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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?
As Jordan Peterson says, what's the alternative? Just not to date and wait for death?

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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Why does Jow Forums tell me all black girls get dripping wet over nignogs

I met this awesome chick at a work event last week and we talked about maybe catching a midnight movie premiere on Tuesday. Thing is we got sidetracked and I never got her #... I don't work in the same sector as her at work so idk how I can get in touch w her before then... Any ideas female anons?

I mean white girls

Catch back up with her next time you run into her. There's no rush.

that's what the logical part of my brain said too. Guess I'll wait till Wednesday (next group meeting)

taboo sex is always more fun

i'm a sandnigger and i love watching conservative christian chicks lose their shit over getting smashed by a terrorist

because it's Jow Forums being Jow Forums

Is four months too soon to say I love you? We've never fought, there's been no rough patches and we only see each other twice a week, but we've known each other for several years.

It's fine.

Is it true that 30 y/o men want sex far less than 20 y/o men?


i haven't slowed down at all

Guys, what is the best thing about your crush/gf?

strong on plow

vagin does not hang like sleeve of wizard

I'm 36, and I haven't slowed at all. But maybe I'm not as driven by hormones as I once was.

She likes me despite my flaws, and she manages to keep my life in order when I've lost track eons ago.

She always tries to make me happy, genuinely cares about my hobbies or at least she does to spend time with me.

I didn't think i was going to like her so much when i met her t.b.h

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>slid into girls dms
>asked if shes single
>she said yes
now what do i? ask her out? just chat a bit first?

You already lost. You should have asked her out and let her tell you if she wasn't single.

Why do you encourage ugly or awkward men to keep trying with women when you know they will get nowhere? I get just being nice but you should really be honest.

how the fuck does that mean i "lost?

Because they'll eventually get with ugly, awkward women out of desperation. Being honest and telling them they'll never fulfill their standards is just going to make them give up entirely. That's a losing situation for both them and their female counterparts.

You took a weaker approach than any other guy who is going to DM her. They're probably going to strike out too. You definitely are. If you're going to volunteer for a contest where you're nothing more than a piece of meat, your delivery should be flawless.

>ex-gf is moving in with him after being together for 3-ish months
holy FUCK did i dodge a bullet tehere

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I don't want to settle for that though, so I'd rather give up.

I don't have much experience dating, but now I have a boyfriend. Been dating about 3 months now. But lately, there some behaviors I'm not sure about.
It seems like he wants to copy me, and I'm not sure if this is typical of relationships. Like, he immediately traded in his phone so we'd have matching ones, watch the same tv shows, listen to the same band and have the same favorite song, wears the same t-shirts as me, just sort of becoming my twin. He had different interests before we met but now it seems like he wants to become me.
He's a white guy, so it's not like the Asian matching couple stuff.
Also he started getting upset when we don't "sync" like we have to leave the apartment at the same time, he has to use the skin care products I bought, etc.
I tried to ask about this to people I know in real life but they told me it was my fault and that they'd kill to have a boyfriend who wanted to have all the same interests.

Am I just being an unappreciative cunt and this is ideal boyfriend behavior?

how do you even know this?

You'd probably be fine settling. It's just your hormones telling you otherwise. I don't know why you find it difficult to believe that ugly couples out there are happy together. They keep nice homes, raise families, retire comfortably, etc. Don't abandon your lot in life only because testosterone is telling you that it's hotties or bust.

this doesn't sound like a relationship issue it sounds like a mental health issue

>Be me at the pool with my bro
>Pretty good looking guy if I do say so myself
>qt lifeguard seems to be looking in my general direction at every chance she gets and I'm looking at her
>Don't know if she's checking me out our what
>Other lifeguard girl walks up to her smiling and looking over at me kind of, giggling
Not really sure what to do in that situation, she was really cute though.

I wouldn't make too much over where a lifeguard is looking. Their job is to look everywhere and you have no idea who or what they were talking about. It's generally not a good idea to flirt with girls at work because they can't exactly leave if they're uncomfortable with your attention. If you do want to try it then the thing to do is ask when she's on her next break. Obviously you can't chat her up while she's watching for people drowning.

This is just plain old bullshit. I am an average looking manlet and awkward as fuck, but god i am awesome in everything else. All my gfs have been at least 7/10, some more than that.

Looks and yes, even social awkwardness can be being smart, successful and just plain old mature.

Will therapy help me appreciate him more?

I took a girl on a date and for a joke did a turd in old man Simpson’s letterbox when walking home with her.
The next day her father called me and threatened to beat me up.
Should I go to the police?

again i'm not sure appreciation is the issue here

i think he needs therapy and he's probably not ready to be in a relationship until he can retain his individuality

I see, I misunderstood that you were suggesting that I had a mental health issue, not him

I was into a girl. She started acting into me. I self sabotaged by being unreceptive and avoidant. Anxiety is a bitch.

