120k town and 850 refugees atm. 250 new to come - blank gun?

The government is forcing my town (120k big) to build a new refugee accomodation for other 250 refugees. At the moment there are already 850 refugees living in this town. In the new accommodation they get cooked food 3 times a day and 600€ per person plus child benefits and they don't have to pay for living there.
In my close friendship circle it happend that two women have been raped by refugees. Even group rape happened. They steal and follow people in the dark. Especially women. The police forced the raped women to sign that they can't talk about it. At night big groups of refugees walk around town and overall me and many others don't feel secure in town.
Should I get a blank gun with pepper ammunition? Or is pepper spray enough?

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>The police forced the raped women to sign that they can't talk about it.

Which country?

Sounds like Italy

I live in Germany
Does it happen in Italy too?

Can't tell you do do anything illegal, but can say the only way to combat the human trafficking organisation known as the EU is probably illegal seeing as they make the laws.

Yes, police these days are hired thugs to protect the HTO, not the civilians.

The best way to combat this shit is to gather evidence and proof of this and pass it on the russian, korean and chinese intelligence agencies to make use of with propaganda. Russian especially, they want leverage against the west and their intelligence agencies are only really, really good at one thing and that is swaying public opinion. Which is wanted.

>Does it happen in Italy too?
No, it doesn't. We have a pretty right wing government and if an immigrant does anything it's all over the news.

>Does it happen in Italy too?
It does, but lefties want to keep everything under the radar as much as possible, so even if the government steps there's only so much to do. Honestly the situation is depressing, as the average Italian isn't able to hold a political discussion and the lefties/liberals increase by the day

It wouldn't be illegal to carry a blank gun with pepper bullets... What would it cause to bring the evidence to russian intelligence agencies?


Oh hans, you've got your work cut out for you. What stops the women from posting on social media about their treatment? A gun won't do much unless it's real. You need to think more about fomenting discontent and discord and hatred towards your politicians.

>lefties want to keep everything under the radar as much as possible
How can you blame the left when the left in Italy isn't governing *anything*? Most big towns, most regions, most provinces are governed by the right.

> the lefties/liberals increase by the day
Right wing parties are raising super fast.

Honestly, you are a fucking moron.

Oh boy. Lefty media is pretty much the majority. While there's no left government, lefty mindsets are growing up day after day, mostly in the younger population.
The government can be as right winged as you want, but if the majority of the people has ideas of the left, they can only do so much and it'll be a matter of time before a true leftist government
>Right wing parties are raising super fast.
Let me guess, you suck Mentana's dick don't you

>What stops them?
That they signed to not talk about it. A gun has a pretty big effect and getting a blast of pepper gas in the face as an effect too

Where are you from?

OP here with another story:
My gf was driving with the car in the city centre. A refugee crosses the street without watching. She breaks with screeching tires and the car behind honks, my gf yells at him. He turns around and walks towards my gf in her car. He showed his finger and screamed "Was willst du du dreckige Hure?!" (whore) and is almost standig next to the door. My gf quickly then quickly drove away. She now has a pepper spray in her car.

OP is a lying Burger Jow Forumstard who has never been to Europe.

Today's jewish pro-rapefugee propaganda post I see

I'm German, mongo

>The government can be as right winged as you want, but if the majority of the people has ideas of the left, they can only do so much
If the majority of people had left wing ideas, the left would be governing. In Italy we have very few truly left wing parties, and they don't even get voted.

>Let me guess, you suck Mentana's dick don't you
It's a fact that right wing parties such as Lega Nord and FdI nearly doubled over the last few years. Italy isn't a liberal/left wing country.

>they don't even get voted.
That's because most of them can't vote yet as they're too young. Expect the left to wind by a landslide next election or the one after that

No you're not. What do you gain from lying and making up stupid shit that obviously never happened?

Are you really saying German police are threatening rape victims to not talk about their rape? That's some incendiary news if true, that's what I'm saying. Imagine.

