Stretched vagina

Can a large penis/dildo stretch a vagina over time?

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It snaps back but the woman will be more used to taking in bigger things and learn to derive pleasure from it more if they take in something big often enough.


No, vagina walls are elastic and get back into place unless they are streched 20h a day

>Can a large penis/dildo stretch a vagina
Yes. This is why after having a child a woman can only be pleasured by fishing them. No dick will ever touch her wall again.

No. Dicks aren't big enough to stretch it, not even really big dicks.
As many other posters mentioned, child birth stretches it.
An average baby at birth is 20 inches long. His head circumference is 13 inches.His shoulders are roughly 5.5 inches wide.
A big dick (1% kind of dick) is 8 inches long and maybe has a 6 inches circumference.


Sure, my dude. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

I'm a woman. If you want to look up stats yourself, go for it.
A 8" dick is very uncommon, even if all men online claim to have 8" cocks.

If I wanted to look up stats, I wouldn't be retarded. 8" is average. 10-12" is more like 1%.

>8" is average
Maybe in the heads of foolish teens.

It's also the average size of a dildo.

>If I wanted to look up stats, I wouldn't be retarded.

I use an 8" dildo but one day I lost it and only had my 6" one. Still felt really good, just different. 8 incher could reach my cervix which felt nice, but I still got pleasure from the girth and general penetration the 6er could give.

>It's also the average size of a dildo
And what evidence suggests this?

You do realize we need something to hold right? I use a more girthy 6 inch one but typically only use 4 inches.

>8 incher could reach my cervix which felt nice
I've never met a woman who said that having her cervix touched "felt nice".
It's painful as fuck.

user probably doesn't realize that they're going to the side of the cervix, the fornix. Some people really enjoy having this area stimulated. I'm personally not a big fan and prefer quick, shallow thrusts.

Yeah I never got that. I know there are women out there like me though. It feels sooo good getting pushed to the limit, can't imagine what having it hurt must feel like though. Sometimes I go so hard it actually feels like my cervix is sore, but it's not excruciating pain.

That's hot as fuck.

Woah, jesus. TMI, lady. I don't need to know how many of my fallen comrades are lodged up there. Still, at 6", you're never going to get that stimulation. Can you really say that it's still adequate?

Don't you usually screw them onto the end of jackhammers and shit?

My girlfriend seems kind of neutral on the matter. She seems to like it best when it just lightly kisses the cervix. She has actually bruised ME a few times.

The "limit" of your vagina isn't your cervix. Your cervix is at the end of your vagina, at the front.
My boyfriend has a pretty long dick and when he goes all the way in it doesn't hurt unless he hits straight into the cervix, which can be avoided by paying attention to the angles.
Even when my IUD strings hurt his dick, it was on the shaft and not on the head.

>Don't you usually screw them onto the end of jackhammers and shit?
No. The fuck? You hold it or stick it to a table or something if it has a suction cup. It's better for toys to be on the longer side to accommodate a wider range of customers. If you prefer it shorter you can simply use less, but a size queen can't add more length to a short toy.