Anyways I am trying to mend some things right now, and she’s on the list. She won’t be around in person until September, should I text her? Make an effort to get in better touch with her? Would it be a bad look?

Well you shouldn't do it now because you're still on the mend. You shouldn't do it later because it'll have been months and everything that was developing will be long forgotten. I suggest that you chalk this up as a lesson learned and forget about her. Work on your anxiety and move on. If she's around in September, great. Just don't expect that to lead to anything. And no, trying to bridge the gap with texts will not work.

I understand hating incels who blame women, but why do you hate regular virgins who only blame themselves?

I don't. I don't even hate incels. They're the hateful ones and that brings toxicity into my life. In much the same way, I wouldn't hate regular virgins but I'd be reluctant to let their self-blame bleed into my life in a negative way if that's how they were. Constant negativity is uncomfortable.

How do I break up with my boyfriend while pregnant with his child? The test just came back positive and I scheduled a doctor's visit to make sure. I don't want him to know since he's a scummy person and I can't imagine him being a dad to my kid. Do I just dip out of the blue or what?

I don't know, there are just so many things that I like about her. I guess it's mostly about the many little things.
Sadly, it's easier for me to tell you what I dislike the most.

same as any other breakup

if you are going to keep the kid then you should really think through your game plan here because he's still the dad whether or not you think he's fit to be one

>watch the same tv shows, listen to the same band
>he immediately traded in his phone so we'd have matching ones, wears the same t-shirts as me, just sort of becoming my twin. he started getting upset when we don't "sync" like we have to leave the apartment at the same time, he has to use the skin care products I bought, etc.
whoa! no, that's weird

I won't tell him. I plan on cutting off contact with him once I let him go.

Who are you talking to here? I don't know why anyone would hate a plain old virgin. If they're just whining and complaining and wallowing in pity all the time, they probably wouldn't be fun to be around though

you dodged the question about keeping the kid

if you keep it and don't tell him you are setting yourself up for a massive world of legal trouble

i'm only telling you to be proactive and smart

>Yay! Another day going to sleep in my bed alone while all the colleagues and friends my age have their own family.
Sometimes negativity is reasonable. Some people don't understand that being virgin up to a certain age is also traumatic in it's own way.
It brings insecurities. You can feel unwanted and you can feel like you don't deserve love even if you hadn't a partner to beat you up and, of course, you can only blame yourself or go full protective and blame woman instead.
I understand if you don't want them in your life (especially the "I hate woman" ones), but at least try to get their point of view. It feels bad... I saw one of my ex-classmates bringing his daughter at school and the reminder that I'm so far behind in life crushed me down.

- t. I'm another virgin

Been talking to this girl in my state online and we added each other on snapchat last night. She asked to send me something and I said it was cool, and it was a picture showing off her ass. In a conversation before, she had mentioned having a good ass. She sent me another one and said that she sent those since I proved I wasn't a creep like other people and that I was normal. Is this a good sign that she's into me? I know it probably is, but I am really second guessing myself.

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There's nothing in my reply that insinuated that I don't understand the point of view, though. In fact I acknowledged it directly and qualified the bad forms as "constant" and "bleeding into my life."

I'm not accusing you of either of those things, but what you wrote hints exactly toward that. I would not hold it against a guy in my life for being a virgin. I would hold it against a guy who needs to bring that into my life to ensure that I recognize and understand their negative point of view. I don't need to be a part of that. That doesn't need to be an element of stuff shared between us, even if it is very important for him. It's a really sensitive decision to bring difficult or traumatic personal issues into a friendship.

>How do I break up with my boyfriend while pregnant with his child?
Isn't a little too late to think about this stuff? If he is a scum why the fuck you was staying with him in the first place?!
Anyway, I agree with you can either get an abortion and break all the contacts with him (forever) or you can can keep your child and have him as a part of your child life. If you tell him nothing and you keep the child you are being abusive too.

It's a sign that she enjoys you looking at her ass. Don't read too much into that. I hate to burst your bubble, but what she told you sounds like a canned line that she sends to lots of other "normal guys." Just enjoy the ass.

I definitely want to keep the child.

Is there a way I can hide my pregnancy from him?

How exactly do you plan in hiding a pregnancy, and the eventual kid?
This sounds like the plot of a zany ass comedy film.

How many virgins do you know irl and how many of them have explicitly told you about their virginity?
It's a reason of shame, of fucking course we are not gonna bring that topic up. We just sperg about it online, when we are anons.
The few people who knows I'm virgin, they know it because they are guessing it: my family never saw me with a girl, I never told them but they know.
If they ask me about my virginity I don't know if I'd rather lie or what. I guess it depends by who ask the question, if it is my family or my close friends I'd probably tell the truth. Thank God most people realize it's none of their business and they don't ask at all

Why did you whore around in the first place, dumbass?

