SJW Dungeons and Dragons

I doubt id find an answer here but over the past few years ive noticed the Dungeons and Dragons community is infested with SJW's.
I see posts all the time about " Lol my Trans Rogue succesfully convinced the guard to stop using the wrong pronouns" im not even joking. Now I don't actually play Dungeons and dragons but I always liked the art and understand why people like it but when did the fan base all become these retards?

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pic related.
They're trying to poz MtG and Warhammer now too.

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Am I the only one who noticed that the whole Gamer gate shit and all these companies catoring to them are listening to people who don't actually play any of those games? Hey lets do everything people who dont even buy our products want! Oh shit our profits are down idk why!

no, I think most people noticed, but especially the ones playing them

>Am I the only one who noticed
Also, welcome to being someone who grew up on unpopular shit that became popular.

This isn't some amazing revelation you pleb. This has been a thing since like 2006.

I hope Baldurs gate 3 isnt about a black trans illithid trying to find X's way in the world because the Elfsong tavern didnt have a trans squid gender bathroom.

Yeah im almost 28 and seen it many times you're right. I am becoming an unironic boomer hipster. In MY DaY WE aOnMY HAD MS DOS AND WE LOVED IT

>and Warhammer now too.
please say it ain't so

(((They))) are coming out of teh woodwork bitching about ''muh no strong wamanz'' (ignoring the Adeptus Sororitas) and ''why cant womyn be spess mehrines''.

>since like 2006
Nigga it's been going on since the 90s at least. The shitty comics boom of the 80s and 90s led to a bigger "non-nerd" fanbase for comics which spiraled into varying media sources getting saturated with the stuff. The Tim Burton Batman movie saw the public perception of the character shift dramatically from the kitschy Adam West stuff to an edgy figure right in time for a grunge filled era of disaffected youth.

Just about everything entertainment related (that isn't trendy for it's own sake) gets assimilated


Gamers are weak.
They just wanted to be left in peace to go to a happy place where they could deal with any problem thrown at them. They could become legends and ride dragons to their very own kingdom.

And no one could stop them. No one would bother them. No one to bully them.

They aren't up or real world conflict so what happens when a group of aggressors looking for a fight starts to muscle in on their territory?

SJWs have been targeting gamers for years, not because gamers are naturally raping, pillaging and enslaving black nigger dick-wimmin, but because gamers were an easy target for a bunch of pissant little complainers looking for a fight.

It's honestly why I've lost touch with vidya and board games and actually started getting fit. I like to run. When is the last time you saw a purple haired hamplanet with a hateboner for men get off shims fat ass and go for a jog?

You won't see them getting in the faces of steriod infused beastmen whilst lifting because they are not easy targets and a gym is shims worst nightmare. Roid ragers won't care, roid ragers will hit regardless.

The most they can do to healthy people, is complain that these healthies are perpetuating unrealistic body images by realistically existing (lmao) and even then they can only do it on tumblr because they aint going outside. So basically, fitness people don't have to deal with these mentally ill degenerates.

For the record, before meeting any of them, I was actually tolerant. Their attitudes and hostilities towards anyone not part of their little fairy tribe (they refer to us as muggles) is pretty rich considering their constant demands for tolerance. It is mental illness and the cure is not humouring it.

I too am an incel nerd turned Alpha chad. Few things can stop us.

Cus they're nerds with hobbies. They're everywhere man, and a lot of them have been in it before they even moved towards SJWism, why would they leave?

Specifically D&D? CritRole.

However they seem to just play their OC's, and while I never encounter 'I convince the guards to use the right pronouns', it sounds ten times better than all the That Guy shit you'd encounter when playing the game.

yet here you are on the advice board on Jow Forums. the epitome of an 'alpha'

You dont deserve to play d&d and im glad you stopped playing.
You dont understand what the game is about, which is essentially a fantasy-themed dollhouse roleplay but with adults. And in this game, wow what a surprise, you get to live out a fun adventure with your muse produced by your sense of self. Shocking, i know.

imagine being this much of a pretentious faggot and expecting anyone to take you seriously, especially when arguing for OP to stop playing D&D simply because he doesn't politically align with you, masking it as him "not understanding the game"

low IQ post.

