Women who don't want children

>women who don't want children
how does this even happen

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>doesn't want to be stretched and marred both on the stomach and in the vagina
>doesn't want to have lifelong health complications from underlying health issues
>Doesn't want her while bone structure to change "down there"
>Doesn't want a big ugly fuck off scar stretching from one side of her body to another
>Doesn't want to have to carry round a fancy parasite for just under 10 months
There are lots of reasons user.

Mainly external influences, although I'm sure some bloodlines are self-terminating once the genes realize something went wrong.


who kicked you in the groin?

Calm down you jaded dyke, no one asked for your opinion

The jews won.

>Wanting to care for a parasite for 18years and might turn out to be an ungrateful nigger dependant on welfare that breeds 13 kids with 10 different women

das hab ich auch gedacht

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OP asked illiterate mong

>how does this even happen
I'd say you're illiterate but this is the third thread I've seen you rage in because someone answered OP and you didn't like the response, so you're clearly just retarded.

The only meaning in life is having children and women basically have a guaranteed pass to having them

yes, but he wasn't asking some biscuit bumper with dried up ovaries to elaborate on their skewed view of the world.

now fuck off


Are you saying you want children op? Cuz when you have a child, your life ends and immediately stops being about you.
Something that a lot of people arent comfortable with, especially women since theyre expected to take care of the child by themselves while the father can just go right back to living his life as if nothing ever happened.

>biscuit bumper
>dried up
You have to be 18 to post here

>Are you saying you want children op? Cuz when you have a child, your life ends and immediately stops being about you.
Children is the only purpose in life.

People with children _cannot_ be unhappy.

_All_ childless people are eaten alive inside from emptiness

Big family. Knows what it is to raise a child. It’s hard work for at least 18 years. And your body goes to shit. And your life is yours no longer. I’m just not that interested. I don’t care about the bloodline. We have enough people.
And most of all, I’m having fun everyday. So much extra money. So much free time. Woudnt trade that in for anything.

Imagine having no drive and purpose in life, so you're forced to reduce yourself to something as meaningless as children.

No, having children doesn't make you special, loser.

>implying lesbians don't have dried up ovaries
lol okay retard


Your big titty gf keeps them nice and lubed cuckboi

maximum cope

>too many people
said people are not people

yes serve your (((corporate masters)))

keep baiting on, low IQ nigger

I will. And you keep taking the bait & giving me (You)s assblasted faggot

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Can you guys shut the fuck up? Youre both giving 2nd hand embarrassment to everyone on this board and no one literally gives a fuck about either of you. Stop bumping up useless threads with your bs.

I feel sorry for you if that's your only meaning in life

t. genetic deadend

Why don't you just kill yourself? Unless you have kids, the end result is the same whether you die tomorrow or 60 years from now from cancer in a hospital bed

Pic related

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>I work hard
>I die
>my money gone?!

>>too many people
>said people are not people
mostly that

Yes, I'm sure that wagecuck with 4 kids out of whose apartment I can hear yelling every other day, and who occasionally sleeps in his car, is totally happy to have had kids. Ironically the atmosphere improved when they dumped two kids with child services.

I serve myself and my goals, because unlike you, I do more then home-work-home every day.

Hardly an argument. My great-grandfather had 11 siblings, so I have relatives I don't even know running around somewhere. No one will remember you for having kids, only great deeds make people immortal in history.

To be fair, the smart ones dump the kids with the fathers and leave them behind themselves.

Nah I have kids, but to ignore the concept that there's valid reasoning is dumb.

The end result has very little to do with the fun one can have on the journey

So kids being the only reason you're alive is fucking sad, no matter how you swing it. You're a full human yourself you know, you could spend the money on you and still have a great time.

browns aren't people
poors aren't people

>I serve myself and my goals, because unlike you, I do more then home-work-home every day.
good goyim

> No one will remember you for having kids, only great deeds make people immortal in history.
your children and their children will

you aint achieving great deeds lad

>le i'm on le both sides of the fence
fuck off nigger

nothing you """accomplish""" apart from having kids matters

>You're a full human yourself you know, you could spend the money on you and still have a great time.
I've spent enough money on myself. Material things don't really do it for me anymore

The fact that things have to "matter" days a lot more about your mindset than making the point you wanted. You know your just allowed to enjoy life, right? You don't have to hit a bunch of arbitrary qualifications to be having the best go on this dumb rock you could be having

>browns aren't people
there's no way to get away from them either. i admire those braver than i but no way in hell am i making a new person while shit's like this

There is objectively only one purpose in life, and that is reproduction.

American detected.

Define "enjoy" with respect to life

>but no way in hell am i making a new person while shit's like this
You are part of the problem and not the solution

For non sentient beings, maybe. You wanna hold yourself to the bare minimum natural standards, you go nuts bud.

lmao as if you're accomplishing ANYTHING of relevance not having kids

Simply be happy. Waking up in the morning not miserable, having fun and sirens time with the people you care about in a daily basis, experiencing things that make your skin tingle and your heart flutter. Having a good time whilst being alive is enjoying life. I'm not trying to say this is impossible with children but rather that it's certainly not impossible without.

>And your body goes to shit
Even without kids your body goes to shit.


But why does something need accomplishing is the point I'm trying to raise. You can have a great time, really enjoy life, and not stand up to those qualifications that you think you require.

Nice valid argument. You've certainly convinced me

no you cant

you WILL be miserable
you WILL regret


>eww ugly scars
Women aren't pretty past 25 anyway

cope harder

>Women aren't pretty past 25 anyway

This is hilarious. No bro, you can't. You will be miserable and regret, but there are hundreds of thousands of people who willingly choose not to have children that go on to have perfectly happy, fulfilled lives. I'm sorry this is upsetting you so much.

maximum cope

they're inherent failures and imagine how fucking sad, how fucking pathetic it would be to be old and childless

i'm a part of neither. that's my point.

