Where the fuck do I meet women?

>no-one available at work
>everyone in social circle is taken or lesbian
>get nothing from dating apps
>don't drink so can't have a drunken fumble after a night out
>none of my social circle really have parties anymore
>all of the local "clubs" and meet-ups that you autists suggest I join are filled entirely by the elderly and the unironically retarded
>cold approaching doesn't really work in my country
What's a guy to do? I met a few girls volunteering when I was younger (though it didn't work out) however I'm 25 now and all the girls who volunteer are still in their late teens so I end up looking like nonce.

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Go after the lesbians and volunteers.

I'm actually gonna watch this thread because I currently also have this issue.

For what it's worth I did have a positive results with adding a random girl on Facebook and inviting her to a small concert, and then for a coffee later on. Took me 2-3 weeks of work to get laid tho, and she wasn't the best looking.
In retrospect it seems very luck based also

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Seriously now


>adding a random girl on Facebook and inviting her to a small concert, and then for a coffee later on.
What, you just added a random woman near you? Never met her before? No mutual friends? How the fuck did you swing that?

different user but funny enough, when I was still debating on getting back with my ex, some random dude just added her on facebook and snatched her up immediately. Apparently it fucking works and i'm about to do it too.

Again, how the fuck does this even work

Step 1) Be attractive.
Step 2) Don't be unattractive.

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basically this, im assuming he was attractive too


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>no advice forthcoming
Is the state of the modern KHV truly inescapable?

Do you have a friend that likes to play matchmaker?

Maybe outside intervention is what's necessary...

Your social circle needs to get more active. If they're not throwing parties, start hosting your own.

No, I don't.

How the fuck is throwing a party going to solve my problem when I'll only be inviting people I already know?

>I'll only be inviting people I already know?
Tell them to invite single people.
>inb4 i can’t do that
If you can’t ask your friends for help with your romantic endeavors, perhaps you’re not really friends

you don't, it's a meme
you either have the ability or don't, and if you have to ask...you don't

Guess I have no friends then. There's no way in hell anyone I know would set me up with someone

>hi guys, I'm having a party on the 30th at mine, be great to see you all there. BTW could you please bring along some single women who you think might find me attractive and vice versa, ok thanks!
You're fucking deranged.

Tell them to bring people and maybe new folk you've never met shows up talk to them make friends or whatnot and so on from there

Going to end up with a bunch of dudes.

>go on tinder
>get the gold edition
>swipe right on hundreds of profiles and get the boost thing
>out of ~300 swipes, 2 likes total (not even matches, likes)

I will unironically kill myself by 25 if I don't lose my virginity

OP here. You won't. I said this to myself too. But here I am, 25 and still pointlessly chugging on in vain. We're going to be struggling with this for a long time to come user.

>There's no way in hell anyone I know would set me up with someone
Why not? Would any of them accompany you to bars or events and wingman you?
Clearly OP would have more tact than to ask it in such a deranged way, you autist.

No, they wouldn't

>Clearly OP would have more tact than to ask it in such a deranged way, you autist.
There isn't another way of asking it that isn't deranged, pathetic and desperate retard.

Well then I guess you're fucked, because apparently every possible avenue to getting a girl is closed to you
I'm sorry you think that. In my friend circle it's not "deranged, pathetic and desperate" for someone to tell the rest of us to try to invite girls to a party if possible

For OP.

You and your friends are autistic

Why are you so butthurt about this? I honestly don't get it.

I lost mine at 26. Chill the fuck out.

I'm not butthurt, just stating a fact, why are you getting all het up about it?

Shut up Chad

Good for you. I'm not you and it won't happen.

Sorry, is it still 2011?

>no u
epic troll, OP. you sure showed me.

I never thought it would happen to me either.

I genuinely have no idea what you're talking about. Is this your autism again?

I guess we're both autistic because we keep replying to each other huh? Feel free to reply to me and give me another (You) :^)

>In my friend circle it's not "deranged, pathetic and desperate" for someone to tell the rest of us to try to invite girls to a party if possible
This does sound pretty cringeworthy user

2 A
1 U
0 T
6 I
9 S
3 T
0 I
7 C

People will always come to parties with themes. As long as he commits, people will show up, no matter how corny the concept. This is why people still have beach themed parties.