This thread might be dead but...

I have run table top going on 8 years now, started with Old World of Darkness and played through various systems.

In this time I have mainly DM'd, but I like to chase around random groups to play with. Here's what I think (if its worth a damn);

- People in a close friend circle playing at a friends house can play just about any damn fantasy they want in any type of way. Its not hurting anyone, its just pandering for themselves and each other.

- People playing with randoms at a game shop or what have you, should chill the fuck out and bring everything back to "normie" levels. No gives a flying fuck what fucked up shit your homebrew has. We are playing stock/standard/lore.

- People on the internet need to understand that "public" and "private" spaces are exactly like above. I am so fucking sick to death on the bait posts on all those DnD facebook pages. And no matter what the post is, someone has to be the fuckhead that shits on someone else's fun. The ironic thing is this shit conflicts all the time.

mfw elves can actually change gender at will as per DnD lore and no one even noticed.

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Just find a new group that likes fantasy to stay fantasy/old school.

I learned to play MtG with my dad years ago, using his old cards from the 90s. I tried getting into the game myself as in playing with groups but it just never felt right. Some of them were ok, but when I was really looking the people who make the game started with all the sjw and homo shit. I am not going to support the game. Maybe I can find a legacy group of just cool dudes but I doubt it. I'll just keep playing with my brother and maybe my dad sometimes. Fuck this world

Nice post with an interesting perspective.

I meant to say since AT LEAST 2006. Horse armor and the DLC apocalypse. Marvel Movie Boom. LoL, DOTA 2, and other Mega popular games. You know shit like that really started picking up traction circa 2006.

Sorry if I triggered your autism, but you made very fine points my man.

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I don't care about SJW shit as long as the person is actually playing the character. I might disagree and think all faggots should die, but if someone wants to play a gay character and act like it, so be it, as long as he's playing the character and not metagaming.
This is a million times better than that faggot that's in all DnD groups, you know the one, the guy who makes an elf ranger named legolas or some shift.

Kys redditor

>I was actually tolerant before I found myself in a situation where I had to be tolerant, at which point I abandoned my hobbies to avoid them.

Cool story

I assume you're specifically talking about queer people being into nerd shit? I assume it's because fantasy-settings offer the potential for more freedom with identity-expression.

>I see posts all the time
>I don't actually play Dungeons and dragons
ffs you guys took the bait so easily

You must play with a lot of faggots. But i call this bait.

I'm unrustled, m8. I'm just saying that it goes further back and the trend of the past decade and a half being a "golden age for nerds" is in itself a jewish trick. The DLC apocalypse was just a mutated form of the expansion pack boom in the days of DOS and even early GUI PC gaming, and with no huge surprise the journalism surrounding it was just as whorish then as it is now.

You have a good idea with the mid 00s as that was the birth of social media as we know it today, which led to a lot of this marketing boom. I'm just saying it predates even some of the lurking boomers

That's the beauty of D&D, everyone can play what adventures they want. If you don't like that, just ignore those people.
Find a group of people like you that want the D&D experience the way it was originally envisioned and make sure to keep the SJWs out and everything will be fine.

>I don't actually play DnD
Your opinion is irrelevant, shut the fuck up

>The DLC apocalypse was just a mutated form of the expansion pack boom in the days of DOS and even early GUI PC gaming
Fuck you're right.

Dude thanks actually. You have a good grasp on the events that led up to this point. Out of curiosity, how old are you?

I am 24, but I got on the internet in 2002-2003 so I got to experience pre myspace and youtube internet for a while and I got to see it shape the internet to what it is today.

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Honestly it's not as new as you think it is.

