Why do men send unsolicited dick pics?

Why do men send unsolicited dick pics?

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Total lack of awareness about what turns women on. I suppose if they knew better, they'd already have a woman and not need to send unsolicited dick pics.

They hope that someone will respond and want to have sex with them.

A variety of reasons. If you don't like it then stop using whatever apps/sites you are getting them from because they aren't going to stop.


Guys think "I would love to see a woman's boobs or get some nudes and it would really make my day, it must work the other way around!" Instead, everyone laughs at them relentlessly.

If my buddies and I ever found out one of our friends sent out an unsolicited dick pic, he'd be roasted for fucking eternity.

That's the sad fucking thing, every fucking one is always this kind of shit

If you think this is just apps and sites then you have no female friends, siblings, or have ever had a girlfriend.

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Women like big dicks. That’s why I don’t send such things.

Secret option B actually. Got no smart phone and neither does my girlfriend.

Alrighty bro, good for you I guess? I don't understand why people want a gold medal for not embracing technological advances. Like, fucking great for you man, if you're lost on a road trip you need to pull over, take some person's word for it on the next step, and remember them, or pull over with a map that you hope is up to date, and hope there's no construction or detours. Proud of you! What a pioneer! Much applause for your counterculture.

>being so reliant on technology that you get lost

Enjoy your dick pics I guess.

>being so trapped in your own bubble that you've already been anywhere you're ever going
enjoy your flyover town

They're desperate, uneducated, or stupid. I dont do it.

Been from Canada all the way to Mexico my dude.

Permasingle emcels giving unsolicited, unwanted advice no one wants.
Are dick pics really any different?

>If you think this is just apps and sites

So you get guys posting you by mail print outs of their cock? Or do they approach on the street and say look at my phone screen a minute, when you say no, they just go oh you’re into raw unedited content then and unzip their pants right in the street and pull out a huge log of a cock with a cheeky grin?

See this is why women aren’t taken seriously anymore.

Cock pics really wind you up dont they?
Like I can hear you salivating as you type

because it works occasionally and its low effort

With other dudes

>it works occasionally

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Because you wanted to start a thread that would get easy replies.

If I was big I would send dick pics. I want women to compliment me and make me feel masculine.

sending 50 dick pics takes like 2 minutes and if even 1 of those is interested it was worth it

Is it absolutely retarded? yes
but that doesnt matter

Mines huge, I get compliments all the time from it.
Other bros know what I mean

I'm not a woman. Some guy gets a girl's number from a class, a bar, work, what the fuck ever, and out of the motherfucking blue, dick pic. Even if mr. no technology has a flip phone, those still get unsolicited dick pics.

Also, being on Facebook or Snapchat or what the fuck ever isn't the appropriate spot to send a picture of your dick to a girl you know out of the blue. But yeah, I'm on a board where the content is 70% "how do I talk to girls," so I'm assuming none of you know any.

This is how you get isolated as "the guy who sends his dick to everyone" and gets ridiculed. Just because some desperate fatty was down for it doesn't make it a smart move, faggot.

Look at this fucking cunt.
>I’m not a girl
>but I’m an expert in dick pics

Get fucked cunt

well the odds that even one will be interested is still extremely low, and even if she is, you just sent 49 women what would be considered "evidence" in your public indecency trial.

70 million people in my country and you obviously dont use your real name

You caused this

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>I’m not a woman
Finally you trannies are learning

I just send this gif instead
It gives the same emotional response

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Okay, I was wrong, that should make anyone reply.

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This pic gets spammed by trannys on Jow Forums sometimes it’s 100% fake, someone from there shopped the pic in a thread where the original was posted

fuck off transphobic pos

If he was good looking and well endowed, he wouldn’t get ridiculed for it. Women are shallow and we’re all objects to them. So I treat them as objects as well. Well, I have a small dick and that’s why I don’t send dick pics or even have sex, but I understand why men send dick pics. Cus women are shallow and they like big dicks and muscles.

Why do women send unsolicited nudes?

They only send nudes to the big dick guy who send unsolicited dick pics.


This. When you are Chad you get random thots whenever you open up tinder. Why waste time and effort wooing them when you just filter out those who are down to fuck

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its not public indecency on tinder.



Now thats a female worth going to jail for

>I'm not a woman
Then why do you care about what other dudes are doing with their dicks?

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If you dress like a prostitute then you are asking for it.

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ehhh it can work, i befriended a girl online and eventually sent her dick pics as a birthday gift, i'd dress it up too.
she was cool enough and found it funny, sent me boob pics later
she got fat and alcoholic though :(
i haven't taken more dick pics ever since, penises are pretty ugly visually

>penises are pretty ugly visually
Depends on the size

>Why do men send unsolicited dick pics?
What advice do you want me to give you about that dear


>Jow Forums

>Some guy gets a girl's number from a class, a bar, work, what the fuck ever,
Only from the woman giving it out in the first place. If you don't give your number to randoms randoms won't have it. Simple as that.