It's pretty rare for somebody to ask something like that, but it's never come across as cringey. Our social circle is large enough that usually girls will be invited regardless. But sometimes a party ends up being a sausage fest. I don't see the problem in explicitly asking a friend to invite a girl

>dude ask your friends to bring girls to a party
lol you think my friends know girls besides co workers or some shit like that? we're fucking nerds.

Not in the UK they don't. Cringe as fuck user. Back to the fourth form


>but it's never come across as cringey
Because you have no self awareness?

Who the fuck lives in the United Kingdom and goes to Jow Forums? You're one of like, 5 people.

You forgot to leave a comment retard aha

>goes to Jow Forums?
Which backwards country do you hail from that butchers the language so?

I'm not anyone you've been replying to. The other guy didn't want to give you a (You), but I decided to give it to you anyway.

Don't bother replying to him. He's just fishing for replies at this point.

Fucking idiot, don't speak for me

It's super cringey, trust me

Ok will do

>Do you have a friend that likes to play matchmaker?

>tfw you're the matchmaker/wingman for all your friends
>never get any dates

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Music festivals or anything like them dude. You don't need to get hammered or drunk, just enjoy the music and shit. My town literally has like 6 over the summer and they are done at a camping ground with an inn which during them serves as a bar, look around for posters with music festivals on them. Usually there's enough girls to sustain a small army and they're of all ages.

I dont really like music

Then you've never heard some great remix by an A+ DJ played on festival speakers with everyone dancing around. At least try it, the tickets where I live don't exceed 5$ and you can leave anytime, though I do suggest you bring a friend.

We used to do this in highschool and college all the fucking time. One time a friend and I were invited by a girl to leave a party and hang out with a group of girls because they were all hanging out and wanted guys to hang out with too. It's a very normie thing. And before you accuse, I'm definitely not chad and neither was my friend.

If you go clubbing, it's very common for girls to be cheaper or even free to get in, too. Guys and girls for the most part like hanging out with each other, it enhances the dynamic and creates a better time for everyone.

Abortion clinics

girls don't like hanging out with me if i indicate any sort of interest in them, they're fine with treating me like a gay friend tier but if I flirt it's automatic back the fuck off get away from me creep

Burger culture is stupid

Sounds super fucking lame

I'm not sure what you're trying to communicate here. Do you think you're ugly, or are you trying to say you recognize something is wrong with your approach to flirting/sex/relationships but you don't know what? Well without knowing you and seeing how you operate I can't comment on how you handle flirting or approaching girls with any accuracy. For the second, ugly people get laid all the time man, that really doesn't hold people back from sex. Just from sex with really physically desirable people.

I went to college in Canada though, man. It's the same there.

Also, no u.

mostly the approach probably
i'm not a looker but there are far worse out there, i have been called good looking more than once but i'm not very tall so that's one flaw. either way it's not really that it's more the approach. i can't progress beyond boring small talk without it seeming forced i guess or too obvious and it's just awkward all around

>all of the local "clubs" and meet-ups that you autists suggest I join are filled entirely by the elderly and the unironically retarded
FINALLY someone posted this shit. That meet up.com kinda shit is retarded.

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>implying syrup culture isn't just watered down burger

Why post this worthless comment? Look what you made me do

lol telling buddies to bring some girls isn't autistic..
having such a skewed perspective and kneejerking this hard kinda seems autistic though

Bump for needing this also.

Get another hobby, one that attracts girls like dancing or hiking ya simp.

Why do people always say this? I hike, run, and lift but I don't get girls for shit.

That's because you do it alone instead of looking around to see if there's a club, or merely a failbook group of plebs who get together someplace near you.

What if I'm a nerd with normie hobbies like that? Is there any chance of finding a similar girl?

Only couples in the dancing class and old people in the hiking club

It's massively autistic to ask your friends to find a girl for you so you can fuck them. Any normal person would laugh at you for asking such a pathetic request

Seriously, I've done pretty much every activity that people suggest to 'become more social' at one point or another, barely any of them even have people my age, let alone singles. Where the actual fuck is everyone?

House parties, clubs, bars, and the gym. Festivals in summer.

Also white folks have no kids I heart so there aren't many of you your age to find.

Why the fuck are you living in a retirement community?

