I found a lost puppy biking home for work. I can't take him home. What do?

I found a lost puppy biking home for work. I can't take him home. What do?

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if you truly can't take him home for even one night then tie him up at a shelter and leave at note saying you found him. leave a note detailing where you found him

make sure you don't tie him up in a way where he can hang himself either. good luck retard, this dog is counting on you

I dont have a car, not rope.

honestly man, if it's really, completely, 100% beyond your cognitive abilities to care of this situation you may as well just release the dog back into the wild. i mean, you really can't figure something out? are you fucking retarded or something? act like an adult. either take care of the animal or dont spic

I'm on a bike and the only thing I could do is walk him to Walmart, buy rope then tie him in a park and wait till morning to lift to a shelter.

Dump him in a river, put him in a plastic grocery bag first and punch it a few times for good measure.

Why even bother if you are this incapable.

Dude, just take him to the Walmart and ask for a lift to the shelter or call animal control or a cop from that location. If he has a collar with tags, call the number that's on the tags.

Because I dont want him to die. He almost got ran over because I was trying to leave him. He won't stop following me. I feel bad and if I leave him and see his body tomorrow biking to work, I'm gonna cry.

Animal control would then work to get the nonviolent, lost puppy to a shelter and see if it's chipped or put up a notice. Also, the reason why you would call from the Walmart and have animal control go there is because it is a stationary, brightly lit, easily found location.


You’re fucking pathetic! How are you able to fuck up everything that you touch?

Take him to wall mart and sell him for 5$

Buy rope and tie him in the back of some random pick up truck.

I'll try and do this
Animal shelter is closer
I did already. Operator told me they couldn't help me because the animal shelter is closer

If the shelter is closer than the Walmart that you can walk to, why not walk to the shelter?

*animal shelter is closed

Unless you mean that the animal shelter is closer than the police. I guess just google the shelter/animal control number and call them up. See if anyone is at the pound.

Why can't you take him home with you again? Also, does he have a collar with tags on him?

Live with Mom and she would freak out.
He has a collar with no tags.

She wouldn't understand that you found it alone at night and are just keeping it until you can call the shelter in the morning? Even if you explained it?

I think you'll find enough people who'd take in a biking puppy

Do you have a friend nearby that can take the dog? Or an understanding neighbor?

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I would drown you in the river too if I had half a chance. Just like the rest of them.

you'll be soap in to time kike

Post the puppy on craigslist (make sure to charge a rehoming fee, not a sale fee since thats against CL's rules. You MUST charge a rehoming fee. You cant list the puppy for free. It can be a $1 rehoming fee)

You found yourself dinner. Even fresh. Congratulations!

Srsly, anonfag, bring it to a shelter or raise it as the only soulmate you might ever have in your fucked up existence.