How to win an argument with a woman?

How to win an argument with a woman?

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Smack her, that allows you to skip the listening to her bullshit part

Let her fuck your best friend

Don't lose the argument.

You lose the argument when you lose your temper, call her names or say something you can't take back.

Simple. Don't argue.

This is like asking how to win a relationship with a woman, because relationships with them are essentially extended arguments. If she wins, she leaves. If you win, you decide if it lasts long

women don't like opinions. they use arguments to seek out the men to ignore. anyone actively engaging with them is automatically 'on their level', the more emotionally involved you get the further below them you are.

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Be the bigger man.

Reframe the argument and make her agree with your point, then bring it back and watch logic explode.

how to win any argument?
be knowledgeable about the topic, eloquent and have a gigantic fucking ego.

>How to win an argument with a woman?
Put your dick in her. That usually works.

Just say "nice ass, would be a shame if someone stuck a dick in it"

Reframe how you think about arguments, you child. You don't win them, you listen, communicate and reach agreement and compromise. A man that's focused on winning is cut from the same cloth of a woman needing to win - immaturity.

Never argue with a woman.

Reframe it as you listening to her problems. There's no reason to argue with a woman,ever, If a woman wants you to change never do it but don't argue about it.

when it comes to arguing with a female....dont,


The most powerful thing you can do in a relationship is be willing to walk away and date someone else.

So having options and being socially powerful is a good thing here.

I dated tons of women. If they did some shit i really did not like i just told them that i want certain things and if they can't deliver then it's over

>I dated tons of women. If they did some shit i really did not like i just told them that i want certain things and if they can't deliver then it's over
You post this like your resume makes you an authority, but it honestly screams "Struggles to settle down and find satisfaction, fails to maintain healthy long-term relationships."

I think it's pretty safe to strike "Start making ultimatums IMMEDIATELY and then bounce" off the list of viable strategies.

That's not a relationship, that's a business deal. You do need to actually care about the other person to have a relationship.

You lose the will to argue with a women when you realize their way of thinking is almost purely emotional and does not follow logic like men do. It is not some game of "I'm right and your wrong" nor is it some battle of "I must win or my ego will be hurt".

If you really care for the women you're arguing with, you will teach her logic. You'll teach her to deal with the emotions she is uncontrollably letting loose. (Ever wonder why women will say the most hurtful, under the skin things to win an arguement? Answer: emotions)
This is only applicable if you are a guy who can not only admit if he is wrong but also be able to take the responsibility of the woman you are arguing with as it is ultimately your fault for not teaching her. ie: do not blame the student for failing the test if the teacher never taught the topic

That being said, don't argue (take responsibility) for women you care nothing about. Walk away in that case.

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A relationship IS a business deal. The sooner you get that the happier you will be.

Been happily married 5 years son.

It's not THAT extreme, some men are just way too beta in dating these days.

There's things I will compromise and things i won't. I made that very clear during the dating process