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>House parties
Fair enough - how do I get invited to more house parties?
>clubs, bars
Is it possible to bootstrap yourself into a social life this way? Turning up to a bar/club alone is a bad look, surely

>Again, how the fuck does this even work
Think of the amount of women in your area, not think of the amount that use facebook as appose to dating apps of having hobbies or being at any particular singular place at any one time. I add heaps of random girls and most accept my only problem is I can't get past idle conversation and end up getting bored with them. Or just never talking to them at all.

>the pajeet tactic of adding random pretty ladies
Methinks this is bullshit

The only people who go to clubs are the chronically lonely which tends to be elderly people and massive fucking autists. The middle of the road autists like me occasionally dip their head in and then leave after a few sessions. I haven't seen a single girl around my age at these things.
I don't really know anyone who has house parties past the age of 23 for anything other than special occasions

It's mostly about forcing their hand, making it so they have to make a desicion about a concrete suggested activity.
If you get lucky with they will say yes, despite not knowing you. If they come and one isn't a sperg, you have successfully created a memorable event, which is basically the ideal first date.

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This is oversimplified, and extremely nonproductive advice

Give me an example of how it worked for you, blow by blow

Chat up cute cashiers when you go to the shop.

Not kidding. No harm in a conversation, it doesn't have to go anywhere, can literally just be small talk.

But if there's a connection, maybe shop there a little more... be a regular.

Same with cute girls who work at the local chippy or whatever.

I think you're overthinking this, and putting too much pressure on yourself to make things go somewhere with someone.

Here's hat you should be doing;
>see attractive nice lady.
>If it's socially acceptable, speak to her (cashiers are normally always up for a chat - avoid chatting on public transport because being locked in a giant metal box on wheels with someone adds a good number to your creepiness stat. Learning to read the situation helps).
>Read her (One word answers, minimal eye contact, lack of smiles; all signs you should stop. If she's smiling alot, engaging in the conversation and you haven't made a sperg of yourself, keep going.)
>Remember sperging out isn't always bad. Humility goes along way, and can be endearing. If she laughs and says "aww" when you look embarrassed, you're golden mate.
>If she's chill, keep talking, if she isn't, excuse yourself from the situation asap.
>try to have fun and enjoy it, try to be relaxed and chill. The only goal here is to have a nice conversation, if it leads to more than that, even better.

One last bit of advice;
You don't have to pull her with one conversation. You can be in the "chatting" phase with a load of different women at once, and if you're a regular wherever you see them you can talk to them again.

As someone who works in retail: don't do this. We're trying yo just get through the day, the last thing I need is customers creeping on me.

You guys into a particular genre of music that isn't typical club trash? Met my gf at a emo night club and been great ever since. Alternative concerts used be fantastic but now (in Australia at least) they're infested by e-boys/gals so narcissism ensues.

Emo night at the club's should still be good for a year or 2 before cunts start becoming legal to drink.

Consider moving. Sometimes it's just that you live in a desert and there isn't anyone suitable around. Preferably a big city.
Lots of people move to the city temporarily to find partners. Pretty common.

Fuck off child
I live in a big city already.

I literally did

Unironically it can be harder to get to know people in larger cities unless you're already part of some small niche that all move there

You literally didn't idiot. Blow by blow account of what you both said please.

Nigga this was 5 years ago

I just want to say that it actually is harder than it used to be. Mostly because communities in the current age are becoming much much weaker as society becomes more atomized, so actually getting exposed to other people is harder than ever since everyone spends so much time on social media already, plus the insane laser focus everyone has on making money and advancing their careers.

This does affect both men and women, though. I guess you could argue that some women might have an slightly easier time since some men will still approach them, but a common sentiment with young women nowadays is just that there aren't enough men out there, and funnily enough it's the same for men. Because our hobbies are so split across gender lines a man can have a packed schedule and talk to maybe three girls in a week because he does something like rock climbing, miniature wargaming, gym going and swimming, and a girl does theatre classes, yoga and spinning.

How to fix it I don't know, current society also has a fantastic way of stripping you of any and all self-esteem because every single one of your failures get pinned on you and you get branded a loser because you don't conform to x y and z, which makes it even harder to break otu of this shell and reach out to other people. I'm in a similar situation to you guys where I have a decent social life but there just aren't almost any girls in my social circle.

>where do I find 50 percent of the worlds population