Take Star Trek the Next Generation. That show was simultaneously the most nerdy and the most progressive thing on television in it's time. That's not a coincidence, because nerdy hobbies are a refuge for people who don't perfectly fit in societal norms.

Second point, people not playing the game correctly is also not a new thing, in both good and bad ways. Alterations to the base rules are how spin-offs and alternate products are created, which is good, but I also guarantee that if you ever played the older editions or as a young kid, you bent a few rules either to suit your table or because you didn't know any better.

If people don't play the game the way you like, then you have two options. Find a group that does play the way you like, or open your mind to alternate modes of play. Or just bitch online and pretend that it does anything.

Someone with no clue what the fuck is going on is the most likely candidate to sperg out about stuff. OP is basically that Christian group who bitched to Netflix about Good Omens.

what's your bard's pronounz homie??

We don't have to worry about SJWs ruining 40k lore. GW has proven they're more than capable of doing it themselves (pic related).

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27. I got my first computer when I was 4 and first got internet when I was 7 or so, so I too had a taste of things when there was super primitive social media but not anywhere near the prevalence of even the mid 00s

You 3 and that other guy completley mos understood what in saying but maybe it really is.
>shitloads of people are sjw now, therefore lota of DnD players that are.
No I do not play it, but I have been a nerd my entire life and have played. I admire it from afar just like a admire 40 kfrom afar. I don't have the time, money, or like minded friends to play them myself.
Im just saying i keep seeing memes of twitter and tumblr posts that say something loke my original comment.

I also have a omega super sjw coworker who mentions it, so once i started seeing these posts everywhere i was wondering when did it get hijacked.
They are just cringey to me, unless the story directly needs a gender fluid queer trans charecter. Which it never would. The entire thing is cringe af. Elves being abke to switch is not the same thing, the slanesh demons being hermaphrodites is notnthe same thing. Baphomet is a hermaphrodite in IRL mythology. Thats not the same shit in talking abiut and no its not bait just an observation I was curious about.

Dang original marines looked dank.

>unless the story directly needs a gender fluid queer trans charecter
The same story that needs a CIS male/female?

God even Jow Forums is infested with you freaks now. Go back to Tumblr and post " hoes mad" or something you mistake of natural selection.

>getting this mad over a question
Jesus, just how empty is your life?

get fucked

Who would win, tumblrinas infesting nerd culture or OG incels.

OG incels. problem is, there's more failed normies and actual normies that go full betafag and whiteknight for the invading dumblrinas.
See: for the quick rundown on how nerd hobbies degrade over time.

Are you too autistic to realize that the right wingers form their own D&D groups and the left wing SJWs form their own separate group and they aren't a single hive mind? These people are friends with one another. They choose to spend time with one another. They're not infiltrating anyone (except maybe women lol)

How about...ideally, shit wouldnt be political at all? I was just saying i noticed it geez why is this so touchy to everyone. Dont tell me a movement that started in 2014 has always been a thing

the commandist and intersectional stuff has been a long time coming, it's what killed occupy. it's theoretical backing is ten or twenty years old. poggers le frog neo nazis were an FBI thing they have to prop up a lot of these racist groups. that's been in the background for a while. only recently have they been encouraging violence within and between them. it's a strategy to dampen dissent and strengthen the state. they did the same thing in italy 40 years ago

just find a better group to play with
eventually the lgbt yuppies will get bored and find more i don't know "adult" things to do maybe (hopefully...)

That's not really my shtick. Bards are a meme class and I don't play the pronoun virtue signalling game. But if that's what people want to do in the privacy of their own games, it really has nothing to do with me.

Did you just ask when dungeons and dragons fans became losers? They were always that way.

Lol at world of darkness. Were you a vampire or a werewolf.

I think its just alot of young peeps sjw now so the people playen are also sjw.

>Not playing D&D with your squad of mid-20's Reformed Nerds who all daywalk with the normies while keeping up fun hobbies behind closed doors
>Not playing at a table where "No Wives/Girlfriends Allowed" is an explicit rule governing each and every session

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