It's a sign that she is a toth. She's probably into you to some degree, but I wouldn't trust those girls too much.

>Thank God most people realize it's none of their business and they don't ask at all
I agree, which is why
>How many virgins do you know irl
I can't say for certain and
>how many of them have explicitly told you about their virginity?
only a couple guys ever, back in high school and college, and it went in the negative direction I was speaking about earlier. Guys do bring it up sometimes and that's really the only situation where I'd hold something against them. Not their sexual history, but how it's manifesting between us.

I'd bring it up only if I see the potential for a relationship and I'd expect my partner to do the same about her problems or big things in their past (drug abuse, rape, abortion, etc.).
And, as I said, I'd bring it up to random people online just because it feels good to have someone to open up with from time to times. I can't do it with my significant other because I don't have one.
Also, virginity in your teens and virginity "years later" is a whole different thing: if you are virgin at 16 you are not part of "the cool guys", if you are virgin in your 30s...

I'd be no more welcome to hearing about it from a guy in his 30s than a guy who's 16. Especially in a negative context.

>Guys do bring it up sometimes and that's really the only situation where I'd hold something against them. Not their sexual history, but how it's manifesting between us.
Not him but if you're friends isn't it normal to bring up frustrations and problems occasionally? What makes virginity stand out among many problems a guy might share with you?

Even if he is gonna be your boyfriend? Let's say there is a girl, should I say nothing and have sex with her?

Not to sound like an ass but I don't want to repeat pretty much everything I already said in
I'm also not saying virginity stands out as a problem per se. My earlier replies spell that out.

I can't speak for another girl's preferences so I think you should do what's best. I personally wouldn't care to hear it, but that's a separate point from what we've been discussing. That's just me not caring whether my partner is a virgin.

Back to the actual topic: if I've spent enough time dating a guy that we're comfortable sharing histories like that, he's already proven to not be a negative, toxic person. We would have stopped dating already otherwise. Like I said from the start I don't hate virgins, I hate negativity from people who dwell on it. My date mentioning it in a neutral way is obviously different than that.

I personally don't mind people coming to me with their issues, I expect them to be able to vent to me and vice versa to even qualify as an actual friendship. I guess that's a personal difference.

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girls: opinions on hot virgin christian men who are good with kids?

Pedo vibes

Sounds good? My mind jumps to Tim Tebow. Don't be Tim.

Girls, how long are you willing to wait before having sex with a guy you're dating ? A few weeks, a few months, until marriage ? Is there something in particular that tells you ''yeah this is who will take my virginity'' ?

I was with that guy for almost a year before my first time, though we were doing other sexual stuff earlier. My concern wasn't time. It was about whether I thought both of us were responsible enough to do it safely and handle something like an unplanned pregnancy.

Femanons, do you prefer active guys who'd rather go out every day or every other day or do you want someone to stay at home with and have a relaxed day after work?
Guess kind of related: does the "would stay home and play video games with you all day" girlfriend really exist or is she a myth/would that be a bad omen about said girl? I see some of my nerdier friends (honestly me included) dreaming about that so i got curious. I'm aware it's not very realistic in most cases though.

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The first one, because it's easier to convince those guys to enjoy a night in than to get a homebody to spontaneously go out.

I have friends who are homebodies. It's not a bad omen. Keeping that relationship healthy requires all the same things that any other relationship does. Good luck meeting them, though. The guys they date almost always end up being introduced to her through the rest of us in our circle.

Thanks, that's interesting. What do you mean exactly by other sexual stuff ? Like do you consider oral to count as losing your virginity or no ? It's kinda ambiguous to me. And how was the relationship before you had sex ? I've never been in a relationship cause I'm 18 so idk how it works, but to me after a few months of kissing and cuddling and whatnot you'd want things to go further, no ? Is it just about self-restraint ? Oh, and are you still with that guy ?

sorry for all the questions btw, just a confused dude

I only considered penetrative sex as the line. We did oral and superficial stuff earlier. The relationship was great before and continued to be great for a while after. We eventually broke up over distance. We obviously were interested in going further but restrained ourselves out of the sense of responsibility I was talking about. Since we already had enjoyable sexual releases, there wasn't any pressure to rush things.

I was thinking something along the lines of breaking up and lying about how far along I am so my ex will think the baby is another man's.

That makes sense.