>>penises are pretty ugly visually
>Depends on the size
I'd say the defining attribute would be sexuality of observer.

Because thats what they wish women would do. Most men are too stupid to understand that women are wired differently.

Why do women send unsolicited pussy pics?

Why is it only men that get blamed

Everyone loves a big dick, especially women.

30% of the time it works every time

I send them because I have a small penis and its a way more efficient selection process. Its so much of a wasted investment dating a girl, getting to know her, then having sex, to find out shes not sexually compatible, but the sooner the opportunity to show her my penis, the less time wasted if she rejects me due to that and I can move on and find someone with a tight vagina.
>inb4 just date short/asian/underaged girls

Looool thats literally never happened ever

Has that strategy ever worked?


How do you know if they wouldn’t enjoy a bigger dick?

Yes. The sooner she knows you have a small penis the sooner you can date or or stop wasting time. Also just saying its small can make girls think its too small or not that small. She needs to see it to see exactly how small.

The question is more if they would enjoy my penis. They either need to 1. enjoy small penises or 2. be indifferent to size. Bigger dicks are irrelevant.

It’s ok I have two dicks

Women who are indifferent to sizes are very rare, especially the good looking ones.

Yeah most of them are quiet loose which is why its best to find a quick easy way to find those rare ones. My strategy is the best I can come up with. Much easier than spending time getting close to a girl to ask her how tight she is.

ok, what is that?

I think im /b/tarded
no matter how long I post in different /b/oards I cant help but steer the conversation towards who and how I would fuck and dropping truthbombs on retards

I dont know if its a good thing, but somebody has to do it

What was in the pic? Can you anons at least describe it to me if you can't post it?

Because it works. I’ve gotten laid TONS of times doing this. Perks of an 8.5” dick

I was talking to a girl and she said she was really proud of her tits so I just told her to show me and she did. I'm a total fucking spergo virgin and I had no idea it was that easy.

I send dick pics only when I can get a girl interested in trading pics in the first place. I know that women aren't interested in the appearance of penises but part of sexual desire is simply wanting to see what is concealed. Some girls will be excited to see your cock if you can get them interested in that way. It's just symbolic or reciprocal.

I'd never send a dick pick in early stages. Always in response to the context.

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quick easy way to filter out those who dont want to fuck and those who do, retarded but easy

>I’ve gotten laid TONS of times doing this.
So I've been doing it wrong this whole time. Maybe it's time to start spamming g out the dick pics.

>I know that women aren't interested in the appearance of penises

It kinda depends. Most women don't want to have dicks shoved at them out of the blue or unasked. But plenty of women have aesthetic preferences for dicks and find them visually appealing.


Simple. Guys like nude pictures, therefore they think that women like nude pictures.

Contrary to popular opinion, girks actually love getting cock pics. Especially if they’re in the photo.
It’s like that meme of men photographing someone and women doing the same but they must insert themselves into the pic.
So either have a photo of them on a screen in background or print out a copy and have you hard cock in the photo too.
It’s even better if your blasting cum out at the time of the photo all over their face.
They’ll act all outraged and disgusted but it makes them wet as fuck because they feel sexy.

What’s a girks?

i'd send her dick pics

I'll add an addendum to this that guys often feel like their dick hijacks their brain when they see the potential for sex, so it's a very very common for guys to fantasize about a girl being as enthralled by their dick as they are with women's bodies.


Men think the female brain works like the Male brain. It doesn't.

A photo of an erect penis is not thrilling for a woman.

Based and redpilled.

>Most women don't want to have dicks shoved at them out of the blue or unasked.
I wouldn't want a woman to send me unsolicited nudes either. Most of the time, close ups are kind of disgusting unless you're a pornstar and have a perfect vagina/cock. I have had women send me naked photos before unannounced and quite frankly, unless you're at least an 8/10, it's more of a turn off. Now fully clothed but teasing pictures are significantly better. I also think it might have something to do with most mobile phone cameras distorting the pictures when it's an upclose shot and then add dark graininess into the mix.

Why is it socially acceptable for women to flaunt their sexuality for attention, or use it deceitfully to get something they want? If men can't use physical force to get what they want, then it should be illegal for women to use deceit in combination with sexuality to get something or do something.


Why do women have such wonderful thighs?

I bet you poppeda chubby faget

Thats easy, women are shallow.
We men usually settle with any women aslong as that desired person has similar interests and isnt a whale.
Women want someone whos tall, is muscly, has money, has a big dick and furthermore they want constant attention.
Men have to do a lot more, if youve got a big cock, then your chances of success rises. Women are shallow and get mad once you accuse them of being just that, get a dog instead and a pocketpussy

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I do but, I don’t. I know I have a big dick but, I don’t feel the need to show it to every chick I meet. Only time I do that is if I’m feeling like a massive horn ball and decide to jerk my dick on camera on a roulette site. I get bot checked to make sure I’m real by chicks. It’s definitely an ego boost when even fully clothed chicks will stop and bite their lower lip when they see it.