>i'm noootral

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Imagine being so self obsessed you can't see people could legitimately live a different life to you and be happy.
I have kids, btw, I just think you're a retard

Children are the victory conditions of life.

The reason everyone's happiest moment is when their child is born is because from that moment They Have Won

>child gets raped by jamal
Heh, nothing personal, hwhitey

>meaning of life

>Has kids but claims kids aren't the end all be all
Confirmed LARP

>implying I would even bother with sex in the first place
Nah, I like my work and don't want nearly a year long break. I'd die of boredom at home in the later months while waiting for the fleshy blob to come out and then what? Dump it into nannies' hands anyway . Not worth the time.
Adopting sounds like a better plan.

because being a natalist is retarded. people are too stupid to question society

>there's no meaning
>even in what I say

They're sick little bastards to be fair and I would recommend them, but to day they're the only thing with living for is retarded.

I'm sorry that you are illiterate.

far from it
right idea, wrong word

So, life has no meaning but other things do? Or something else?

Yea, dating is a minefield.
It is hard to find another person who is willing to go out with you.
It is hard to make it work with that person.
It is hard to figure out if this person is the one you want to spend your life with.
It is hard to negotiate when to have kids, if it is even possible.
And if they have kids, you have to dodge genetic diseases and keep them safe from other accidents.

So many things have to go right and it takes two people who are enthusiastically working together towards this goal. And even then, it might not work out.
It is a miracle it happens at all.
A friend of mine just had a kid who was born sick. He is constantly in and out of the hospital and will likely die soon.
It is brutal.
Another friend can't get pregnant and is really broken up about not being able to start a family with her husband.

You can do everything right and it still doesn't work out.
I can understand why some women is afraid of doing any of it.

They should just be honest about it. There are men out there who doesn't want kids either.

Or, I guess you could be saying that that one thing you disagree with is not the meaning of life


>er denkt, dass wir alle in am*rika wohnen
hard yikes

good goyim

it's how biology works lad

your friends have low quality genes. what shithole country/countries are they from?

maybe you should not reproduce but become a drug addict.

also OP do not listen to women about evolution. they do not even notice the bullshit that comes out of their mouth. also I have found that women try to make having children look bad so they can influence their surrounding to not have children leaving more resources for their children.

it is the same reason why you shouldn't talk with women about dating. they will try to influence you and make you a cuck.

from an evolutionary standpoint our existence has two purposes
>to survive
>since you cannot live forever you have to reproduce

You're right. I shouldn't assume. This country is so bad that I can't imagine things being better elsewhere. Sorry m8

the only purpose of survival IS to reproduce.

yeah i moved to Europe to escape it. best decision of my life

People who think of children as parasites are people I'm glad who do not reproduce.

anyone who calls children parasites are in giga cope mode

>Jow Forumstard having a meltdown
as usual you can't get a response from natalists. Having a child is immoral because you know before hand that they will suffer and you allow it to happen. They might experience pleasure but they definitely will experience pain. All that pain can be avoided if you wouldn't procreate.

>ree life is suffering ;_; abloo boo boo
fuck off wannabe schopenhauer

Why are you so obsessed

I'd bet you're both men who would not take a uterus implant for their "child" (fetus) to live inside them.

>retarded normie spewing drivel
>literally CANNOT REFUTE
lol you can't make this up

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I'm honestly considering Russia. That's where most of muh ancestors cam from around the turn of the century and I'm learning Russian in college. I will graduate in the next few years and see what happens. But good for you. What do you do for work?

>r9k shut in gigaNEET coping calling children parasites

STEM stuff. I could never imagine living in a country that isn't Germany or at least Germanic.

If you're not part of the 1%, you're going to have a terrible time in Russia

imagine thinking racist people were intelligent to begin with

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imagine being a wog

Fucking cringe at people calling thier own genetics a "parasite". You fucking sluts and male-femenists need to hang.

Me and my wife are a pretty young couple by todays standards. Had our first around 25. Wife's pussy is still tight and her tits are still perky and they're bigger. Even if her pussy was a gaping cavern and her tits were on the floor I wouldn't care. I have a little human with half my DNA running around calling me daddy and doing sooo many cute and funny things all day it makes it all worth it.

Women these days want to be stay at home moms without the mothering part. I would not waste money on a bitch that is not having my children. And to all the fucking retards here supporting "her right to choose", when dumb lesbians like the one that posted under OP say shit like that about children, run. How the fuck can a woman say that the baby in her womb, who has half the DNA of the guy that knocked her up, supposedly the love of her life, is a parasite? If she is not willing to give you children she does not love you. She is using you.

Yeah, Germans are cool but I don't have much in me. I don't want to soil anyone's genes. I do have a decent Nordic percentage and a Nordic haplotype ( I-M253), but I don't think I'm good enough for Scandinavia.

Yeah, but I'm having a terrible time in the US so what difference does it make?

to reproduce is programmed into our all dna.

but you can distract the program in your dna by a constant flow of information, like earning money, browsing instagram, the tv, the news and Jow Forums do.

finally a based man who understands The Purpose Of Life.

What branch of Christianity are you raising your children in?

This to you guys, too

Urbanist scum who have thoroughly corrupted the European psyche

>raising atheist children

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>le epic meme paganism XD
fuck off cringe vargfollower

Not quite, but I don't understand how worshiping Jews helps my cause. Haven't even watched varg tbqh though the memes can be funny

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State your religion.