It's almost as if what he said was not true.

That happens in literally every generation. Most younger people are lefft wing, and as they grow up they switch more to the right.
Very normal. No landslide next election.

Im German. Believe it or not.

Ignoriere den gehirngewaschenen Amerikaner.

Sorry about what's going on there. Pepper spray should work fine

No you're not. You're literally lying about everything. How many shekels are you getting paid to post your pro-rapefugee propaganda?

Not him - I too live in Deutschland, in a town of 11k people. We have maybe 50 refugees, and guess what? That number is fucking enough trouble.

- repeated break-ins in several shops in our town and a neighbour village
- goats disappearing every few months, one cow found dead in the barn with a slit throat and chunks of its meat missing
- two started attacking people on the streets once, thankfully only with their fists

I don't even want to know what it must be like to have hundreds of them living nearby. And yet the medias still dare to act shocked when politics in Europe shift to the right, lmao. Things will return to normal when the EU follows Australia's model of dealing with rapefugees.

OP, aufrüsten, egal mit was, je mehr desto besser!

The official crime statistic is available online. Year by year. With explanation to each crime. And police isn’t forcing anyone to sign anything. You should know how retarded it is to keep a paper trail when hiding something. Anywho, go back to /pol stupid.

you called him a Jow Forumstard, and now you're calling him pro-rapefugee
the fuck are you on about

these guys are obviously very wary of the influx of refugees (as they should be) if not against it

Und die Schreckschuss? Ist das zu viel und es reicht das Pfefferspray?

Firstly: are you from a country with a refugee Problem?

Yes there are statistics but they are false

And there are no rape gangs in Britain.

No, but the time where I could just refuse to believe such things about the world and be justified is long gone.

So, should I get one?

Yes, and then use it on yourself. Also get a rope so you can neck yourself.

Why is this Jow Forums troll thread still up?

Not trolling. Asking whether or not to buy a blank gun

You got much other problems than the "refugees"
Fucking brainwashed poltard

Yes, and then shoot yourself with it you Jow Forums virgin troll.

The refugees look just like Italians so how would they know

they're all gathered in the same housing place no? just blow them up. gas them. release diseases.

Immigrants are for the most part very peaceful, there's a few bad apples in every batch but whites rape too, you know?

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Yes, White rape too
But in percentage, white don't rape as much as white do.
Furthermore it isn't only the raping but also robbing and asocial behaviour

This like this happening makes me happy. Rich European politicians allow the poor to be raped and ransacked by slave labor they traffic into their country. It's incredible and I'm glad.
By the way, I fucking hate poor people. I'm glad all of you losers are being treated like the trash you all are. I hope you get gang raped and your friends murdered, OP.

We got refugees, it’s not really a problem. They don’t rape and murder more than any other group. It’s weird how people are kinda the same huh.
And i see we are still doing /pol threads. How...fun. If only there was a board for that.

And how do you know they are false? Because the stats didn’t add up to your dumb biased beliefs? I see, well isn’t this the most useless thread ever.

Facts aren't true when they go against incel beliefs.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT. 0,2% population increase. You're so fucked.

>The police forced the raped women to sign that they can't talk about it.
Prove it.

>learns German in few months
>perfect grammar
Why are do refugees have such high IQs?

>My gf
But you said you're a khv in another post?

>In my close friendship circle it happend that two women have been raped by refugees.
Translation: they had sex with them then later regretted it so cried rape and made up a bullshit story about the evil cops forcing them to stay quiet.

And you believed it, what a fucking joke you are.

>pro refugee anti women post
Didn't think I'm going to see that on my 4chains.

OP is the pro refugee poster. He makes up these fantasy scenarios to push his agenda.

Nothing in that post was pro refugee. I just know that women are duplicitous whores who make up stories about being raped as soon as they start to regret it. What better target than a faceless, rightsless refugee that locals already dislike? Fuck women.