My bf thinks its for the best if we break up because "he cant give me what I want/need" even though i tell him...

my bf thinks its for the best if we break up because "he cant give me what I want/need" even though i tell him otherwise.

We've been starting to get more distant and he stopped being cute and sweet.

I cant let him leave me what can I do?

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You're too much for him and he doesn't love you enough to match your needs. My girlfriend said the same thing. Let him go.

I cant let him go im in a really bad state in my life I am sure ill fucking die if he goes

it can only be these possibilities:
1. he doesn’t love u anymore
2. he felt that the relationship is dying/boring/whatever
3. he can’t handle your personality
4. he just wants to try out and find new ppl

This. But make him tell you the truth. This whole "it's not you, it's me" is a load of bullshit.

i can fill that hole if you want :^)

We both are acknowledging that its slowly dying the past days but he just says nothing besides "hes no good,i deserve someoneone better/will find someone better..."

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It's a joke, you silly girl.

sorry to say OP, but that’s bullcrap guys would say to make it sound better but at the same time, let him get what he wants.
so in case he fucks up and can’t find another girl, he will come back and ask to patch up. period.

Not a girl but i can fill that hole if you want :^)

so what am i supossed to do to get him to tell me the truth?

guilt tripping him perhaps

what i suggest you to do is to follow up on a talk, like a real talk where both of u settle down and really talk about your relationship. Try not to be aggro and notice his behaviours, and be prepared though, because from experience, this seems like a 90% douchebag trying to get out of a relationship.

PS: i’ll leave a alias “k” in my replies from now so u don’t get confused with others

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I've been trying to.
Ive been telling him that he can leave but he should give me a proper reason and not this "im not good enough" shit

I’m relatively new to Jow Forums, how do u think i should do it? thanks

he’ll never do so because he wants the chance of getting you back when he regrets later on. Anyways this is all based on assumption, who knows if it’s true. i feel you shouldn’t be so caught up on it if you feel he is really a douche, he is playing with your emotions, perhaps look for someone better as much as it hurts

Put a # and some random word after it in your namefield. A tripcode will be generated. Better than just a name that anyone can copy
Example: #random

I dont think hes a douche and wants a change of getting back with me. I just think hes too scared to say that he doesnt love me anymore etc

thanks a lot dude

Let him leave you. Sad clowns will drag you down in life, you really don’t want that.

then what about telling these to him? or perhaps just give it some time for him to process his thoughts? I’m just afraid that you might be delusional, but if you’re confident about your stand, then i feel you should be patient and slowly get into his thoughts. Promise him that you won’t lose feelings after he spill it out etc, whichever that makes both of u comfortable.

why is that scenario important for you?