How can i be a modern day hermit

How can i be a modern day hermit
Im 22 and have finally accepted that socializing just isnt for me. I dont really suffer or experience loneliness. I dont have the money or skill to just go in the woods.
How can i live in this world while minimizing contact with people? I think i could get by money wise on a part time job. I have a bachelors, not sure what to do with that.

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Become a monk. That's what hermits were, other than the hired "hermits" rich nobles would pay to look folksy on their land.

Like unironically, go to the contemporary Christian life section and see if your local Catholics will let you do something like that.

Hired hernits?

Do work with bodies in a funeral company but ensure you're gonna be lonely and not working with other people.

Yes, the rich folks of Europe in their "English" styled gardens would alter their land to look like a rustic, idyllic landscape, sometimes even with rural-looking cottages and hired people to enhance the effect.

As far as I know that's like a 18th century thing though.

Dont i need to be certified or something

I know how you feel I've been there.
But that's not the road you want to walk man


Are you really asking us how to stay inside?

lmao kill yourself loser


Wow. You're the biggest loser ever. You're going to swear off "socializing" which is literally part of the hierarchy of needs. You are spineless.

>spineless for transcending "needs"
Other way around, bucko

You've literally every resource at your disposal to learn the nessesary skills, and yet you give up on it as you had socializing. This isn't reality, this is you trying to justifying giving up.

Go talk to people, you dweeb. Yeah, you're going to look like just as much of an idiot as you do now, but you keep it up, and one day you won't. You continue down this path of self-pity, you'll be pathetic for the rest of your miserable life.

I dont really need to socialize though. I'm not bad at doing it but I don't like doing it.


No, being spineless is doing something to appease other people or fit in.

In his case that would be socializing.

Your post is literally advocating spinelessness.

I didn’t have the money or skills either. So i got work, saved up enough money to buy land. Then i just learned by reading, youtube, talking to survivalists and by doing. Lots of failures along the way, but learned so much. I got my hermit wood/mountain life. And weirdly enough i got myself a hermit gf too.
Just try to find a way to live like you want. There are options.

Get real

Pick yourself up by your bootstraps my boy

Hermits are known for being wise. Theres nothing wise about deciding to completely leave society at the young investment heavy age of 22.

Why are you really deciding to do this? Is it fear? Maybe you have just given up on something?

Its because it would make me most content

Well, first and foremost, you need a job, you obviously can't just move into the mountains and live on thin air alone. Get something that has minimal contact with people. Night guard, winter park ranger, maybe librarian... Google is your friend, really. Some of them are even decently paying.
While you work, try to put some money on the side to get your own small patch of land in the woods. You can build a wooden hut there and live as self-sustainably as possible (growing things yourself, curing meat etc). I'm guessing something around 10 k might be what you need overall, but that depends on where you live and what you want to build. If you live in a densely populated area, you'll have to move, maybe even to another country — with all the work that comes with it.
Keep in mind that living on your own means trading isolation for convenience. In your own hut with no human contact, you'll have no access to things like plumbing, the internet, electricity, and most importantly medical care. We're also all social beings to some extent, isolation is one of the leading causes of depression these days. With all that considered, be aware of how far you wanna take things, what your trade-offs are and how you can compensate. Don't fall head over heels for a romanticised lifestyle without thinking about the implications.

Good luck, user!

Second this. I’m pretty much a hermit, but even i got a few modern comforts. Internet is one of them. And yes, living in solitude in the wilderness grants you immense freedom, but it is hard work too.
And you also have shit days, like roof leaking suddenly on a stormy night. Or endure a cold winter night when supplies are low. Getting horribly sick and you just gotta fix yourself and hold out, etc.

This is absurd

Just don't start touching kids and you'll be fine OP..

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Trappists are the type of Christian he's looking for

Sounds comfy. I'd probably make that work if I wasn't so involved with my mother and family

I'm a bit older but just escaping society is my dream as well. As others have said, you have to have a fair bit of cash invested and definitely some *good* land. Close enough to town so you can avail yourself of the services, but far enough to live more freely. Buying land is more complex than you'd think, though, and you'd have to ensure that the zoning supports your goals.

I'd also look into water availability, super important. If you want water truck services, that's a good bit of cash. But if you want a well drilled, you'll need to get it regularly tested. Water-borne illnesses are deadly.

Food is a bit easier - frequent trips to town for dry goods are easy enough and going vegetarian will make it easier.

But no matter what you do, you will need a stream of cash, which your investments will need to provide. For that, you will have to know how much you'll spend each year and multiply that by about 20. Once you get set up with that amount, you're good to go.

I've been investigating how to make this viable for many years now, so if you have any questions, let me know.

So how do you NEETs over 18 stay afloat?

I think about this everyday but I feel that it will be full of regrets wait til you are old


Move to a rural area. Cost of housing is cheap. There's not a lot of work, but you can usually find something part time. I bought a half acre of land in a rural area in my part of the world(Canada) for 4k. It's a 20 minute drive from a small shopping mall and grocery store. If you buy something like that, work part time, ride a bike to work, maybe live in a camper for a few years and eventually build a small cabin, you could totally do it.

>rural area
>a lot of work