And i figured as much, keeping a healthy circle of friends is important anyways, but it's still down to luck in the end. Thanks for the insight

How do I stop being horny ? This girl has the best ass I've ever seen and clearly wanted to fuck, but I can't and I've never been so tempted by anything in my life. I've already started texting her a bit, if I keep being horny I'll go further and I'll regret it

Your common sense is fighting your dick right now, user. Don't let your dick lose, just fap, preferably to something that's not her ass

Thanks, but goddamn is it hard. It's the devil built a woman just to seduce me and to make my dick hard. Is fapping really the solution tho ? I've been fapping more than usual lately (once every 2 days) but I don't think it helps much

I noticed some girls like to be treated like little kids,
They respond better to being treated like a child instead of romantically,
I am not good with kids,
How do I be playful?
I can be nice or mean, polite or rude,
but, playful is a strange concept to me.
Got any tips on being playful?

Or should I avoid women children all together?

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Somewhat related to the guy above me, how do I get women to stop treating me like a child? Just the way they talk to me and look at me I get that vibe. I'm 5'6 and babyfaced a bit so that adds to it for sure. Not much else I can do.

Like, I'm 6'0 women look at me like i'm a stalker methhead or some creep, my face is ugly.
I'd like it if they treated me like a little kid.

Why woman only like normal dicks? my dick is a bit deformed but not that bad looking and i had several opportunities to lose my virginity but its always the same story
>user, you didnt told me you had an std
>No no is just a deformity is normal
>yeah i dont feel comfortable sorry
And thats not even the worst i been told

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It helps for the moment, and your head is clear enough to realize something is wrong even right now but i can't really help you with not giving into temptation, but i do wish you luck user
Turn the situation around, if you say a vag with one severely big labia and one tiny one you'd probably look twice too, though maybe not mention it as to not ruin the mood/moment. The difference is these girls mentioned it and ruined the moment. I'm sorry to hear that user.
The "why" is self-explanatory. Doesn't look "normal". Are you american? I wouldnt be surprised if failed sex-ed made them too fearful and any slightly crooked dick makes them think STD.

I've been out of the dating scene for almost 6 years, any tips so i don't fuck it up too badly?

dating sites have gotten worse,
dating apps have bots on them.

Am I right to be upset or am I just being an incel? I went on a few dates with this girl I have classes with and we hit it off well then she disappears for a month, dates a new guy and now won't even look at me.
If someone doesn't like me, okay fine, I've had to turn down people to. But just outright ignoring me like nothing ever happened between us is what upsets me.
I don't wanna get over someone because I hate them but it sure is making the process go by faster.

Nope not at all. My husband is 31 and we can go usually 3-4 times a day if we have time. He also has great stamina! Better then most 20 yr olds.

A girl I've been talking to casually admitted she got drunk and fooled around with a friend at the first mention of his name. How much of a thot is she on a scale of 1 to 10?

>Should I avoid women-children altogether
They're cute, but I (personally) dislike the idea of dating someone I can't respect. The childishness doesn't produce a fulfilling relationship dynamic. That said, there are women who act childish but are actually mature, responsible adults. That's fine.

10, feel free to get drunk and fool around with her, and don't use her for anything else.

I would also say at least 9 and a half.
Getting drunk and doing something is no excuse.
Fuck her and forget her if you'd like.

if you're a man don't bother.

Why is it the women who have the most interesting collections of aesthetic stuff that turn out to be crazy bitches

user i need some pussy

Not american is just that is bizzare looking i have small pimples all over it that at times bleed and break gushing out something like fat, meaning that it usually stinks and its covered in wounds, i have gone several times to specialist and the only answer is "genetics" plus i have phimosis what generates smegma, i clean it daily but its never enough.
The only thing i have at my favor is that is fat its not even small
What can i do? What should i do?

Going to the museum next week with this girl I met, I just got an idea to toss in movies and dinner/food into the mix. Now is that pretty much a date without using those words or?

Also I don't want to be just friends, but I'm not sure how to go about that, I don't mind being straight up, but I'm stuck on what I should say.

First date should not mention anything serious, you are testing the waters and so is she.
Dinner or meal can be a good idea, but, movies these days suck and you don't talk during a movie and what did I say about testing waters it means you are gonna be talking and listening to her talk.
Dinner and a movie is played out, The dinner/lunch/quick bite to eat isn't a bad idea though.
Relax and have fun, don't make it too serious straight away you could scare her off.

Oh it'll be my third time seeing her, not going to go into specifics just in case, but yeah. We get along great, similar sense of humor, no akwardness, I like being around her. The thing is, I'm not really sure what's the difference between a date or just hanging out.

Something like, if you make a big deal out of it, she will likely make a big deal out of it.
IF you get good vibes she is into you, and its towards the end of the date, maybe ask her if she wants to be serious with you? Gotta establish the sense that she likes you too.