl I like her



What did you write? Btw don't worry, I have experinced this too, just think that the more you get to experince the better. And if you dont get what you wanted, no biggie, you will get over it shortly.
But congrats m8, I haven't gotten that far yet, usually they always create some reason as to why they cant meet up, but they want to.


I said “tomorrow night or whenever we’re both free”. Yeah I know I didn’t say a specific time so I’m beta austitic cuck it something.

nice and simple. Bro just calm it and dont give a fuck, you said yourself you went in there with hopes of rejection. So just see where it takes you, if she never replies or comes up with constant excuses. Then you will get experience in dealing with rejection. Trust me it will feel shit, you will want your ego stroked to feel good again. That is atleast how it is for me.

You know this is how it used be before the social media boom but I honestly believe that things have changed in the past say, 4 or 5 years. Girls used to be very vocal about being disgusted by date invites through text but that seems to be the norm with recent dating apps.

Update. A place to go to and a specific time hasn’t been said. Now what?

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If its possible, figure out if you can just chill at hers or your place. Because I think that its easier to be chill and calm, and get to know and like each other, but its up to you.
Remember to make sure you're 100% ready before you go though, like check your hygeine, would be sad to fuck it up because you forgot to clean your ears or something, and she becomes disgusted by it

Then text a specific place and time. Lol not that hard.

Also if someone doesnt reply right away it means theyre BUSY like with a job or school. Doesnt mean theyll reject you. Damn be patient

Yo dude please keep us updated

I haven’t said a word back. I dunno what to say. I feel hopeless right now.

After a while, you stop caring about other people. Just hold on a little.

Just say that you should hang out at her or yours place, then you can chill and watch a movie or whatever

Why not, my negro friend?

> i feel hopeless right now

she literally said yes man just think of a date idea and tell her a time and place to meet. or just tell her a time and place to meet and decide when you both get there

Good stuff, very wholesome and true.

Want to invite girl on a public hiking trip with other people so she will feel safe being on a hike in public. Want to take her out to a restaurant hidden in the mountains after going with a hiking group for some meals she's never had before.

Will never ask her out.

I’m at work so I can’t really update but thanks guys I’ll try in a few hours i would like some good date ideas though

You really should figure this out yourself. Stop relying on Jow Forums to hold your hand every step of the way. Are you expecting to ask us about every single decision you make with this girl? Unless you’ve been living underground your whole life, you must have some ideas of where to take this girl out.

user all I do is work, school, Jow Forums, and video games I’m fucking terrified

Now you have a chance to change that. Text her right now your idea for your date tomorrow. Do not wait for someone here to direct you. And don’t you dare respond to this thread until you do text her.

>How do you deal with the impending rejection?

Meh, I have other stuff to do.

Like mixing Ginger Ale with beer. Tastes OK, I guess.

Get used to it

bros... I still haven’t replied...

Holy shit, this actually happens?

What the fuck is wrong with you.

give her a time date and place to show up at, that easy

What always lessens the blow for me is only asking out the most attractive bitches... Sometimes they say yes, but if they say no at least it's because they are out of my league.

Getting rejected by an average looking bitch though... That shit hurted and I'll never do it again.

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Is a movie really that bad as a first date? We’ve been friends for a few weeks now so we’re kinda comfortable with each other.

>hey lets go out on a date but spend the whole time not being able to talk to or see each other
gee how romantic



A few days ago I meet a girl friend that I liked for some time now. She knows what kind of Person I'm and is in a Relationship . After our "date " she invited me over to her place shes very open about sex etc. And she says shit like my pussy gets so wet I don't know why she does it but well I sit there listening telling her we shouldn't talk about these topics .Tell her if she continues to do so I can promise anything . Well I'm a very tricky person so its getting real late because she didn't want to be alone so before I left I gave her a massage that went a bit to far she had no problem undressing fully nude and getting fingered by me . So how do I life with this rejection ? I mean I was so so so close to fuck her she was wet she seamed willing but her fucking boyfriend . Lets be real she wanted it and If I pushed a bit harder it would have worked out we still hang out but don't talk about what had happened . She calls me cute though and cuddles with me and has no problem laying in bed with me so am I at fault did I do something wrong . Is she just a cunt that doesn't want to admit it ? Even told her yesterday that she's lying to herself and if she really loved and respected her boyfriend she wouldn't spend time with me . In the end it doesn't even matter I'm always the one at fault or it just seems like it .